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Hi everyone. I am here at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park and looking forward to answering some of your questions about my new book, Hard Choices. Let’s get started… ask away! -Hillary
Photo: Hi everyone. I am here at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park and looking forward to answering some of your questions about my new book, Hard Choices. Let's get started... ask away! -Hillary




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Here are some twitpics from Twitter HQ.


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Hillary held a book signing in St. Paul Minnesota today at Common Good Books  which is owned by author/entertainer Garrison Keillor.  Keillor was not there, but she was greeted by Governor Mark Dayton, who proudly displayed his copy of Hard Choices,  and more than a thousand admirers and supporters.

With his kind permission, I am sharing my friend, Jim Livesey’s,  touching account of his experience at this event.  Jim made the 10-hour round trip from his home to St. Paul twice in the week: first to get his ticket, and again to attend the book signing.  Here is his story.


07-20-14 #HillaryClinton, at Common Good Books on the #HardChoices booktour in St.Paul, Minnesota…I arrived at the event at 10 AM. I was about the 35th person in line….after a wonderful morning of networking, socializing, and meeting many of the wonderful Hillary Clinton supporters that showed up…

…the day gets even better! The Ready for Hillary bus shows up and adds that extra special Hillary touch to an already outstanding event. Common Good Books on one block, next block the Hillary bus…in between, all the supporters.

Perfect. We just need Hillary!

…I went through Secret Service at 115 PM. We were allowed to stay in line (in the bookstore) as the staff prepared the final touches…

…many of the elected officials in Minnesota showed up, but I kept my eye on the door in back because the bookstore staff told me that is the arrival area …

…at about 215pm, the door opens and three staffers walk in…flashbulbs start popping…and of course, Hillary Rodham Clinton has arrived!

…she waves to the media and turns to the crowd. We all immediately give her a giant Midwest welcome with shouts of “HRC” and “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.”

The line moves rapidly. The Secret Service does not allow any photos as we go into the final check. They also tell us no photos at the signing table…

I make it to the front. A bookstore staff member is also up front and we are chatting. She asks me: “Are you excited?” I tell her: “I’m Ready for Hillary!!!!” And then she says to Secretary Clinton: “Jim has traveled from Milwaukee to meet you.” Surprised I say, “Thank you.”

I turn to Hillary Clinton and say: “Good afternoon Secretary Clinton. Welcome to the Midwest.”

Hillary: “I’m glad you made it here, that is quite a journey.”

Hillary looks right at me…

Me: “I just wanted to take a moment to speak with you. I came here this afternoon to tell you that your campaign in 2008 meant the world to me from a political, historical, and personal perspective. When you suspended that campaign, you told us in your speech that we could “always find you on the front lines of democracy, fighting for the future.”….well, the time is coming when you have to make another big decision about your future. I want you to know that I am committed to helping a Presidential run in 2016, and I will do everything I can to help get you elected. This is my promise to you.”

A single tear rolls down my cheek…

Hillary shakes my hand, and then puts her second hand over my hand…

…I smile and then tell her: “There is an entire team of over one thousand people that came here today to show their support. We are your team, your supporters, and you have brought us together. If you want to break the highest, hardest, glass ceiling…we will all help you.”

Hillary: “I want to thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm, and support. I appreciate everything you have done and I am glad I got a chance to hear from you.”

Me: “I have a deep affinity for the entire Clinton family. You have a special place in my heart and I will always cherish this moment for the rest of my life. This is my Hillary moment.”

Hillary: “God bless you and your entire family. I am so glad you came to meet me.”

She lets go of my hand…

I said: “It was my pleasure.”

Hillary smiles, I wipe away the tear…and she winks at me!<–Coolest moment of my life.

I give her the biggest smile of all time…

…and then a funny moment: I go to the second table to pick up my signed copy of “Hard Choices” and now, Hillary is a few books behind. I held up the signing line and Hillary allowed it!

I lean over the second table and say to Hillary: “I hope I did not get you in trouble!”

Hillary teases back: “I’ve got to get to work!” Everyone laughs.

I give her a “thumbs up.” Hillary smiles…

….and then I watch the next supporter in line have her “Hillary moment.”

After the signing, a female staffer walks up to me and says: “Hillary stopped the line to talk to you because the bookstore staff told us that you traveled a long way to get tickets and than made a second trip to meet her and get her book. She appreciates your support.”

I said: “Thank you. Tell Hillary we all love her.”

She says: “I will.” Smiles and a handshake…

I thanked the bookstore staff for their absolutely fantastic event. I could tell they were very appreciative. I then went outside via the required Secret Service exit and was approached by two media outlets…I answered their questions about the event, my support of Hillary, and our interaction at the book signing that I described above…

…and then I stayed for an extra hour socializing with some of the most dedicated, sensational, and fun people on this planet…these people are my fellow Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters in St. Paul, Minnesota…you rock!

Dreams do come true.

Thank you so much, Jim!

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Here is a lovely account of the event with additional photos.


Hillary Clinton greets big crowd in St. Paul

Politics Jon Collins · · Jul 20, 2014

This evening, wearing her navy blue, cap-sleeved, silk evening gown and stole that we love, she attended the Starkey Hearing Foundation Awards Gala.  We see her on the red carpet with Bill and Tani Austin, the foundation’s founders.


Here she is with Archbishop Desmond Tutu who was honored at the gala.


07-20-14-Y-05 07-20-14-Y-06

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Hillary was in Madison, Connecticut this afternoon for a book signing at R.J. Julia Booksellers.  She was cheery in cherry pink.  Sean Carlin was there to liveblog the event for the New Haven Register.

Here are some of the pictures he shared from the Post Road location.  Check back with Sean later for a recap and video.

Photo gallery here >>>>


07-19-14-CBS-01 07-19-14-NHR-01 07-19-14-NHR-02 07-19-14-NHR-03 07-19-14-NHR-04 07-19-14-NHR-05 07-19-14-NHR-06 07-19-14-NHR-07 07-19-14-NHR-08

See more photos and read commentary here >>>>

In the Twin Cities for a book signing in St. Paul on Sunday, Hillary will attend a charity gala there on Sunday evening.


Hillary Clinton, Forest Whitaker among stars attending Starkey Gala

July 18, 2014
By Tim Lammers

The Twin Cities will roll out the red carpet again this weekend for the 14th Annual “So the World May Hear” celebrity gala at the St. Paul RiverCentre.Funds raised at the annual event help the Starkey Hearing Foundation provide hearing aids to thousands of people in need around the world.

The Star Tribune says among the confirmed guests for Sunday’s event are former First Lady/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Oscar winners Forest Whitaker and Marlee Matlin, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Whitaker and Tutu will also be honored at the event for their humanitarian efforts.

Read more >>>>

Hillary will be on the road this weekend signing books in Connecticut and Minnesota.  Additional stops in Massachusetts and New York have been scheduled.  Please check with the bookseller for details and guidelines.  The rules vary according to the venue.


Michael Karas, The Record


Event Name:



Connecticut Book Signing

R.J. Julia Booksellers

Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 04:00 PM

Minnesota Book Signing

Common Good Books

Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 02:15 PM

Massachusetts Book Signing

Sam’s Club

Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 02:00 PM

New York Book Signing

Northshire Books

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 12:15 PM


So great to see taking on the road to India to talk about women in the economy.

More about President Clinton’s travel to the Asia/Pacific region can be accessed here. >>>>

We don’t know whether she took ‘the bridge’ or ‘the tunnel,’ but she arrived in Bergen County after taping interviews with Charlie Rose today.

Hillary was in Ridgewood, New Jersey for a signing at Bookends on East Ridgewood Avenue.  There was a time when this was Nixon country and Pat and Richard Nixon were familiar figures in this town, but today it was all about Hillary. An enormous, enthusiastic crowd welcomed her with cheers and applause.

07-17-14-01 07-17-14-02 DSCN1155


According to The Record, 1,200 showed up.




They came from far exits on the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike as well as from points west on 80 and 78.  They brought beach chairs and blankets to sit on giving the event a touch of  Jersey shore flavor.  (The actual Jersey shore – not the TV show).


DSCN1157 DSCN1158   DSCN1159 DSCN1162

I told her I am Still4Hill and have been blogging about her work since 2008. She said, “I know! I LOVE it!” I thanked her for everything she has done and continues to do, and she thanked me for what I do. I also thanked her for coming to NJ since I could not make it to Chappaqua.

07-17-14-Z-01 07-17-14-Z-02 07-17-14-Z-03 07-17-14-Z-04 07-17-14-Z-05 07-17-14-Z-06 07-17-14-Z-07 07-17-14-Z-08 07-17-14-Z-09 07-17-14-Z-10 07-17-14-Z-11

07-17-14-Y-01 07-17-14-Y-02 07-17-14-Y-03 07-17-14-Y-04

Look for Hillary with Charlie Rose tonight on PBS at 11:30 EDT.


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