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It has been more than two years since Hillary Clinton resigned from the State Department, but the question is older.  Interviewers began posing it as early as 2009.  “Will you ever run for president again?”   Hillary told us to watch and wait.  She has told reporters that she would answer the question “all in good time.”  The time has finally arrived and the answer is here.


New Adventures.
Next Chapters.

Hillary Clinton is running for president. Watch the video. Share it with your friends. Let’s go.

“Everyday Americans need a champion.
I want to be that champion.”


Hillary for America

Friend —

I’m running for president.

Watch our first video to hear why — then tell me you’ll be with us.

I was raised with the belief that ​living in this country was one of the greatest blessings anyone could have.

Today, for so many families, the path to lasting prosperity is unclear.

Families have fought their way back from tough economic times. But it’s not enough — not when the average CEO makes about 300 times what the average worker makes.

Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.

I’ve spent my entire life standing up for women, children, families, and anyone who needed a little help along the way. That’s what this campaign will be about, and that’s what I’ll do every single day as your president.

It’s time for us to fight for people like my dad, who ran a small business and committed himself to building a better life for his family. People like my mom, who relied on the kindness of others to get through a tough childhood — and like my baby granddaughter, who deserves to grow up in a country where every single kid has the opportunity to live up to her or his potential.

This won’t be easy. And I won’t take anything for granted. I’m going to work my heart out to earn every single vote, because I know it’s your time.

Watch our video — then add your name to let me know you’re with me:https://www.hillaryclinton.com/running

Thanks. More soon,


I’m hitting the trail to earn your vote. Headed to Iowa. –H

I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H

Hillary Clinton on Youtube

If you saw Hillary’s updated epilogue to the paperback edition of Hard Choices, you know  that she had a life-changing event last Fall that caused to her think very hard about mounting another presidential campaign.  That campaign has not been announced yet as I type, but to keep you occupied, here is the reason Hillary works so hard.   She looks just like her grandmother!


PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Meet Charlotte, the baby who could have a grandpa AND grandma as President. Chelsea Clinton shows off adorable daughter as Hillary launches bid for White House

  • Chelsea Clinton, 35, seen on a family walk in Lower Manhattan Saturday
  • She was accompanied by investment banker husband, Marc Mezvinsky 
  • Pair showed off adorable baby daughter Charlotte, born last September
  • They appeared in good spirits as they walked through sunny borough
  • Today, Hillary Clinton is expected to announced her 2016 presidential run
  • She has ‘rented space for campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights’


Her mother is expected to announce her 2016 presidential run today.

But yesterday, Chelsea Clinton appeared relaxed as she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, showed off their adorable six-month-old daughter, Charlotte, on a family walk in Manhattan, New York.

Donning a beige sunhat, a matching coat and black leggings, 35-year-old Ms Clinton was captured beaming as she strolled beside Mr Mezvinsky, with one hand holding on to her spouse’s arm.

In the other hand, she was seen clutching the leash of the family’s terrier, Soren. Mr Mezvinsky also appeared in good spirits, often checking on little Charlotte as she peered out from her pushchair.

Chubby-cheeked: Chelsea Clinton appeared relaxed yesterday as she and husband Marc Mezvinsky showed off their adorable six-month-old daughter, Charlotte (pictured), on a family walk in lower Manhattan, New York

Happy family: Donning a beige sunhat, a matching coat and black leggings, 35-year-old Ms Clinton was captured beaming as she strolled beside Mr Mezvinsky, with one hand holding on to her spouse's arm

Inquisitive baby: Charlotte, who was born on September 26 last year to the immense joy of her grandparents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, was pictured pulling a series of inquisitive faces from beneath a dark-colored hood

Thanks to Karen Finney for sharing this one from Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed.  Might as well get a head start shooting holes in the lies.

Internal Data: Hillary Clinton Paid Women And Men Equally

A report on Clinton’s office compensation earlier this year quickly became a conservative talking point. Internal data shows she paid a dollar for dollar during her Senate tenure across all offices.

Hillary has penned a revised epilogue for the paperback edition of Hard Choices.  Here is an excerpt.


Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on. Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up. As Margaret Mead said, children keep our imaginations fresh and our hearts young, and they drive us to work for a better future. I’ve also returned again and again to this question of universality – how much we all have in common even if the circumstances of our lives may be different. As you’ve seen throughout this book, one of the defining themes of my time as Secretary of State was our increasing global interdependence. Despite all the division and discord in the world, which sometimes can seem overwhelming, the basic fact of the 21st century is that we’re more connected than ever. If the United States continues to lead the world in the years ahead, as I believe it can and must, it will be because we have learned how to define the terms of our interdependence to promote more cooperation and shared prosperity and less conflict and inequality. As we’ve seen since the first edition of this book was published in June 2014, the negative side of interdependence remains potent — whether it was the spread of virulent new strands of extremism in the Middle East or old-style nationalism in Europe or a deadly epidemic in Africa. Our job is to build up the positive side. The United States and the other great democracies have to redouble our efforts to empower moderates and marginalize extremists everywhere, and to stand firmly and united in pursuit of a more just, free, and peaceful world. That’s the world I want for Charlotte and for all our kids.

Among all the gifts and cards that arrived not long after Charlotte did was a package from a woman who had watched her 83-year old mother stitch together beautiful quilts for many years and wanted to give it a shot. “This is my first and only attempt to sew a memory quilt for anyone,” she explained. Inside I found a red, white, and black patchwork that included panels with inspiring inscriptions and famous photos of Chelsea through the years. I held it up to the light and had to smile at the familiar images. A “memory quilt” was a good name for it. It was hard to believe that the baby girl I was holding in one photo could be the same poised and lovely woman being married in another. Yet there she was. I wondered for a moment what a quilt of my own life would look like. There were so many people who had taught me so much. And now I had one more. In just a few months, Charlotte had already helped me see the world in new ways. There was so much more to do. So many more panels waiting to be filled in. I folded up the quilt and got back to work.

Read more >>>>


Praying for ‘s family. Heartbreaking & too familiar. We can do better – rebuild trust, reform justice system, respect all lives.

Following her Trifecta (Golden Globe, Academy Award, BAFTA) for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher,  Mary Louise Streep blew Hillary Clinton away with this tribute at the 2012 Women in the World Summit in New York City.

Hillary remarked that she was glad Meryl had not made a movie called “The Devil Wears Pantsuits.”

Later this month,  at the Sixth Annual Women in the World Summit, yet another powerhouse of stage and screen will join Team Hillary-Meryl.


Dame Helen Mirren, who has garnered the same three awards as Streep for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film The Queen, and currently plays Elizabeth Windsor once again to wide acclaim in The Audience on Broadway, will lend her considerable talent to the event.


The Summit will take place from April 22 – 24 at the David H. Koch Theater and promises to be the hottest ticket in town.  A portion of all ticket proceeds will benefit Vital Voices Global Partnership.

Get your ticket here >>>>

Here is a sneak peek at part of the schedule.

The Sixth Annual Women in the World Summit

4.22.15 – 4.24.15

The struggles and triumphs of women and girls around the globe come to life in this dynamic three-day summit. World leaders, industry icons, movie stars, and CEOs convene with artists, rebels, peacemakers and activists to tell their stories and share their plans of action. Join the women who have shattered glass ceilings everywhere! More participants to be announced. Presented by Tina Brown Live Media in association with The New York Times.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015, 6:00PM-9:00PM
Orchestra: $100 | Balcony: $50

A conversation with three top women in film about animating hot-button issues through the female lens.
Meryl Streep, Actress
Ava DuVernay, Film Director and Founder of AFFRM
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, CEO, SOC Films
Moderated by Jon Stewart,Comedian/Host

THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 2015, 9:00AM-6:00PM
Orchestra: $300 | Balcony: $150

An intimate conversation with Helen Mirren, the legendary actress who is now garnering knockout reviews on Broadway in The Audience, her third role as an English queen.
Helen Mirren, Actress
Interviewed by Tina Brown

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015, 9:00AM-2:00PM
Orchestra: $200 | Balcony: $100




See the full schedule here >>>>


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