Last night, Hillary attended the The East Harlem School 2013 Fall Benefit honoring Susan And Alan Patricof.  We see her with the honorees as well as  Ivan Hageman, and Robert De Niro.

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Hillary, herself, was honored last night at this Malaria No More gala.  (Three appearances in one evening!  What a busy lady!)  Note to Cynthis Littleton:  If she was stumping for anything at this event, my bet is that it was for the eradication of malaria for which we applaud her.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 11: (L-R) Joerg Reinhardt, Hillary Clinton, Gary Ginsberg and Martin Edlund attend Malaria No More's International Honors Gala honoring Hilary Clinton on November 11, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Malaria No More 2013)

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 11: (L-R) Joerg Reinhardt, Hillary Clinton, Gary Ginsberg and Martin Edlund attend Malaria No More’s International Honors Gala honoring Hilary Clinton on November 11, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Malaria No More 2013)

Hillary Clinton: On the Stump at Malaria No More Fete

Former Secretary of State walks and talks like presidential candidate at Gotham fundraiser

Relaxed and ready, if not tanned: Hillary Clinton swooped in to Malaria No More’s annual fundraiser in Gotham on Monday night to be feted for her efforts to fight what she called an “ancient scourge.”

Many in the crowd noted that Clinton looked the part of a presidential candidate even if she barely touched on politics in her brief speech accepting the award from the org co-founded in 2006 by Peter Chernin and United Nations exec Ray Chambers.

Malaria No More was one of three Gotham events Clinton attended Monday night, which necessitated her brief touchdown at the Jazz at Lincoln Center gathering. And she cut quite a figure in a Nehru-style jacket and newly bobbed hair.

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Hillary tweeted this picture last night from the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York City.   Her buddy, Barbra Streisand,  was being honored.   Hillary herself received this award in 2009.


Backstage with at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. What an incredible woman.


Here are s few more pictures from the event where Hillary presented the award to Gabby Giffords.


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Speaking to a private crowd of 10,000 realtors at the Moscone Center in San Francisco this evening,  Hillary Clinton emphasized the importance of home ownership as an aspect of the American Dream.  Noting that wealth and poverty exist everywhere but that our middle class sets us apart, she affirmed the role realty plays in American culture and called herself a realtor’s nightmare referring to the time when, as First Lady, she was house hunting in Westchester County with Secret Service in tow.  Once again deflecting the 2016 question, she reportedly drew chants of  “Just say yes” from the crowd.   Cameras and recording devices were banned (along with an irate press), but participants managed to send out a few pics via various social media.

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Talking about how we can empower the next generation in LA with &



Last night, at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel,  International Medical Corps President and CEO, Nancy Aossey, presented Hillary with the organization’s Global Champion Award.   Dedicated to providing first response in humanitarian crises the world over, teams stood at the ready to assist  following yesterday’s battering of the Philippines by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Former President Clinton,  obviously proud, accompanied her to the gala where we see her with Aossey, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Rob Friedman, Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone,   Lenny Kravitz, and Martha Plimpton among others.

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Hillary and Chelsea are headed west for a weekend packed with events, awards,  and honors.



Santa Monica CA

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

International Medical Corps Award


Los Angeles CA

Panel Discussions w/ Producers Guild of America Re: Inclusion of early childhood development & voluntary service initiatives in productions


Los Angeles CA


MALI (Mexican American Leadership Initiative) Award Brunch


San Francisco CA

Moscone Center

National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo

Regency Ballroom

Millennium Network Event (Clinton Foundation)

Hillary will be honored at a gala tomorrow evening with the IMCA award and again at a Saturday brunch with the MALI award.  Both Clinton gals will be promoting their Clinton Foundation initiatives in conjunction with the Producers Guild of America to a variety of media executives and writers in LA and will host the foundation’s Millennium Network Event in San Francisco.  Go to the links in the table for additional details and have a great weekend!


Unemployment Takes a Heavy Toll on Children, Too

More than 12 million children currently live in households where at least one parent is unemployed or underemployed; about 11 percent of those children, or 2.8 million, are five-years-old or younger. This population has approximately doubled in size since before the United States recession, and shows no sign of decreasing. Families that experience unemployment come from a wide range of ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds, though unemployment tends to be most heavily experienced among African American and Hispanic families.

Children who live in homes where parents or caregivers are concerned about a severe decline in income experience a great deal of stress, and often have access to fewer important resources like high-quality childcare, nutritious and regular meals, health care and learning materials. This can be especially damaging for very young children because early experiences have a tremendous impact on their long-term health and well-being, and can impact their preparedness for kindergarten and beyond. Often, parents experiencing job loss can also be depressed or more irritable, affecting the quality of parent-child bonding and causing these important relationships to be stressed.

Parents and caregivers can help minimize the effects of unemployment on their children. Skills like learning how to focus on tasks at hand, set goals and make plans, follow rules, solve problems and control impulses are all helpful for parents and caregivers to know so they can protect the emotional well-being of their children.  In addition, there are important government resources that parents can apply for to help their children receive basic things like health care and food while they are unemployed, and also to help them manage finances and taxes during tough times.


Learn more:

  • This Urban Institute report highlights the impact of unemployment on children, and how parents can mitigate its effects.
  • The Center for the Study of Social Policy provides information on the side-effects of unemployment on children, and links to various resources for parents and caregivers to find help.

In the News:


Dr. Jack Shonkoff of Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child describes how we can strengthen communities to help children’s learning, health and behavior. >>



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