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With today’s vote to restrict a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, Republicans in Congress have made it abundantly clear where their priorities lie:

Instead of helping everyday Americans and their families, these politicians are trying to take women back more than 40 years.

I’ll stand up for women and our right to access reproductive health care. Will you join me?

This bill puts women’s health and rights at risk. It undermines the role doctors play in personal health care decisions, and it burdens survivors of sexual assault.

It also follows a dangerous trend we are witnessing across the country. In just the first three months of 2015, more than 300 bills have been introduced in state legislatures — on top of the nearly 30 introduced in Congress — that restrict access to abortion.

Republicans won’t lift a finger to ensure paid family leave or increase access to quality childcare, but apparently they’ll waste time and taxpayer money to try and get between a woman and her doctor.

I’ve stood up for women and families my entire career. Safeguarding women’s reproductive health and rights is critical and deeply connected to building stronger families and a stronger America.

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Months ago,  in the run-up to Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement as the Ready For Hillary PAC was in its waning days  (it was always intended to dissolve when Hillary’s decision was made), emails began popping up in our inboxes from a group called ‘Ready PAC.’   It was unclear who they were , and there were discussions and speculations in comment threads here at Still4Hill.  An email that arrived a short while ago cleared up the mystery behind this previously inscrutable group.


Ready PAC

Friendy —

Now that Hillary’s campaign is officially underway, we’re going to feature some new types of content that will interest you. The following message about Hillary Clinton breaking gender barriers and aligning with women’s issues is from Jimmy Williams, Editor-in-Chief of the progressive news site Blue Nation Review. Enjoy!

— Ready PAC

Blue Nation Review

Election after election, pundits tell us it’s going to be the “year of the woman.” 1992 was that glorious election when Patty Murray, Carol Moseley Braun, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer joined Nancy Kassebaum and Barbara Mikulski in the Senate. History was made but that was only the beginning of something really great.

There have only been 44 women in the U.S. Senate since 1789 and today a record 20 women are serving in the upper chamber.

Hillary Clinton

You might also remember that ‘92 campaign when an Arkansas First Lady made it clear she wouldn’t be relegated to baking cookies in the White House residence. Hillary Rodham Clinton went on to serve our nation with distinction as First Lady, as New York’s junior senator for eight years, and then as an outstanding Secretary of State. Now Hillary’s running for the White House and we here at Blue Nation Review stand proudly with her.

Hillary Clinton has traveled this vast world talking about the vital roles women play in our society. Here’s what we know about these women: they make everything work. They run our businesses, our classrooms, our hospitals, and our homes. Women run the world. And they’re there for us – when we’re up and, most importantly, when we’re down.

Whether it’s college affordability, our aging schools where children sit in trailers instead of classrooms, or the environment and clean drinking water, women care about these issues.

Moko Door Foundation

At BNR, we write about these topics every day. Something we’re keen on is solving the backlog of over 400,000 rape kits. This disgraceful tragedy has captured our attention and we’re doing something about it. Our foundation just wrote a $100,000 check to the Detroit Women’s Foundation to help Wayne County Special Prosecutor Kym Worthy hire the staff needed to help clear out their aging rape kits.

These things matter, folks. It’s bad enough violence against women is alive and thriving. It’s worse that our law enforcement communities either don’t have the resources to fix the problem or lack the will to do so.

Hillary Clinton has walked the walk in the fight against violence towards women. She was a leader in the Senate in reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. I am proud to stand with her in her long march to the White House.

Hillary Clinton

We know you’re all in with her and are already supporting her campaign. And we know she’ll lead on this and other important issues like the rape kit crisis plaguing nearly every community across America. If you want to help with our cause, we’ll be proud to stand with you too.

I want Hillary Clinton to be our next President of the United States, and I hope you do too.

Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams


So! It is our old pal Jimmy Williams, formerly very-high-frequency panelist along with Karen Finney on the now-defunct Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC.

There are requests, even demands, for donations proliferating, and people, rightly, want to know who is collecting these funds and where the funds will go.  This email goes a long way toward answering one of the many questions that have arisen.  While the Citizens United decision stands,  Democrats have every right to raise bucks.   We may disagree with the ruling.  We would like to see mystery money out of elections and politics, but while that decision stands,  so remains the challenge of a fair competition.

A few days ago, Karen for Clinton left this remark on a comment thread.  Some may have missed it, and it deserves another look.

karen for Clinton

We are all in this together and even the ones who we disagree with on smaller things are family, because the GOP is back to being the enemy, after they let the Obots be our enemy last time.

We have an election to win and this is already the General Election this time. But as usual with anything Clinton there is a vast conspiracy arrayed.

We have to go into their filthy world, (shudder) and fight them in their trenches. Hold your noses and go to their sites, dispel the lies, tell their readers the truth. But wear full body armor. Those sites are a sewer of lies.

We are ready this time. Hit them with the work of the Foundation, show pictures of elephants, water supplies, medical aid. Show them her voting record, show them her accomplishments.

We are at war. Get out there and be PUMAs. We waited. Patiently.

Our champion would expect nothing less. She fights for us, fight for her.

And do it on her merits, not all the shortcomings of her opponents.

Yes, “on her merits, not all the shortcomings of her opponents.”   How we finance the effort is one thing.   We are in this against some very high donors.  How we fight the battles is altogether another.

Avoid FOMO. Become a founding donor before this window closes:

From People.

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Mother’s Day with Daughter – and New Mom – Chelsea


Chelsea Clinton spent her very first Mother’s Day since becoming a mom with another special lady in her life: her own mother.

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Some Mother’s Day tweets.

The best Mother’s Day gift has been seeing my daughter become a mom. Happy Mother’s Day to —and to every mom and grandma! –H

to & and to all moms everywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom & to Moms everywhere!

Daughter, mother, grandmother—and a fierce champion for mothers, children, and families:

I do not put a lot of stock in celebrity endorsements, but this one is special.  Dame Helen Mirren endorsing Hillary Clinton makes my day!  They are two of my very favorite people on earth.

Helen Mirren supports Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency

hillary-endorement article


She ,,,  made it clear that she’s rooting for a woman president and actively supports Hillary Clinton’s run.

“I’ve always said how incredibly important Margaret Thatcher was—although I didn’t agree with her politics,” Mirren said. “She was a role model for a little 3-year-old girl [to think] that she could become the prime minister of England. It’s so incredibly important. So, go Hillary!”

Read more >>>>

Helen Mirren is currently performing in The Audience on Broadway and is nominated for a Tony Award for her portrayal of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.  In return for her strong endorsement of our candidate, I say, “Go Helen!”  We will be watching on CBS and routing for her on June 7.  It is an outstanding, tour-de-force performance not to be missed!

Wishing both Hillary and Chelsea a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Charlotte’s Grandma for president!

Happy Mother's Day!



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