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Like other global charities, the Clinton Foundation receives support from individuals, organizations and governments from all over the world. Contributions are made because the Foundation’s programs improve the lives of millions of people around the globe.  The Clinton Foundation has a record of transparency that goes above what is required of U.S. charities.  This includes the voluntary disclosure of contributions on the Foundation’s website. Should Secretary Clinton decide to run for office, we will continue to ensure the Foundation’s policies and practices regarding support from international partners are appropriate, just as we did when she served as Secretary of State.

WEPs Annual Event

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Unlimited Potential: Business Partners for Gender Equality

10 – 11 March 2015,  United Nations Headquarters,  New York City

The UN Global Compact and UN Women are pleased to announce Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State of the United States, as the featured keynote speaker at the 2015 WEPs Event on 10 March. After nearly four decades of public service as First Lady, Senator, and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton now helps lead the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Throughout her career, she has championed rights and opportunities for women and girls. She led the U.S. delegation to the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in 1995 in Beijing, where she delivered her historic speech and proclaimed “women’s rights are human rights”. In her keynote address, Secretary Clinton will reflect on progress made in implementing the agenda set in Beijing two decades ago. She will present key findings and recommendations from “No Ceilings: The Full Participation Report” and outline an agenda to accelerate the full participation of women and girls around the world.

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Learn more about past WEPs Annual Events.

Participation is by invitation only. If you would like to request an invitation, contact WEPsEvents@unglobalcompact.org or by clicking the below button. If you are unable to attend in person, please join us via live webcast.

 The 7 Principles

  1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality
  2. Treat all women and men fairly at work – respect and support human rights and nondiscrimination
  3. Ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women and men workers
  4. Promote education, training and professional development for women
  5. Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women
  6. Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy
  7. Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality

For more information and to endorse the initiative, please visit the Women’s Empowerment Principles website.


Lauren Gula
UN Global Compact

Clinton Foundation

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Bill, Chelsea, and I always look forward to celebrating our Foundation’s work with our supporters, but we don’t get to do it as often as we’d like.

This year, I am absolutely thrilled that one supporter, along with a guest, has a chance to come to New York on March 4 for one of my favorite events: our Clinton Foundation Annual Gala. When you donate before February 23, you could be our guest.

You will get a full day in New York including a tour of Bill’s office, lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, and the opportunity to join us at the gala. Plus, I’m especially excited because Carole King, one of my favorite musicians, will be there to perform. Airfare and hotel are on us.

Click here to contribute in support of the Foundation before midnight February 23. You’ll be automatically entered for a chance for you and a guest to attend our annual gala on March 4 in New York City.

Since I joined the Foundation, we have achieved so much together. I am reminded every day of the power of people working collectively to help families throughout the world live out their hopes and dreams.

Thank you for that.

When you donate for your chance to attend our gala and visit Bill’s office, you’re helping us create life-changing opportunities.

Donate today to the Clinton Foundation and automatically be entered to win a trip for a two-night stay in New York.




Happy Valentine’s Day, Mme. Secretary, to you and everyone you love.

09-27-14-TW-01 09-27-14-TW-02 09-27-14-TW-03

I hope you dance, especially today. 

It’s a date!

NO child in America should be denied the chance to see a doctor when he or she needs one — but if Congress doesn’t act soon, that’s exactly what might happen.

For the past 18 years, the Children’s Health Insurance Program has provided much-needed coverage to millions of American children. And yet, despite strong bipartisan support, we are concerned that gridlock in Washington and unrelated disputes over the Affordable Care Act could prevent an extension of the program. As parents, grandparents and former legislators, we believe that partisan politics should never stand between our kids and quality health care.

We may be from different political parties, but both of us have dedicated our careers to supporting the health of children and their families. This shared commitment inspired us to work together in the late 1990s to help create CHIP to address the needs of the two million children whose families make too much money to be covered by Medicaid, but cannot afford private insurance.

The resulting program, a compromise between Republicans and Democrats, disburses money to the states but gives them flexibility to tailor how they provide coverage to meet the needs of their own children and families. Some expanded Medicaid; others created separate programs. As a result, the number of uninsured children in America has dropped by half. Children miss less school because of illness or injury, and we’ve seen a significant decline in childhood mortality.

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. & I may not agree on everything, but see why we believe kids’ health insurance is a priority.

London mayor and media magnet,  Boris Johnson,  was in New York City today, and Hillary met with him and with Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

The Daily Mail poked some fun at remarks Johnson had made about Hillary in the past.

The mayor had some diplomatic ground to make up at the talks after being reminded of less-than-flattering comments he made about the then senator in a column for The Daily Telegraph in November 2007.

He wrote: ‘She’s got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.’

Mr Johnson said it was ‘a measure of the goodness and the generosity of Hillary Clinton’s spirit’ that she agreed to the meeting.

He added: ‘I’m sure that whatever I’ve said in the past will be taken by the Senator who is a very distinguished politician in the light hearted spirit in which it was intended.’

02-11-15-DM-01 Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni shakes hands with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Clinton Foundation in New York

As soon as I heard, last week, that the Brian Williams story was trending on Twitter,  I shuddered.   I know I was not alone in dreading the comparisons that were certain to be on the way.  Once again, Media Matters has come through with an excellent refutation of those comparisons and a healthy dose of examples of Republicans enhancing their battlefield memories.  Well done, Matt Gertz!



Conservative Media Weaponize Brian Williams Suspension To Attack Hillary Clinton

Blog ››››› MATT GERTZ


… the right-wing media have sought to use Williams’ tall tales for political advantage, pointing to Clinton’s Bosnia story to ask, “If Brian Williams can no longer be the face of NBC then can Hillary no longer be the face of the Democratic Party?” In a segment representative of such discussions on Fox News,Fox & Friends‘ Steve Doocy asked this morning, “Brian Williams has been held to this standard because he told these lies about Iraq. But what about Hillary Clinton?” Invoking Clinton’s Bosnia story which “turned out not to be true,” the hosts aired a clip of a Fox News contributor declaring Clinton’s story to be worse than Williams’, while on-screen text asked “Why Isn’t Hillary Held Accountable For Lies?” and “Did Mainstream Media Give Clinton A Pass?”

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