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Bill Clinton was delighted to have Hillary in his audience this morning when he spoke at Georgetown University.  Reportedly she received a standing ovation.


Bill Clinton Gives Hillary Clinton a Shout Out in Surprise Appearance

Former President Bill Clinton thanks his wife former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for attending his policy speech at Georgetown University



The Clinton Lectures

A Four-Part Series by the 42nd President of The United States

FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON’S (SFS’68) series of lectures at Georgetown explore the people, events, lessons and guiding principles that have shaped his career in public service.

The lectures examine the framework for a lifetime spent championing an idea espoused by his Georgetown professor Carroll Quigley: that America is the greatest nation in history because our people have always believed in two things – that tomorrow can be better than today and that every one of us has a personal, moral responsibility to make it so.

This four-lecture series takes place over a number of years. The lectures will be webcast live.

This is the second time Clinton has given a series of talks at Georgetown. In 1991, as the governor of Arkansas and Democratic candidate for president, he presented three “New Covenant” speeches to students on Responsibility and Rebuilding the American Community, Economic Change and American Security. These speeches, like the new lecture series, take place in Georgetown’s historic Gaston Hall.

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My heart is with all those in Arkansas and elsewhere that were in the path of those terrible tornados.

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Speaking at the HIPPY USA 2014 Conference at Gallaudet University this evening, Hillary proudly identified herself as a “HIPPY”  (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters)  mom and soon-to-be grandma.  Hillary spoke of her Too Small to Fail initiative, a joint effort of the Clinton Foundation and Next Generation.

She also offered her sympathy to those devastated by the tornadoes in Arkansas saying she knows exactly where the big one hit.


04-28-14-TW-001 04-28-14-TW-01 04-28-14-TW-03 04-28-14-TW-04 04-28-14-TW-05 04-28-14-TW-06 04-28-14-TW-07


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On Saturday, Hillary and John McCain sat down to discuss American leadership and current global crises at the Sedona Forum sponsored by the McCain Institute.

04-26-14-TW-01 04-26-14-TW-02 04-26-14-TW-03

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The Vital Role of Parents

Parents keep children safe and healthy – it’s in our genes to look out for our children’s well-being. We react instinctively when a child is in harm’s way.

The more we learn about how children develop, the more we know about the crucial role of parents in those moments when a child isn’t in danger. Parents play a vital role in their children’s social and emotional development by providing quality engagement that stimulates brain growth and increases their learning potential. Those every day interactions are the keys to a child’s long-term potential.

Research has shown that meaningful family engagement – the amount of time parents spend talking with their children, reading them a book, cuddling them or asking about their day – has a direct impact on learning and motivation. Very young children thrive when their parents spend time talking, reading, and singing to them every day and when their parents remain calm during emotional outbursts or stressful situations. Older children benefit from parents who ask about their friends, establish a homework routine, and carve out quiet study time.

All children benefit when parents and caregivers establish routines in their home, whether around family meal times, bedtimes or bath times. Routines that begin early can pave the way for habits that last into adulthood. A routine as simple as reading to a child before bed contributes to her healthy brain development and sets her up to become a successful, lifelong reader.

No matter the activity, parents play a critical role in their children’s growth and education from birth on, and help establish the emotional and cognitive foundation that their children’s lives will be built upon.

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This week we decided to celebrate the joy of reading, by asking the staff at Next Generation to share their favorite children’s books—the ones their parents, grandparents, and siblings read to them as children. »

This evening, Hillary is in Sedona to speak at the McCain Institute. Cindy McCain is a member of the Leadership Council at Too Small to Fail and, as the Clinton Foundation reports, participated in an event for parents on Thursday in Phoenix.


Cindy McCain and Univision Share ‘Talking is Teaching’ Message with Parents and Community Leaders at Local Phoenix Event

Phoenix, AZ
Press Release

Senator’s Wife and Philanthropist Meets With Dozens of Parents, Business and Community Leaders to Discuss Ways to Improve Early Learning for Young Children

Phoenix, AZ—Cindy McCain, businesswoman, philanthropist, member of the Leadership Council of Too Small to Fail and longtime early education advocate, will meet with dozens of parents, community and business leaders today at the Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) Community Center to discuss how parents and caregivers can improve their young children’s vocabulary using simple actions like talking, reading and singing for at least 15 minutes every day. The event is hosted by Univision Communications Inc., the leading media company serving Hispanic America, and Too Small to Fail, a joint initiative between Next Generation and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation; this is part of a sustained effort to improve early learning and prepare children to enter kindergarten across the country.

Parents at today’s event will speak directly with Mrs. McCain and Univision executive Roberto Llamas, EVP, Chief Human Resources & Community Empowerment Officer, Univision Communications Inc., as well as several local community leaders, about ways they can improve their children’s early learning. While many parents agree on the importance of spending quality time with their young children, only about half of those interviewed in focus groups report reading, singing or doing other activities with their young children daily to promote brain development and vocabulary.

Research has shown that that children in low-income families hear up to   30 million fewer words by age four than their high-income counterparts. This is commonly referred to as the “word gap.” But when parents and caregivers talk, read and sing to their babies and toddlers every day, they help expand their children’s language skills and significantly increase their chances for future academic success.

This local event is one of dozens of community events and special programming hosted by Univision during April, but is part of a longer campaign called “Pequeños y Valiosos” (Young and Valuable), launched earlier this year in partnership with Too Small to Fail. The multi-year campaign is delivering expert research, commentary and information across Univision platforms.

“Parents are our children’s first teachers,” said Mrs. McCain, “and they have a great opportunity to make a real difference in their young children’s lives. I am optimistic that Arizona’s families will embrace these messages and help make sure our children are prepared to succeed in 21st century America.”

“Univision is proud to work with parents and children to help our Hispanic community succeed and are committed to initiatives that provide them access to the resources and information they need in this regard,” said Llamas.




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At a Saturday morning keynote address to the United Methodist Women’s Assembly today,  Hillary reminisced about her grandmother whom she credited with instilling her strong faith.   Speaking at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky recalled vivid memories of the woman she says shaped her faith.



Hillary Clinton says grandmother shaped her faith

Associated Press

Clinton spoke of the faith instilled in her by her grandmother.

She said that helped guide some of the initiatives she started at the State Department.

They included efforts to fight human trafficking and promote maternal health care in developing countries.

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04-26-14-Y-01 04-26-14-Y-02 04-26-14-Y-03 04-26-14-Y-04 04-26-14-Y-05


Meanwhile, a new website dedicated to courting faith voters to a yet undeclared Clinton presidential campaign went live yesterday.

Web site launches to woo voters of faith for Hillary Clinton

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Here are a few of Hillary’s coming speaking engagements.


Louisville KY
Kentucky International Convention Center
Keynote at United Methodist Women’s Assembly
Sedona AZ
Enchantment Resort
McCain Institute Forum
Washington DC
Gallaudet University
Keynote: 25th Anniversary HIPPY Conference

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