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The pretty lady on the left in the banner above is my friend Ronni Diamondstein who writes for WAG Magazine.  Ronni was kind enough to share this article from WAG with me, and I thought some of you might enjoy it too.  There is a great slideshow, too!


Synergy is a word that comes to mind when I think of Hillary and Bill Clinton. They are a formidable team. Both with impressive resumés of years of service, most recently, the tireless work they do for The Clinton Foundation and its many worldwide initiatives. Both have had many titles, too, but no doubt one that brings them much pleasure is their latest, “grandparent.” However, there is one title that those of us in Chappaqua are quite fond of: neighbor.

Fifteen years ago this month the Clintons made Chappaqua their home. Over the years they have become part of the fabric of the community and I have had the pleasure to talk to them and observe them around town.

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Thank you, Ronni!

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Hillary and Governor Martin O’Malley were in College Park, MD today to boost Anthony Brown to succeed O’Malley and Ken Ulman for Lieutenant Governor.


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Rest in peace…

Statement from President and Secretary Clinton on the Passing of Tom Menino


Hillary and I were saddened to learn of the passing of Tom Menino. In his twenty years as Boston’s mayor, he became a legendary advocate and champion for all of Boston’s citizens in all of its neighborhoods; he believed with all his heart that at the end of the day, if things weren’t getting better in every corner of Boston, the job wasn’t done.

And nobody knew better than Tom how to get things done. He was a strong supporter and partner in my administration’s efforts to strengthen community policing, and to increase jobs and business opportunities in urban areas.

We’ll always remember and be grateful for Tom’s support, his friendship, and the clear joy he felt in a life devoted to public service. We were blessed to be able to say goodbye to Tom last week, and our thoughts and prayers are with Angela, his children, and his many friends and admirers.

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Bruce Braley is in a tight Senate race with Tea Party candidate Joni Ernst.  Hillary returned to Iowa today for a few events to bolster Braley who presented her with an Iowa-themed outfit for her precious little granddaughter, Charlotte.  After getting a selfie with Hillary, Ian Klopfenstein tweeted that he “can probably just die now.”  Don’t do that, Ian!  Knock on those doors, as Hillary asked.



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If you took the time to send Hillary a birthday card via the Clinton Foundation, you were lucky enough to receive this thank you from her this afternoon.

Mme. Secretary, thank you for all you do, including for being kind enough to thank us!


Clinton Foundation

Thank you for your warm birthday wishes. Your thoughtful card highlights some of the work I’m most proud of at the Clinton Foundation – work that we are able to accomplish because of supporters like you.

Thank You


I believe that everyone has a role to play in building a future of shared prosperity and opportunity, whether it’s empowering women and girls around the world to achieve full participation, giving young people of all ages the learning and employment opportunities they need to live up to their God-given potential, or protecting elephants from poachers and stopping illegal ivory trafficking.

With your support, we are solving urgent problems and helping more people in more places live their best life story. That is the best gift I could hope for, and I appreciate your faith in our shared mission to build a better world.

Best wishes.

Sincerely yours,
Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Hillary stuck close to home today to appear at a “Women for Maloney” event in Somers, NY.  Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is defending his seat against Nan Hayworth in New York’s 18th congressional district. Hillary’s remarks included clarification of comments she made in Boston at a Martha Coakley rally on Friday which were taken out of context by many.

This week,  Hillary will be heading to campaign events in Iowa for Bruce Braley, New Hampshire for Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, and will return to Kentucky for Alison Lundergan Grimes.  On Thursday, she will return to Georgetown University to speak about Women’s Economic Participation.


10-27-14-Y-01 10-27-14-Y-02



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Hillary Rodham Clinton to Speak Thursday on Women’s Economic Participation

October 27, 2014 – Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will speak on “The Power of Women’s Economic Participation” Thursday at an event sponsored by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS).

The 12:45 p.m. talk will be webcast live (at georgetown.edu) as part of the institute’s relaunch of the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership (ICWBL) at Georgetown.

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Wishing you a wonderful birthday in appreciation of all you do.  Thank you for your brilliant leadership and dedicated service.


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Crowds piled into the Charlotte Convention Center this afternoon to see Kay Hagan and welcome Hillary Clinton.  According to CNN’s Dan Merica it took Hillary under two minutes to mention her little granddaughter named Charlotte who will turn one month old tomorrow on Hillary’s birthday.

Hillary and Kay Hagan spoke for a little more than a half hour during which a heckler briefly interrupted shouting about immigration. Hillary told the audience that Senator Hagan has a comprehensive plan for better jobs, better wages, and better schools.  She said the fact that women in NC still get paid less than men for the same work costs those families thousands of dollars and that women’s rights are like the canaries in the coal mine.  If they are not protected everyone is at risk.

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10-25-14-OZ-01 10-25-14-OZ-02 10-25-14-OZ-03






















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On her swing through New England today, Hillary would be speaking at one event while crowds lined up and piled up to see her at her next stop.  That was dramatically evident via the tweets from Scarborough High School in Maine today as the attendees gathered to see her at a rally in support of gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud.

10-24-14-TW-01 10-24-14-TW-02 10-24-14-TW-03 10-24-14-TW-04 10-24-14-TW-05 10-24-14-TW-06 10-24-14-TW-07 10-24-14-TW-08 10-24-14-TW-09 10-24-14-TW-10 10-24-14-TW-11 10-24-14-TW-12 10-24-14-TW-13 10-24-14-TW-14 10-24-14-TW-15 10-24-14-TW-16 10-24-14-TW-17 10-24-14-Y-01 10-24-14-Y-02 10-24-14-Y-03 10-24-14-Y-04 10-24-14-Y-05

The Super-Supporter will be in North Carolina tomorrow to boost Kay Hagan.

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