Hillary Clinton on SCOTUS Texas Apportionment Arguments

Lest we lose sight of what is at stake at the polls in 2016, Hillary reminds us that SCOTUS cases that receive little to no media coverage can have an enormous impact on rights, representation, and, in the end, democracy.


Hillary Clinton Statement on Evenwel v. Abbott

Following the oral arguments yesterday before the U.S. Supreme Court in Evenwel v. Abbott – a Texas redistricting case that could deny representation to anyone who isn’t a voter, including every child and minor under 18, by changing how state legislative districts are drawn – Hillary Clinton released the following statement:

“In the Supreme Court yesterday, parties challenging Texas’ Senate apportionment plan insisted that political representation in our democracy should be based on eligible voters, instead of total population. This change would mean that many in America, including children and non-citizen residents, would no longer be counted for purposes of representation in every state in the country. Such measures are an insult to the millions of Americans who have fought throughout our history for our country to achieve equality and justice for all people. The Supreme Court should protect political equality and turn away this harmful and reckless attempt to write off so many.”

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  1. omg, that last picture though! for sure, that’s the reality we have to keep in mind. More conservatives in the SCOTUS would be disastrous for this country.


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