Joy Reid to Bernie Sanders: Tell the Truth

All I would add, that Joy fails to point out, is that “Hillary’s PUMAs,” as she calls us, consolidated specifically over the 05/31/08 RBC decisions re: Florida and Michigan. I had never seen delegates taken from one candidate and reassigned to another before, as happened with the Michigan delegates.  I have not seen it since. I still see that as outrageous. Filing deadlines mean something.

As to the seating of Florida delegates (it was decided that half would be seated), these were elected delegates chosen by Florida voters who dutifully voted in their primary. The argument was between the Florida DC and the DNC over when that primary should have been held.  Democrats voted in good faith.  There is no parallel to unelected delegates not being seated in Nevada since they were unelected and were not registered Democrats as of May 1 of this year.  Registration deadlines mean something.

Hillary was as good as her word to support the ticket and launched “Hillary Sent Me.” Yes, supporters peeled off.  Some have never returned to the party. Some joined the Tea Party and turned against her viciously.  Hillary Clinton did her darnedest to pull the party together.

Reid is right. Now it is Bernie’s turn.  Feeding an anti-DNC and anti-Hillary frenzy only helps Donald Trump.

Joy-Ann Reid



Come on, Bernie, Time to Level With Your Dreamers

He must stop indulging his people’s fantasies, tell them the truth about the math—and get them to stop with all the nasty about Clinton.

Soon and very soon, Bernie Sanders is going to have to help his most ardent fans confront the fact of his defeat. How he does so will help to determine his legacy.

That is not meant to disparage the campaign or the candidate, despite the vitriol that’s sure to start flooding into my Twitter timeline right now. It’s a statement of mathematical fact. As of today, no matter what happens in Kentucky (or Oregon, or Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, D.C. or even mighty California), Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee.

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Hillary Clinton in Unity, NH on June 28,2008

DNC Chair: Sanders’ Response to NV Convention ‘Anything But Acceptable’



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  1. on May 18, 2016 at 6:13 pm | Reply SoCalHillFan

    This is a great article, thanks for posting/linking to it as I would have missed it otherwise. I have liked Joy Reid for quite some time, watched her old show on MSNBC and the new one on weekends. She’s not biased either way, she wrote a book on the ’08 campaign and has had criticisms of Hillary. I’ve been super impressed with her analysis this campaign season.

    I don’t know what Bernie is going for. I don’t think HE knows. How can he supposedly have good convos re: Nevada incident with Harry Reid, then turn around and issue that assy statement right after? We talk about Trump being all over the place but I think Bernie is also very erratic. He seems to have the thinnest skin. Seeing his response to Nevada tells me he is no leader.

    People keeps saying the party will come together. But Bernie basically HATES the Dem party. He’s suing it. He’s calling it out at every rally. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t fundraise. He IS like Ralph Nader. At least Hill had loyalty to the party. Sanders as an Ind. never had that. I think Bernie Bros are going to try to disrupt the convention.

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    • on May 18, 2016 at 6:39 pm | Reply SoCalHillFan

      Also, can I just talk a moment to complain about Van Jones (CNN commentator) and Mika Brzinski (Morning Joe) calling for Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to be fired. WTF???

      Mika is just the worst and she hates Hillary and moons over Trump so I am not surprised. But what is up with Van? Granted he’s been practically stumping fro Bernie for a year, but for him to call DWS out and not Sanders for that violence? What is going on? Why is DWS the bad guy for calling out Bernie for his wishy washy disavowal?

      I’ll be the 1st to say the debate schedule was a joke IMO. But aside from that, what has DWS done to tip the scales? Barring him from using data? Uh, he VIOLATED the data agmt when his campaign accessed and copied Clintom voter files!! How did their actions become HER fault? And she caved and gave him back access soon after. Also, how is Bernie’s own disorganized ground game her fault? The states run their own caucuses, primaries, delegate conventions etc. DWS doesn’t control that.

      I mean, don’t thinks she’s the best communicator, but I don’t understand why they’ve decided she is the devil.

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