Executive Indecision

Donald Trump is running for the office of chief executive of the United States.  Executives must make decisions.  Some are difficult.  Hillary Clinton wrote a whole book on that subject.


The problem for Donald Trump is that he just cannot decide.  First there was the VP announcement fiasco.  It was going to be Pence, all the pundits predicted, as the Indiana governor landed at Teterboro in N.J. Holed up at a hotel and awaiting further instruction from the Trump team, Pence was thrown a curve when the Donald decided that he was not so sure about his decision.  Hillary for America unveiled a new ad targeting Trump’s vacillation on the matter.


NEW HFA Web Video: Indecisive Donald

Following Donald Trump’s announcement that Governor Mike Pence is his running mate, Hillary for America is releasing a new web video, “Indecisive Donald,” raising the question of how Donald Trump will run the country if this is how he makes a decision selecting a Vice President. Yesterday, Donald Trump received widespread criticism for his erratic and indecisive handling of the VP nominating process.

WATCH: Indecisive Donald


But at least you can say that once he announced the decision it was with resolve and a foot forward … or can you?

Trump-Pence campaign unveils new logo

© Provided by The Hill Trump-Pence campaign unveils new logo

  Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s campaign unveiled their new logo on Saturday, one day after a logo for the campaign was widely mocked on social media for appearing to be sexually suggestive.

Read more and see the original logo and some funny tweets >>>>

In the run-up to the nominating convention, Trump’s equivocation is two for two, and that is not counting past flip-flops and waffles.  A woman should be punished for an abortion, or, wait, maybe it should be the doctor.  No matter what, I am keeping Corey Lewandowski on … until I don’t. Then there is the matter of people who performed work for him that he decided was good until it came time to pay them, and then he didn’t like it that much and decided not to pay them, and then he hired the same people for more work that maybe he wasn’t going to like.

It is not just that Americans deserve a POTUS who doesn’t shuffle and shift.   It’s that the finger hovering over the button cannot afford to be jumpy.  Once they are launched, you cannot get the missiles back.




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