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Hillary spoke today at the American Legion National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.










In Cincinnati, Clinton Touts American Exceptionalism and Welcomes Bipartisan Support

In a speech at the American Legion Convention in Cincinnati on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton reaffirmed that America is an exceptional nation, and that America’s greatness requires our diplomatic and military leadership in the world. A crucial part of maintaining that leadership and protecting our men and women in uniform, Clinton said, is maintaining our alliances with and commitments to other nations. Clinton argued that Donald Trump would walk away from our allies, has run a divisive campaign, insults our military, and is temperamentally unfit to be president. Clinton said, “part of what makes America an exceptional nation is that we’re also an indispensable nation.  The indispensable nation. People all over the world look to us and follow our lead. You may wonder how anyone could disagree.  But my opponent has said very clearly that he thinks American exceptionalism is insulting to the rest of the world.  In fact, when

Vladimir Putin of all people criticized American exceptionalism, my opponent agreed with him.”

Clinton’s speech followed the endorsement of former Bush Administration Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense James Clad. Clad joined other national security experts from across the aisle, including Richard Armitage and Brent Scowcroft, who have said they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s remarks, as transcribed, are below:

“Good afternoon! I am delighted to have this great honor of being here and having this opportunity to address you. I want to thank the National Commander; thank you Commander Barnett. I want to thank Verna Jones, your Executive Director, and Dewey Moss, Aide to the National Commander. And I want to thank a long time friend and advisor to me. Someone who I am very grateful to, and that is your National Treasurer, George Buskirk.

Most of all, thanks to you. All the Legionnaires here and across America, most of all thanks to you. Thanks for your service and our Armed Forces. You wore the uniform, you took an oath, you put your life on the line to protect the greatest country on Earth. Yes.

There are some who may argue with that, but not around me. When you came home, you joined the American Legion, and by doing so, you kept serving. Just look at what the Legion does. You care for wounded warriors, you help raise the next generation of American patriots. I want to give a special shout out to Boys Nation, which meant so much to my husband when he was growing up. And when I told him he was coming here today, he said, ‘You’ve got to mention Boys Nation.’ I told him I would, but I also have to mention Girls Nation too.

I want to thank your auxiliary, the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization. I was honored to receive the Auxiliary’s Public Spirit Award in 1997, and I have great admiration for the work that you do. As the daughter of a veteran, as a proud American, I am grateful to you all.

Now I’m not going to talk a lot about politics today, but I do want to say this. Whoever America elects this fall won’t just be our next president; that person will be our next Commander-in-Chief. And every person in this room understands how great a responsibility that is.

Now I know some of you are Democrats, and some of you are Republicans and some of you are independents. I suppose there are some of you who have never voted for a Democrat before. I get that. My dad was a rock-ribbed Republican, but I learned at our dinner table that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

And, I want you to know if I am fortunate enough to win this election, I will be a president for Democrats, Republicans, independents. For people who vote for me, for people who don’t. For all Americans. That is what I think we need. We need to unify our country and go forward into the future with confidence and optimism.

Today I want you to know a little bit about where I stand, and how I see the world and America’s place in it. I spent four years as your Secretary of State. Eight years before that as senator of the great state of New York, six years on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

If there is one core belief that has guided and inspired me every step of the way, it is this: United States is an exceptional nation. I believe we are still Lincoln’s last best hope of earth. We are still Reagan’s shining city on a hill. We’re still Robert Kennedy’s great, unselfish, compassionate country.

And it’s not just that we have the greatest military or that our economy is larger than any on earth. It’s also the strength of our values. The strength of the American people. Everyone who works harder, dreams bigger and never, ever stops trying to make our country and the world a better place. And part of what makes an exceptional nation is that we are also an indispensable nation. In fact, we are the indispensable nation. People all over the world look to us and follow our lead.

My friends, we are so lucky to be Americans. It is an extraordinary blessing. It’s why so many people from so many places want to be Americans too. But it’s also a serious responsibility. The decisions we make and the actions we take, even the actions we don’t take, affect millions, even billions of lives. You know that, you’ve seen it.

All this may seem evident, especially to men and women who have worn the uniform. You may wonder how anyone could disagree. But in fact, my opponent in the race has said very clearly that he thinks American exceptionalism is insulting to the rest of the world. In fact, when Vladimir Putin, of all people, criticized American exceptionalism, my opponent agreed with him saying, and I quote, ‘If you are in Russia, you don’t want to hear that America is exceptional.’ Well maybe you don’t want to hear it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

My opponent misses something important. When we say America is exceptional, it doesn’t mean that people from other places don’t feel deep national pride just like we do. It means that we recognize America’s unique and unparalleled ability to be a force for peace and progress. A champion for freedom and opportunity.

Our power comes with a responsibility to lead. Humbly, thoughtfully and with a fierce commitment to our values. Because when America fails to lead, we leave a vacuum. It either causes chaos, or other countries or other networks rush in to fill the void. So, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how great the challenge, America must lead. The question is how we lead. What kind of ideas, strategies and tactics we bring to our leadership.

American leadership means standing with our allies. Because our network of allies is part of what makes us exceptional. No other country in the world has alliances like ours. Russia and China have nothing close. We stand with our allies because generations of American troops fought and died to secure those bonds and because they deliver for us everyday. Our allies share intelligence on terrorists. They provide staging areas for our military so we can respond quickly to events on the other side of the world.

Other nations’ soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines often fight side by side with ours. Some of you may have served and fought alongside men and women from other countries. You saw them in action. You know how important these bonds are to our security. Threatening to walk away from our alliances, ignoring the importance that they still are to us is not only wrong; it is dangerous. If I’m your president, our friends will always know America will have your back, and we expect you to have ours.

American leadership means bringing the world together to solve global problems, as only we can. United States build the international coalition against ISIS. Now we are working with partners to take back territory and defeat them without getting drawn into a ground war. We brought the world together to impose sanctions on Iran and secure a deal that puts a lid on Iran’s nuclear program without firing a single shot. You don’t build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. You do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships.

Getting countries working together was my job everyday as your Secretary of State. It’s more than a photo op. It takes consistency and reliability. Actually it’s just like building personal relationships. People have to get to know that they can count on you. That you won’t say one thing one day and something totally different the next. And it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours, then flying home again. That’s not how it works.

American leadership means leading with our values in pursuant of our interests in protection of our security. At our best, the United States is the global force for freedom, justice and human dignity. We celebrate our diversity as a source of national strength. Just look at our armed forces, which represent all races, religions, ethnicities and yes, immigrants from other countries, all fighting for the red, white and blue.

We stand up to regimes that abuse human rights. We stand up for religious and ethnic minorities, for women, for people with disabilities. And we comport ourselves with honor. There’s no greater proof of than what our Navy SEALs did during the raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

I was deeply honored to be a part of that small group advising the president. I brought to those discussions my experience as a Senator from New York on 9/11. And my commitment to do whatever I could in whatever role I had to bring bin Laden to Justice.

You have all seen the picture of us crowded into the smaller Situation Room and watching the video screen.  Every second counted. One of the copters misgauged how high the wall was, around the courtyard clipped the tail getting disabled. It did not stop the SEALs from rushing out, getting into the compound, returning fire against bin Laden’s bodyguards taking on his adult son and finally Bin Laden himself.

But the SEALs knew they had to destroy the helicopter before they left. I was holding my breath through the entire operation. Because at any time, Pakistani soldiers could have arrived. This compound was in a military garrison city – actually the home of their military academy – so yes, every second counted. But still, our SEALs took the time to move to move the women and children, bin Laden’s family members, to safety, before destroying the helicopter. That is what honor looks like. That is America at our best.

Maybe the soldiers of other nations wouldn’t have bothered, or maybe they’d have taken revenge on those family members of terrorists. But that is not who we are. And anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand what makes our nation great.

And let me say something else about American greatness. There is no question we face real threats and real enemies that we need to confront and defeat. But my opponent is wrong when he says America is no longer great. Consider the record of the last eight years. In 2009, our global economy was collapsing. Osama bin Laden was plotting. We had more than 180,000 troops fighting two wars. Iran was racing toward a nuclear weapon. Many of our allies were less supportive of American leadership than they had been in decades.

Look where are we now. We’ve pulled the global economy out of free fall thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the American people. We’ve re-deployed well over 100,000 troops from Iraq and Afghanistan so they can go home, rest and train for future contingencies. We cut off Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon. We convinced Russia to reduce their nuclear weapons arsenal. We protected our ally Israel, and we brought Osama bin Laden to justice.

We did that. We Americans did all that working together across party lines. And there is no question we have more work to do, but let’s be clear: We are stronger together. And it will be my goal if I am fortunate enough to be your president, to bring people back together again to set our goals and move forward to achieve them.

I know we can’t cozy up to dictators. We have to stand up to them. We can’t contain ISIS; we must defeat them, and we will. We will do whatever is necessary for as long as it takes to bring them to justice and end their reign of terror, once and for all.

This election is about how to make things better. Now make no mistake, I believe we do have better days ahead. But, things could also get worse. If more countries get nuclear weapons, if we abandon our allies. If our Commander in Chief orders our military to break the laws and commit torture, or murder terrorists’ family members.

That’s why it is so critical that we get this right. And let me underscore what I have said throughout this campaign: we must only send our troops into harm’s way as a last resort, not a first choice. That must be our bedrock principle.

But we must be able to act decisively on our own when we need to. I completely reject anyone, including my opponent, who calls the American military and I quote, ‘A disaster.’ That’s an insult to the men and women serving today and all who have served before who put their lives on the line every day. And it’s just not true. We do have more work to do to continue to have the strongest, most effective military in the world. I know this is something that matters a great deal to everyone in this room. Here’s what we have to do – we can’t lose our military edge.

That means giving the Pentagon the stable, predictable funding it needs to make smart investments. You’ve heard of the ‘sequester’ – the arbitrary caps that Congress has imposed on our entire government for the past several years. Now, look I’m all for cutting the fat out of the budget and making sure we stretch our dollars and proud of the fact that when my husband left office we had a balance budget and a surplus. And I hope that someday we can get back to doing that.

But we cannot impose arbitrary limits on something as important as our military. That makes no sense at all. The sequester makes our country less secure. Let’s end it and get a budget deal that supports America’s military, our families, and our country. And let’s make reform a priority, so that the Defense Department spends its budget on the right things.

And by the way, the last thing we need is a president who brings more name-calling and temper tantrums to Washington. We’ve got to get people listening to each other again, getting both parties actually to work together. Let’s modernize our army and marines, our Navy and Air Force, our Coast Guard. We need to respond to evolving threats from states like Russia and China, Iran and North Korea. From networks, criminal and terrorist networks like ISIS. We need a military that is ready and agile so it can meet the full range of threats and operate on short notice on every domain, not just land, sea, air, and space, but also cyber space.

We’ll invest in new technologies so new breakthroughs can transform our military, just as stealth, precision weapons, and advanced communications did in the past. We’ll make a renewed push to reduce the world’s nuclear weapons, because that does make us all safer. And we’ll step up our efforts to secure nuclear material around the world, and stop terrorists from acquiring or using weapons of mass destruction.

One of the first things I will do as president is to call for a new Nuclear Posture Review. We have to make sure that America’s arsenal is prepared to meet future threats. We’ll invest in the next frontier of military engagement – protecting U.S. interests in outerspace and cyberspace. You’ve seen reports Russia has hacked into a lot of things. China has hacked into a lot of things. Russia even hacked into the Democratic National Committee, maybe even some state election systems.

So we have got to step up our game. Make sure we are well defended and able to take the fight to those who go after us. As president I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. We will be ready with serious political, economic and military responses. And we are going to invest in protecting our governmental networks and national infrastructure. I want us to lead the world in setting the rules of cyberspace. If America doesn’t, others will.

So in short, we have to be ready to win today’s fights and tomorrow’s. But you know that the most important thing isn’t the size of our military or the sophistication of our weapons. The most important thing is our people. The men and women who put on the uniform and serve. We need to – we need to take a hard look at our military’s personal policies to make sure we are doing everything to attract and keep the best and the brightest who volunteer. We need to support not only them, but also their families.

As President, I will never forget the debt we owe to our veterans and your families who also served. I will never, ever disrespect Gold Star families who made who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, or prisoners of war who endured so much in our name. To insult them is just so wrong, and it says a lot about the person doing the insulting.

In the Senate, I worked with Republicans to increase the benefit paid to Gold Star families, to expand access to military health insurance, to make sure all members of the Guard and Reserves and their families have access to health benefits, whether they are deployed or training at home. I fought successfully to amend the 2007 Defense Appropriations Act, to establish a training program for family caregivers helping loved ones with traumatic brain injuries.

Senator John McCain and I joined forces to personally raise money for a state of the art rehab facility at Brooke Army Medical in San Antonio to help seriously wounded service members coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Like you I, I was outraged by the scandals at V.A. hospitals – people waiting for months or years for wheelchairs and basic medications – some even dying while waiting for an appointment. I know that you heard from Secretary McDonald and I know how hard he and his team are working. We’re going to build a 21st century Department of Veterans Affairs that delivers world-class care, and we are not going to let anyone privatize the V.A.. We’re going to reform and strengthen it, not privatize it.

We will ensure access to timely, quality care for all of our veterans, improve care for women who are often underserved, identify and treat all wounds of war, visible and invisible including Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome and traumatic brain injury and PTSD. We will end the epidemic of veterans suicides by expanding access to mental health care and fighting the stigma that isolates too many of our veterans from getting the care they need.

I feel passionately about this because I have looked into the eyes of too many family members who have lost their loved one to suicide. That is why just two days ago when I released my plan of mental health services for all Americans, I included a specific section for more help about veterans and their families because we know too many are not getting the help they need right now. We have got to serve them just as they have served us.

We’re going to help more veterans looking for jobs – with expanded tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, more support to veterans who want to start their own businesses, and making it easier for veterans to get credit for the skills they learned while serving. And we’re going to crack down on for-profit schools and companies that prey on or discriminate against service members, veterans or military families.

They should be ashamed of themselves, and we’re going to hold them accountable.

We will also work closely with the American Legion to clean up and expedite the appeals process. Benefits should be delivered as quickly as possible and appeals should be decided as expeditiously as possible. I thank you for the work you are doing on that.

Now, a lot of what I’ve mentioned today has support from both Democrats and Republicans. Maintaining our military and caring for our veterans should never be partisan issues. Defending American exceptionalism should always be above politics. But this is not a normal election. The debates are not the normal disagreements between Republicans and Democrats.

So I hope you will listen carefully to what my opponent and I propose. Consider our plans and the values behind them. And after you’ve given us both a fair hearing, I hope you will join the growing number of Americans – Democrats, Republicans and independents – who are supporting our vision for the kind of future we want for our country.

This election shouldn’t be about ideology. It’s not just about differences over policy. It truly is about who has the experience and the temperament to serve as president and Commander in Chief.

Just three weeks ago, 50 Republican national security experts, who served in prior Republican administrations, wrote a letter saying that they will not vote for Donald Trump, because he would be – in their words –‘the most reckless President in American history.’

By contrast, I am deeply honored to have so many retired military leaders backing me, along with these Republican experts. I’m supported by people on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the debates that have defined our foreign policy for the last 30 years. They know I believe in a bipartisan foreign policy; they know I believe we should be finding ways to bring our country together around national security, our role in the world, our values. They know they can count on me to do that, and what matters to them is that we make the right choice in November.

The stakes this fall are as high as any election in our lifetimes.

So I’m going to keep raising these issues, keep telling people where I stand, laying out plans for what I do if I’m elected. I have to tell you, it is a little bit funny to me. I get criticized for having so many plans. People say, ‘Oh, there she goes with another plan about mental health, about veterans.’ Well, I have this old-fashion idea; if I’m asking for your vote for president, I should tell you what I want to do as your president. So yes, I have laid out plans, and I’m going to work my heart out to implement those plans, and if I win this fall, no one will work harder for our troops, our veterans and our military families.

This is personal to me, starting with my dad. His name was Hugh Rodham. He enlisted in the Navy shortly after Pearl Harbor. He became a chief petty officer at Great Lakes, north of Chicago, responsible for training thousands of young sailors before they shipped out to sea, mostly to the Pacific Theater.

After my dad died, I received letters from men who had served under him. I treasure them to this day. My father told me how emotional he got when he accompanied his trainees to the West Coast and saw those young sailors get on board their ships. He knew some of them wouldn’t survive. But he believed in their cause. He believed in them. And they went to serve, to protect our country. They knew their country needed them.

Over the course of the last years, I’ve also had the privilege of working with, helping and supporting so many active duty and retired military members and families, first as First Lady, then as senator, then as Secretary of State. Whenever I would go anywhere representing you and be privileged to meet with the men and women who serve our country, I would sit down, if we had a chance, and hear what was on their minds, shake hands and take pictures, sometimes bring messages back to their loved ones. And I too knew that some of those young men and women wouldn’t be coming home either. It’s that kind of courage and honor that our men and women in uniform demonstrate every single day.

I will never forget that, and I would expect the American Legion to be my partner in the White House to make sure I never do. You and all our veterans deserve nothing less – our respect, our thanks, but you also deserve a country that honors your service, not just with words but with deeds.

That’s why the American Legion is so critical, working everyday to make sure America lives up to that standard. I will be doing that work right along beside you if I am given the great honor to serve as your president and Commander-in-Chief.

Thank you all. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America.”



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Hillary for America

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I know we all get a lot of emails from many people – big names included – asking us to support Hillary.  This one is special.  Thank you President Carter!  We love you!

During my 1976 presidential run, a young woman moved to Indianapolis to help turn out the Indiana vote for me. Forty years later, I will proudly cast my vote for that same woman to be the next President of the United States.

Hillary is going to need more than just my vote, though. She’s got to keep building a campaign that can beat Trump soundly, and that takes resources. Chip in $5 to make sure her team raises $10 million by the FEC deadline on August 31st.

I’ve known Hillary for decades — and her record as a public servant is superb. In 1977, I appointed her to the board of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a nonprofit that provides legal assistance to Americans in need — she went on to become the first woman to chair the board. Over her tenure, funding for the LSC tripled, allowing the organization to expand legal aid to every congressional district, and handle 1.5 million cases for poor clients each year. As First Lady, Clinton continued to advocate for legal services funding.

That’s a special thing about Hillary — when there’s a job worth doing, she doesn’t abandon it. Work she did decades ago, like founding Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families or helping start the Children’s Health Insurance program, is still changing lives today. Her entire career has been a fight for progress, and as our president, she’ll make sure we’re on the cutting edge of civil rights, economic justice, climate change, and more. She is the only candidate prepared to take us into the future.

We owe it to ourselves to make her our next Commander-in-Chief. Donate now to make sure real American values are protected for generations to come:




Indiana organizer Hillary Rodham in 1976. Join her team:

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Campaign ads tend to be short bites and not necessarily very sweet.  As the campaigns prepare to enter the post-Labor Day stretch, Hillary For America issued a response to Donald Trump’s new campaign ad.

Hillary for America Response to Trump’s Latest Misleading Ad

Today, in response to Donald Trump’s new divisive and misleading campaign ad, HFA Deputy Communications Director Christina Reynolds offered the following statement: “Donald Trump’s reckless approach to business has devastated working families and communities. He will do and say whatever is in his interest, even if it means swindling working families to make millions for himself. Now Trump is promising the same reckless, self-centered approach to running the country’s economy – with large tax breaks for the wealthy, and a plan that independent experts say would cost millions of jobs. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who will work to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and has a plan that would create jobs, grow incomes and help small business and the middle class. No misleading ad can change that fact.”

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Hillary Clinton Releases New Comprehensive Mental Health Policy Agenda

Today Hillary Clinton announced her comprehensive plan to support Americans living with mental health problems and illnesses. Recognizing that nearly a fifth of all adults in the United States — more than 40 million people — are coping with a mental health problem, Hillary’s plan will integrate our mental and physical health care systems. Her goal is that within her time in office, Americans will no longer separate mental health from physical health when it comes to access to care or quality of treatment. Hillary has been talking about mental health policy throughout her campaign, since hearing directly from American parents, students, veterans, nurses, and police officers about how these challenges keep them up at night.

Hillary will convene a White House Conference on Mental Health during her first year as President. In addition, her comprehensive agenda on mental health will:

  • Integrate our nation’s mental and physical health care systems so that health care delivery focuses on the “whole person,” and significantly enhance community-based treatment opportunities.Hillary’s plan will foster integration between the medical and behavioral health care systems (including mental health and addiction services), so that high-quality treatment for behavioral health is widely available in general health care settings. Hillary will expand reimbursement structures in Medicare and Medicaid for collaborative care by tasking the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to create and implement new such payment models.
  • Promote early diagnosis and intervention, including launching a national initiative for suicide prevention. The overall rate of suicide increased by 24 percent between 1999 and 2014, and is now at its highest level in 30 years. Hillary will direct all relevant federal agencies, including Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Education, to research and develop plans for suicide prevention in their respective settings, and create a cross-government initiative headed by the Surgeon General to coordinate these efforts. She also believes we must redouble our efforts around early screening and intervention – and that means training pediatricians, teachers, school counselors, and other service providers throughout the public health system, to identify mental health problems at an early age and recommend appropriate support.
  • Enforce mental health parity to the full extent of the law. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, which Hillary co-sponsored, requires that mental health benefits under group health plans be equal to benefits for other medical conditions, and the Affordable Care Act requires insurance plans in the individual and small group markets to offer mental health coverage as an essential health benefit. But while the right laws are on the books, they are too often ignored or not enforced. As part of her commitment to fully enforcing the mental health parity law, Hillary will launch randomized audits to detect parity violations, and increase federal enforcement. She will also enforce disclosure requirements so that insurers cannot conceal their practices for denying mental health care and strengthen federal monitoring of health insurer compliance with network adequacy requirements.
  • Improve criminal justice outcomes by training law enforcement officers in crisis intervention, and prioritizing treatment over jail for low-level offenders. As many as 1 in every 10 police encounters may be with individuals with some type of mental health problem, and our county jails today house more individuals with mental illness than our state and local psychiatric hospitals. She will dedicate new resources to help train law enforcement officers in responding to conflicts involving persons with mental illness, and increase grant funding to support law enforcement partnerships with mental health professionals. She will alsoincrease investments in local programs such as specialized courts, drug courts, and veterans’ treatment courts, which send people to treatment and rehab instead of the criminal justice system, and direct the Attorney General to issue guidance to federal prosecutors, instructing them to prioritize treatment over incarceration for low-level, non-violent offenders. Finally, she will work to strengthen mental health services for incarcerated individuals and ensure continuity of care so that they get the treatment they need, which will improve outcomes for them after they reenter society and will reduce recidivism.
  • Improve access to housing and job opportunities. As president, Hillary will expand community-based housing opportunities for individuals with mental illness and other disabilities. Hillary will launch a joint initiative between the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and HHS to create supportive housing opportunities for thousands of people with mental illnesses and disabilities, who currently reside in or are at risk of entering institutional settings. The employment rate for people with serious mental illness is below 20 percent, even though many of these adults want to work and more than half could succeed with appropriate job supports. Hillary will work with private employers and state and local mental health authorities to share best practices around hiring and retaining individuals with mental health problems, and in adopting supported employment programs. She’ll also expand HHS’s “Transforming Lives Through Supported Employment” program, which already assists states and communities in providing supported jobs to people with mental illness.
  • Invest in brain and behavioral research and developing safe and effective treatments. Hillary believes we need a pioneering, multi-sector effort to transform our knowledge of this field—from mapping the human brain to generating new insights into what drives our behavior to investing in clinical and services research to understand the interventions that work best and how to deliver them to patients. As president, Hillary willsignificantly increase research into brain and behavioral science research. She will provide new funding for the National Institutes of Health; build on cross-collaborative basic research efforts like the BRAIN initiative; scale up critical investments in clinical, behavioral, and services research; and integrate research portfolios with pioneering work on conditions like PTSD and traumatic brain injury already underway at DoD, the VA, and HHS, having a injury attorney step in. She will develop new links with the private and non-profit sectors to ensure that federal government efforts are aligned with those of other sectors to ensure that progress occurs as quickly as possible. She will also commit to brain and behavioral science research based on open data.

The full comprehensive proposal is available on HillaryClinton.com here>>>>



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Hillary Clinton Statement on The March on Washington Anniversary

In honor of the 53rd anniversary of the March on Washington tomorrow, Hillary Clinton issued the following statement:

“Tomorrow, we mark the date on which hundreds of thousands of Americans marched on Washington on behalf of human rights.  Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. uttered words now etched forever in our nation’s history:

‘I have a dream, that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’

“His call to action sparked the momentum needed to pass the Voting Rights Act –  knocking down legal barriers that had stood for generations, and ensuring every American could exercise their constitutional right to vote.

“In 2016, we’ve come a long way since the days of Jim Crow.  Yet too many Americans still face systemic racism and constant assaults on their franchise.  Something is profoundly wrong when decades after Dr. King addressed the nation, so many Americans still feel that their country values them less, simply because of the color of their skin.

“That’s just one reason why the stakes in this election are unlike any we have faced before.  Those brave men and women who marched, and sat, and bled for civil rights in America must not have done so in vain.

“As President, I’ll stand up to bluster and bigotry, and fight back against efforts to restrict access to the ballot.  Let’s make it easier for people to vote, not harder.  Let’s make sure every state has at least 20 days of in-person voting, and no one ever has to wait more than 30 minutes to cast their ballot.  And let’s automatically register every American to vote on their 18th birthday.

“The power of American democracy comes from the fact that no one is left behind – no matter where they come from, what they look like, or who they love.  That’s what I mean when I say that we’re stronger together.

“So today, let’s continue to be inspired by the self-evident truths that first united our nation, and live up to what a young minister dreamed and declared fifty-three years ago.”

VARIOUS...No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Everett Collection (415272cc) Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, Washington DC - 1963 VARIOUS



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They move everything we need through the whole country.  Today they endorsed Hillary!

Hillary Clinton Statement on International Brotherhood of Teamsters Endorsement

Today, after receiving the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, an international union with 1.4 million members in the U.S. and Canada, Hillary Clinton issued the following statement. Since announcing her campaign, Clinton has received the endorsement of 40 national unions, the AFL-CIO, and the North American Building Trades Unions, collectively representing 18.8 million members:

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

“Unions like the International Brotherhood of Teamsters built the American middle class, and they make our economy run today. Teamsters keep our planes in the air, they put food on our shelves, and they get packages to our doors. In fighting for better wages and safer conditions on the job, the Teamsters are fighting for all America’s workers.

“I have always been proud to stand with organized labor to create good jobs with good benefits and wages that make it possible to build a middle-class life. As President, I will stand with organized labor and I will always fight for workers’ rights to retire with dignity and security, and to receive the benefits they have earned after years of hard work.

“The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher. The Republican candidate for President is a man who has said wages are ‘too high’ in this country. Donald Trump personally signed a contract to hire a union-busting firm to try to stop his workers from organizing in his Las Vegas hotel. His running mate is a man who consistently supported efforts to undermine Social Security and who repealed Indiana’s 80-year-old prevailing wage law. Workers deserve better. And both of them support so-called ‘right to work’ laws that make it harder for workers to organize. I am proud to stand with organized labor against these laws, because ‘right to work’ is wrong for workers and wrong for America.

“If elected, American workers will always have a seat at the table and a champion in the White House–because when unions are strong, America is strong.”







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Quora has been a forum for candidates this cycle. Most days. the Quora digest is filled with questions about IQ, college acceptance, and why Chinese people do or do not (fill in the blank).  Today, though, Quora provided a few items to stick in your back pocket should the subject come up.

There is the wall at Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Chappaqua home that some people seem to think Hillary erected for nefarious reasons.

Richard H. Schwartz

Richard H. Schwartz, Hillary Clinton volunteer in New Hampshire primary

175.9k Views · Most Viewed Writer in Clinton-Kaine 2016 with 30+ answers

Hillary Clinton shares the home with Bill Clinton. That’s former President Bill Clinton – in case you’ve forgotten. Former President Bill Clinton was under Secret Service protection at the time the Clintons purchased the home, and he still is.

The Secret Service is responsible for the safety and security of all former Presidents and their families, including the Clintons. (See 18 U.S. Code § 3056 – Powers, authorities, and duties of United States Secret Service.) Given the location of the home in a suburban neighborhood, without a large buffer zone with unobstructed views around it, the Secret Service required that a perimeter fence and guard house be installed as part of the protection plan for President and Mrs. (now Secretary) Clinton.

For confirmation, see this news story about neighbors’ concerns – and about the zoning variance hearings at which the Secret Service presented the request for a higher fence than the town ordinarily allowed.

Clarification added 22 August 2016 in response to numerous comments… Congress’ primary intent in passing the law cited above to provide Secret Service protection to former Presidents is to protect the national security of the United States, which would be put at risk if a hostile foreign power were able to kidnap a former President or a close family member. Protection of the life and property of the former President against ordinary risks from criminals, the mentally unstable, revenge-seekers and politically-motivated enemies is merely a byproduct of that necessary protection.

Now for some Trump mythology, and this may be new if you never watch Hannity.


“That was not Trump’s private plane at the time.”

Too good to check: Sean Hannity’s tale of a Trump rescue

Bill Diamond

Bill Diamond, Worked on George H.W. Bush’s campaign . Ran for Congress once. I’m cured now.

It’s an exaggeration, and pretty shameful.

At the time this occurred, Trump Air had already filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations.

The liveried aircraft were used under military contract to return military to the US. This was a US Transportion Command operation, part of the United States Air Force at Scott Force Base in Bellville Illinois.

The aircraft were still liveried with the Trump Air brand. This was wholly a military airlift contract operation with leased aircraft.






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Hillary delivered a searing speech in the “biggest little city” aligning Donald Trump with Alt-Right elements and using his own words and actions to expose the landmark shift he represents in the Republican Party and in the history of presidential politics in the United States.

Hillary comes on around the 33 minute marker here.


















Hillary Clinton Outlines Dangers of Trump’s Divisive “Alt-Right” Candidacy in Reno

At a speech in Reno on Thursday, Hillary Clinton highlighted Donald Trump and his advisors’ embrace of a hate movement – the disturbing “alt-right” political philosophy.  This “alt-right” brand is embracing extremism and presenting a dystopian view of America, Clinton said, which should concern all Americans regardless of party. Clinton argued that Trump’s embrace of this ideology, cemented by hiring the former head of a leading “alt-right” website Breitbart.com as his campaign CEO, dovetails with a troubling history of hateful behavior: Trump was sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for racial bias in the 1970’s and started his presidential campaign calling Mexicans criminals, drug traffickers and rapists. Clinton contrasted Donald Trump’s divisiveness with her vision of an America that is stronger together. Clinton said, “So no one should have any illusions about what’s really going on here.  The names may have changed. Racists now call themselves ‘racialists.’  White supremacists now call themselves ‘white nationalists.’  The paranoid fringe now calls itself ‘alt-right.’  But the hate burns just as bright. […] this isn’t just about one election.  It’s about who we are as a nation.  It’s about the kind of example we want to set for our children and grandchildren.”

Clinton’s remarks, as transcribed, are below:

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I am so thrilled to be back in Reno! Thank you.

I have to say though, I know when I’m back here in Reno, I’m the other Hillary, and I am more than okay with that, because I think your mayor is doing a terrific job. The fact that she herself is a small business woman and really committed to really lifting up Reno and giving everybody in this great city, the biggest little city with a great heart, a chance to get ahead and stay ahead. I could not be more honored than to have her support and endorsement in this race, so thank you.

Let me also thank Dr. Karen Hilersin and others at Truckee Meadows Community College. I love community colleges and I know something about what this college is doing to give people of all ages, not just young people, a real chance to get the skills and opportunities that everyone in America deserves, so thank you.

Now I have to begin by saying my original plan for this visit was to focus on our agenda to help small businesses and entrepreneurs.  This week we proposed new steps to cut red tape and taxes, to make it easier for small businesses to get the credit they need to grow and hire.  I want to be a small business president. My father was a small businessman. And I believe that in America, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it.

We’ll be talking a lot more small business and about our economic plans in the days and weeks ahead.

But today, here in this community college devoted to opening minds and creating great understanding in this world and the place we live.  I want to address something I hear from Americans all over our country.  Everywhere I go, people tell me how concerned they are by the divisive rhetoric coming from my opponent in this election.  I understand that concern because it’s like nothing we’ve heard before from a nominee for President of the United States from one of our two major parties.

From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia.  He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican party. His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous.

In just the past week, under the guise of ‘outreach’ to African Americans, Trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms. ‘Poverty.  Rejection.  Horrible education.  No housing.  No homes.  No ownership.  Crime at levels nobody has seen.’ ‘Right now,’ he said, ‘you walk down the street and get shot.’  Those are his words.

But when I hear them, I think to myself how sad. Donald Trump misses so much, he doesn’t see. This is a man who clearly doesn’t know about Black America and doesn’t care about Black America.

Donald Trump misses so much.  He doesn’t see the success of black leaders in every field, the vibrancy of the black-owned businesses, or the strength of the black church.  He doesn’t see the excellence of historically black colleges and universities or the pride of black parents watching their children thrive. He apparently didn’t see Police Chief Brown on television after the murder of five of his officers conducting himself with such dignity.

And he certainly doesn’t have any solutions to take on the reality of systemic racism and create more equity and opportunity in communities of color and for every American.

It really does take a lot of nerve to ask people he’s ignored and mistreated for decades, ‘What do you have to lose?’ Because the answer is everything.

Now, Trump’s lack of knowledge or experience or solutions would be bad enough.  But what he’s doing here is more sinister.  Trump is reinforcing harmful stereotypes and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters.

It’s a disturbing preview of what kind of President he’d be.

And that’s what I want to make clear today: A man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far, dark reaches of the internet, should never run our government or command our military.  Ask yourself, if he doesn’t respect all Americans, how can he serve all Americans?

Now, I know that some people still want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.  They hope that he will eventually reinvent himself – that there’s a kinder, gentler, more responsible Donald Trump waiting in the wings somewhere.

Because after all, it’s hard to believe anyone – let alone a nominee for president – could really believe all the things he says.

But here’s the hard truth, there is no other Donald Trump.  This is it.

And Maya Angelou, a great American who I admire very much, she once said: ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.’  Well, throughout his career and this campaign, Donald Trump has shown us exactly who he is.  And I think we should believe him.

When he was getting his start in business, he was sued by the Justice Department for refusing to rent apartments to black and Latino tenants.  Their applications would be marked with a ‘C’ – ‘C’ for ‘colored’ – and then rejected.  Three years later, the Justice Department took Trump back to court because he hadn’t changed.

And the pattern continued through the decades.

State regulators fined one of Trump’s casinos for repeatedly removing black dealers from the floor.  No wonder the turnover rate for his minority employees was way above average.

And let’s not forget that Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called ‘Birthers.’  He promoted the racist lie that President Obama is not really an American citizen – part of a sustained effort to delegitimize America’s first black President.

In 2015, Trump launched his own campaign for President with another racist lie.  He described Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals.  And he accused the Mexican government of actively sending them across the border.  None of that is true.

Oh, and by the way, by the way, Mexico’s not paying for his wall either. If he ever tries to get it built, the American taxpayer will pay for it. We’ll be stuck with the bill.

But there has been a steady stream of bigotry coming from him.

We all remember when Trump said a distinguished federal judge born in Indiana couldn’t be trusted to do his job because, quote, ‘He’s a Mexican.’  Think about that.  The man who today is the standard bearer of the Republican Party said a federal judge, who by the way, had a distinguished career, who had to go into hiding because Mexican drug gangs were after him, who has Mexican heritage but who just like me was born in this country, is somehow incapable solely because of his heritage.  Even the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, described that as ‘the textbook definition of a racist comment.’

To this day, Trump has never apologized to Judge Curiel.

But for Trump, that is just par for the course.

This is someone who retweets white supremacists online, like the user who goes by the name ‘white-genocide-TM.’  Trump took this fringe bigot with a few dozen followers and spread his message to 11 million people.

His campaign famously posted an anti-Semitic image – a Star of David imposed over a sea of dollar bills – that first appeared on white supremacist websites.

The Trump campaign has also selected a prominent white nationalist leader as a delegate in California.  And they only dropped him under pressure.

When asked in a nationally televised interview whether he would disavow the support of David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump wouldn’t do it.  Only later, again under mounting pressure, did he backtrack.

And when Trump was asked about anti-Semitic slurs and death threats coming from his supporters, he refused to condemn them.

Through it all, he has continued pushing discredited conspiracy theories with racist undertones.

You remember, he said that thousands of American Muslims in New Jersey cheered the 9/11 attacks.  They didn’t.

He suggested that Senator Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assassination.  Perhaps in Trump’s mind, because Mr. Cruz was a Cuban immigrant, he must have had something to do with it.  And there is absolutely, of course, no evidence of that.

Just recently, Trump claimed that President Obama founded ISIS.  And then he repeated that over and over again.

His latest paranoid fever dream is about my health.  All I can say is, Donald, dream on.

But, but my friends– but my friends, this is what happens when you treat the National Enquirer like Gospel. They said in October I’d be dead in six months.

It’s also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.  He even said, and this really is just so disgusting, he even said that the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors and no one was actually killed there. I don’t know what actually happens in somebody’s mind or how dark their heart must be, to say something like that.

But Trump didn’t challenge those lies.  He went on Jones’ show and said, ‘Your reputation is amazing.  I will not let you down.’

This from the man who wants to be President of the United States.

I’ve stood by President Obama’s side as he made the toughest decisions a Commander-in-Chief has to make.  In times of crisis, our country depends on steady leadership, clear thinking, calm judgment, because one wrong move can mean the difference between life and death. I know we have veterans here and I know we have families – mothers and spouses and children of people who are currently serving.

The last thing we need in the Situation Room is a loose cannon who can’t tell the difference, or doesn’t care to, between fact and fiction, and who buys so easily into racially-tinged rumors.  Someone so detached from reality should never be in charge of making decisions that are as real as they come.

That is yet another reason why Donald Trump is simply temperamentally unfit to be President of the United States.

Now, I hear and I read some people who are saying that his bluster and bigotry is just over-heated campaign rhetoric – an outrageous person saying outrageous things for attention.  But look at his policies. The ones that Trump has proposed, they would put prejudice into practice.

And don’t be distracted by his latest efforts to muddy the waters.  He may have some new people putting new words in his mouth, but we know where he stands.

He would form a deportation force to round up millions of immigrants and kick them out of the country.

He’d abolish the bedrock constitutional principle that says if you’re born in the United States, you’re an American citizen.  He says that children born to undocumented parents in America are ‘anchor babies’ and should be deported.  Millions of them.

He’d ban Muslims around the world from entering our country just because of their religion.

Think about that for a minute.  How would it actually work?  People landing in U.S. airports would line up to get their passports stamped, just like they do now.  But in Trump’s America, when they step up to the counter, the immigration officer would ask every single person, ‘What is your religion?’

And then what?  What if someone says, ‘I’m a Christian,’ but the agent doesn’t believe him?  Do they have to prove it?  How would they do that?

Really, ever since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, America has distinguished itself as a haven for people fleeing religious persecution, believing in religious freedom and religious liberty.  Under Donald Trump, America would distinguish itself as the only country in the world to impose a religious test at the border.

Now come to think of it, there actually may be one other place that does that.  The so-called Islamic State.  The territory ISIS controls.  What a cruel irony that someone running for President would equate us with them.

Don’t worry, some will say, as President, Trump will be surrounded by smart advisors who will rein in his worst impulses.

So when a tweet gets under his skin and he wants to retaliate with a cruise missile, maybe cooler heads will convince him not to.

Well, maybe.

But look at who he’s put in charge of his campaign.

Trump likes to say he only hires the ‘best people.’  But he’s had to fire so many campaign managers it’s like an episode from the Apprentice.  And the latest shake-up was designed to – quote – ‘Let Trump be Trump.’  So to do that, he hired Stephen Bannon, the head of a right-wing website, called Breitbart.com, as campaign CEO.

Now to give you a flavor of his work, here are a few headlines they’ve published. And I’m not making this up.

‘Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.’

‘Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?’

‘Gabby Giffords: The Gun Control Movement’s Human Shield’

‘Hoist It High And Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims A Glorious Heritage.’

That one came shortly after the Charleston massacre, when Democrats and Republicans alike were doing everything they could to heal racial divides that Breitbart and Bannon tried to inflame.

Just imagine – Donald Trump reading that and thinking: ‘this is what I need more of in my campaign.’

Now Bannon has nasty things to say about pretty much everyone.  This spring, he railed against Speaker Paul Ryan for, quote ‘rubbing his social-justice Catholicism in my nose every second.’  No wonder he’s gone to work for Trump – the only Presidential candidate ever to get into a public feud with the Pope.

It’s truly hard to believe, but according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, Breitbart embraces ‘ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right.’ This is not conservatism as we have known it, this is not Republicanism as we have known it. These are racist ideas.  Race-baiting ideas.  Anti-Muslim, anti-Immigrant, anti-women  –– all key tenets making up an emerging racist ideology known as the ‘Alt-Right.’

Now, Alt-Right is short for ‘Alternative Right.’  The Wall Street Journal describes it as a loose, but organized movement, mostly online, that ‘rejects mainstream conservatism, promotes nationalism and views immigration and multiculturalism as threats to white identity.’

So the de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump Campaign represents a landmark achievement for this group.  A fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.

This is part of a broader story – the rising tide of hardline, right-wing nationalism around the world.

Just yesterday, one of Britain’s most prominent right-wing leaders, a man named, Nigel Farage, who stoked anti-immigrant sentiments to win the referendum to have Britain leave the European Union, campaigned with Donald Trump in Mississippi.

Farage has called for the bar of legal immigrants from public school and health services. Has said women, and I quote, ‘are worth less than men,’ and supports scrapping laws that prevent employers from discriminating based on race. That’s who Donald Trump wants by his side when he is addressing an audience of American voters.

And the grand godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism is Russian President Vladimir Putin.  In fact, Farage regularly appears on Russian propaganda programs.  Now he’s standing on the same stage as the Republican nominee.  Trump himself heaps praise on Putin and embraces pro-Russian policies.  He talks casually of abandoning our NATO allies, recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea, giving the Kremlin a free hand in Eastern Europe.  American Presidents from Truman, to Reagan, to Bush and Clinton, to Obama, have rejected the kind of approach Trump is taking on Russia.   And we should, too.

All of this adds up to something we have never seen before.  Of course there’s always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, a lot of it rising from racial resentment.  But it’s never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it, and giving it a national megaphone.  Until now.

On David Duke’s radio show the other day, the mood was jubilant.  ‘We appear to have taken over the Republican Party,’ one white supremacist said.  Duke laughed. ‘No, there’s still more work to do,’ he replied.

So no one should have any illusions about what’s really going on here.  The names may have changed. Racists now call themselves ‘racialists.’  White supremacists now call themselves ‘white nationalists.’  The paranoid fringe now calls itself ‘alt-right.’  But the hate burns just as bright.

And now Trump is trying to rebrand himself as well.  But don’t be fooled.

There’s an old Mexican proverb that says ‘Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.’

But we know who Trump is.  A few words on a teleprompter won’t change that.

He says he wants to ‘make America great again,’ but more and more it seems as though his real message seems to be ‘Make America hate again.’

And this isn’t just about one election.  It’s about who we are as a nation.  It’s about the kind of example we want to set for our children and grandchildren.

Next time you see Trump rant on television, think about all the children listening across America.  Kids hear a lot more than we think.

Parents and teachers are already worrying about what they call the ‘Trump Effect.’  They report that bullying and harassment are on the rise in our schools, especially targeting students of color, Muslims, and immigrants.   At a recent high school basketball game in Indiana, white students held up Trump signs and taunted Latino players on the opposing team with chants of ‘Build the wall!’ and ‘Speak English.’  After a similar incident in Iowa, one frustrated school principal said, ‘They see it in a presidential campaign and now it’s OK for everyone to say this.’

We wouldn’t tolerate this kind of behavior before and we wouldn’t tolerate it in our own homes.  And we shouldn’t stand for it in a presidential candidate.

My friends, this is a moment of reckoning for every Republican dismayed that the Party of Lincoln has become the Party of Trump.  It’s a moment of reckoning for all of us who love our country and believe that America is better than this.

Twenty years ago, when Bob Dole accepted the Republican nomination, he pointed to the exits in the convention hall and told any racists in the Party to get out.

The week after 9/11, George W. Bush went to a mosque and declared for everyone to hear that Muslims ‘love America just as much as I do.’

In 2008, John McCain told his own supporters that they were wrong about the man he was trying to defeat.  Senator McCain made sure they knew – Barack Obama, he said, is an American citizen and ‘a decent person.’

We need that kind of leadership again.

We can have our disagreements, and believe me, I understand that. I think that’s healthy. We need good debates, but we need to do it in a respectful way, not finger pointing and blaming, and stirring up this bigotry and prejudice.

Every day, more Americans are standing up and saying ‘enough is enough’ – including a lot of Republicans.  And I am honored to have their support in this campaign.

And I promise you this: with your help, I will be a president for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  For those who vote for me and for those who vote against me.  I will be a president for all Americans.

Because I truly believe we are stronger together.

This is a vision for the future rooted in our values and reflected in a rising generation of young people. The young people in america today are the most open, diverse, and connected generation we have ever seen.

How many of you saw any of the Olympics? Right? I was so proud, I always get so carried away whenever the Olympics are on. And you look at the diversity of our athletes – look at our fabulous Olympic team representing the United Stated of America. Ibtihaj Muhammad, an African-American Muslim from New Jersey, won the bronze medal in fencing with grace and skill.  Would she even have a place in Donald Trump’s America?

And I will tell you, when I was growing up, in so many parts of our country, Simone Manuel wouldn’t have been allowed to swim in the same public pool as Katie Ledecky.  And now together on our swimming team they’re winning Olympic medals as teammates.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we have a person to waste. We want to build an America where everyone has a place. Where if you work hard and do your part you can get ahead and stay ahead. That’s the basic bargain of America. And we cannot get to where we need to be, unless we move forward together and stand up against prejudice and paranoia. And prove, again, that America is great because America is good.

Thank you all so very much, let’s go out and win the election. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.”


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Donald Trump told a white audience in Jackson, Mississippi, where it’s hard to scrape up a crowd of white people, that Hillary Clinton is a bigot.

Video: How Hillary Clinton Helped Start an Academy in New York

April 15, 2016

As senator, Hillary supported many initiatives that were struggling and small and needed a helping hand.  This is one of those stories.  Here is a special message and video from Hillary for America.

Read more >>>>

When news outlets pair the name Hillary Clinton with the word fundraiser in their headers, the implication is that the funds are being raised for her and for her campaign, but that is not necessarily the true story.

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Those of us who have had the privilege of having met Hillary Clinton know that she is warm, generous, and encouraging.  Always gracious, she is open, welcoming,  and a cheerful good sport.  Participants in the Chappaqua Summer Scholarship Program had their chance to meet and greet Hillary on Sunday upon completion of their summer courses.

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Hillary stepped off the campaign trail for awhile today, and into the charged situation in Flint, Michigan.  This morning on TV she spoke knowledgeably about the dangerous effects of lead poisoning as well as the structural challenges involved in making the pipelines safe again.  If any other candidate for president knows as much as Hillary does on this topic, that individual has been remarkably silent on the subject.

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Two days after publishing an Easter Sunday Op-Ed in the New York Daily News addressing gun violence, Hillary Clinton visited a Baptist Church in Milwaukee today to participate in a forum on the subject.

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At Rancho High School in Las Vegas, Hillary made clear her determination to effect immigration reform and a  path to citizenship for Dreamers and, importantly, their families.

This event is a perfect example of Hillary’s early campaign strategy.  Rather than doing the speaking, Hillary is hearing  the stories these Dreamers have to tell.  For those who still do not get it, statements from her will not proliferate right now.  She is busy doing the listening.
Read more >>>>

Actually, I have a lot more. That was only a sample.  And there is this.

June 9

In the United States, people will tell you they come by their children’s names any number of ways. And, each year, parental notions of originality are dashed when the Social Security Administration’s most popular names list makes it clear that millions of parents also thought that Emma, Noah or Olivia was distinctly made for their little one too.

But the United States is home to people who hail from many nations and where pieces of other cultures thrive. For instance in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a Central African nation riddled by armed conflict, widespread sexual violence as a tool of war and less-than-democratic elections, there is a tradition of giving children a first name which captures some aspect of what you hope they will be, what kind of personality, habits and abilities they will demonstrate.

And on Tuesday, all of that collided briefly with a singular moment in American political history.

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OH! And there is this!

DOJ: Trump’s Early Businesses Blocked Blacks

A 1973 suit against Trump and the Trump Organization claimed that superintendents at Trump properties would mark African American’s applications with a ‘C’ for ‘Colored’ and other racial codes.

Gideon Resnick


When an African American showed up to rent an apartment owned by a young real-estate scion named Donald Trump and his family, the building superintendent did what he claimed he’d been told to do. He allegedly attached a separate sheet of paper to the application, marked with the letter “C.”

“C” for “Colored.”

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Wow! Sometimes it’s just all about those Cs!

Clarification on Classification: It Was All About the Cs

Some of the recovered emails that the FBI investigators combed through had what could have been noticed or missed depending upon how far down a chain of emails you scrolled or how quickly your eye scanned the text. (c) To discern the marking you had first to know what it indicated and second had to read carefully and thoroughly through the email chain since the marking might have appeared in an early version of an email and might have been removed in later texts, or the marking might not have been removed when it should have been. Did you see it?  In testimony to the Oversight Committee, FBI Director James Comey stated that paragraphs or sentences bearing this mark were not offset with indentation.

(c) Now you see it.

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Who is the bigot?  You decide.  You are the voter! To me, Trump is a cartoon drawn by Gary Larson.



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