John Podesta’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post

The Department of Homegirl Security

This is two days old.  Predates yesterday’s press conference.

John Podesta: Something is deeply broken at the FBI

December 15

John Podesta was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The more we learn about the Russian plot to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign and elect Donald Trump, and the failure of the FBI to adequately respond, the more shocking it gets. The former acting director of the CIA has called the Russian cyberattack “the political equivalent of 9/11.” Just as after the real 9/11, we need a robust, independent investigation into what went wrong inside the government and how to better protect our country in the future.


The election is over and the damage is done, but the threat from Russia and other potential aggressors remains urgent and demands a serious and sustained response.

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  1. I commented on Obama’s “cut it out” press conference over @ Uppity Woman’s blog. I said, just think! We could have prevented WWII if FDR had just told Tojo to cut it out after he decimated our Pacific Fleet and killed thousands of Americans. Too bad he never thought of that.

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  2. And the president’s failure to deal with Comey and the nest of vipers at the FBI is just as infuriating. His appointment of Comey (former assistant counsel to Senate Whitewater Committtee) to be FBI Director in the first place is inexcusable.

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  3. Even the DNC chair said the hacking was on going a push back on what Obama said.


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