Redacted Warrant is Unsealed Thanks to Randol Schoenberg Who Sees No “Probable Cause”

E. Randol Schoenberg’s initiative to see the warrant to search Anthony Weiner’s laptop for items other than those the original warrant sought was based on a sense that something was wrong.

“It’s more likely something criminal happened in the obtaining of the search warrant than… Hillary Clinton did something wrong,”

“I like tilting at windmills, and sometimes it turns out not to be as crazy as everybody thinks,” “Maybe I’m right that there’s some big story behind this, maybe I’m wrong…Sticking to your convictions, trying to think differently from everyone else is what I like to do.”

Schoenberg, known criminal attorneys for successful restitution to original owners of items stolen by the Nazis during WWII, has an instinct for concealed injustice – a great quality in a lawyer with the eyes of a watchdog.

Here is an article Randol posted on Facebook today after the warrant was finally released (h/t to Judge Kevin Castel in NY).

Lawyer ‘Appalled,’ Sees No Probable Cause For Clinton FBI Search Warrant

Schoenberg also shared this article on Facebook with portions of the warrant copied.

The damage is done and most likely cannot be undone.  But to be able to see how the system worked possibly/probably to sabotage the popular candidate? Priceless!

Many thanks, Randy! We love you for this! The Resistance takes many forms and requires folks from all walks with a wide variety of expertise, skills, networks, and instincts.  You, Randy, are one in a million – or probably more than a million.  You Rock!  Waiting to see what the next step is.  We are dancing behind you all the way!


Court Releases FBI’s Search Warrant for Hillary Clinton’s Email Server


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  1. Circular logic. There is probable cause because we believe there is probable cause. And now Hillary”s emails, in all their innocuousness, are considered “contraband”. I don’t know if this is Kafkaesque or Orwellian. Probably both. It is certainly grotesque. There was never probable cause for any of this in the first damn place.

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  2. […] electors met and elected Donald Trump. Judge Kevin Castel unsealed the warrant that Randol Schoenberg requested.  Schoenberg found the probable cause […]


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