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When I posted Tillerson’s Folly,  my thinking was that, in barring the press from his first official trip, Rex Tillerson was alienating a potentially valuable set of allies. Brassy Rebel pointed out, in her comment there, that his attitude vis-à-vis the press might indicate a broader administration policy of downgrading diplomacy. Indeed, Trump’s cabinet picks in general seem to indicate antagonism toward the very departments these folks head.

Hillary Clinton spent her first weeks at the State Department roaming the halls when she had a chance and popping into offices to ask what the folks there did.  Foreign Policy‘s article by Robert Jervis, presents a secretary of state cut off from others in the building and even from the Oval Office.

Remember when everyone said Hillary got off on the wrong foot with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with her reset button?

She did go on to work very successfully with him on New START, didn’t she?

Did you wonder when Tillerson was going to meet with Lavrov? Well, according to Jervis, he already has and that did not go swimmingly.

A minor indicator was his ignorance of the protocol to be followed when he met his Russian counterpart and neglected to make the standard introductory remarks. This shows that Tillerson was disconnected from his building’s expertise, that he ignored what he was told, or that his subordinates went out of their way to embarrass him.

The reason we did not know about it, of course, is the absence of press and paucity of press briefings under Tillerson. Here is the schedule for March so far. There was no briefing today. In contrast, here is the schedule for January – the last three weeks of John Kerry’s tenure.  Here is the schedule for March 2012, five years ago this month and the last year Hillary was secretary of state.  There is definitely something going on there. Mark Toner is still the spokesperson, but he is speaking far less these days than under Hillary and John Kerry.  It is also a little odd that Tillerson has not appointed his own spokesperson.

Jervis’s analysis is well worth a read. He takes a broad look at Tillerson’s State Department and his conclusions bode ill for the department and for diplomacy.  It reminds me of George W. Bush appointing Christie Whitman to head the EPA and then knee-capping her at every turn. She finally left in frustration after only  two-and-a-half years.  Fine thanks for giving him Barney!



Rex Tillerson Might Be the Weakest Secretary of State Ever


The administration that promised to drain the swamp is draining Foggy Bottom.  This, from The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove also offers some interesting insights. They are blaming the smaller plane on budget cuts. Just wondering what effect those cuts will have on embassy and consulate security.  This passage is particularly ironic.

Tillerson found himself being lectured on press freedoms during a visit to Bonn, Germany, last month by none other than Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the foreign policy czar of journalist-snuffing strong man Vladimir Putin.

“Why did you shush them out?” Lavrov demanded after Tillerson’s handlers ejected reporters from a bilateral meeting as the Secretary of State began to speak; Lavrov, who frequently travels with a full complement of journalists on his official plane, had already taken a press question. (Due to lack of witnesses from the Fourth Estate, Tillerson’s reply, if any, went unrecorded.)

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You might want to rethink canceling your subscription to The Guardian.

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  1. on March 11, 2017 at 8:59 am | Reply Brassy Rebel

    Then there is the fact that at the only DOS briefing held so far in the Trump regime on Thursday, Mark Toner had to be informed by the people he was supposed to be briefing that the Mexican foreign minister was in town. This is called marginalization.

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  2. Hey,S4H;thanks for continuing to carry on through the madness.
    I’m beginning to think that we’re all missing the forest for the trees. Everyone keeps saying ” I don’t know where to start.” when asked what worries them the most about the Trump administration. I think we now have ample evidence that he and his alt-right friends are,indeed,,bit by bit, tearing down our government and ability to govern.
    He’s appointed people to the EPA,Labor,,Dept of Education and Energy whose sole purpose is to destroy those departments and their regulatory abilities.

    He has gutted both the State Department and now the Justice Department. He’s attempted to do the same w/the intelligence agencies and is well on his way to crippling HHS.He’s doing all of this w/an assist from Russia,right wing media and Republican’s complicity and lack of morals.

    And Law and Order presidency…PLEASE..Donald Trump has been in violation of the constitution from day one..most, if not all, of his cabinet and inner circle are CURRENTLY benefiting financially in one form or another.

    Our democracy is imploding and the Republicans are standing around pretending it’s the Rapture ( which a lot of people who are losing their insurance will be experiencing sooner than they might wish). I lay this at the feet of the cowardly,immoral,unchristian Republicans.

    Thanks,just finished watching AMJoy and needed to rant a bit.

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