The Defense Rests. Brian Fallon: “She is never running for office again.”

Time to get off that treadmill and onto the mid-term train.

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, rebuked Fox News for its recent aggressive coverage of the former Democratic nominee, especially because he says she won’t run for office again.”Fox is resorting to dredging up the ghost of Hillary Clinton, who is never running for office again,” Fallon told CNNMoney on Thursday.Clinton has been a dominant focus of Fox News coverage this week.Read more >>>>

If you have any argument at all with this definitive statement, stop calling yourself a Hillary Clinton … whatever you call yourself.  A primary reason Hillary’s supporters are loyal to her is because she is a woman of her word. When she says she is going to do something, she does it. When she says she will not, she won’t. If you have any argument with her own statement that she will not run, you are calling her a liar. You are not a faithful, loyal Hillary Clinton supporter. You are siding with those who call her deceptive, untrustworthy, unreliable.

The defense rests!

This goes out with hearts and flowers to the supposed Hillary supporters calling me vile names on Facebook for telling the truth that they are unwilling to accept.

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  1. I know she won’t run again. But it hurts to even think about it. every time. I can’t believe this is how her story is going to end.

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  2. I miss her so much, but I know that she’ll never put herself, or us, through that again. She’ll find other ways to be of use. Of that I have no doubt.

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  3. I respectfully don’t agree, I genuinely think she will, IF an opening appears. This is going by 2020 being a normal election: His defense is coming from her being attacked all week on Fox News. What else can he say but say leave her alone? In my heart of hearts, I think she will see if there is a chance in 2018. By then we will hopefully know how badly she was robbed.

    If you take a look at an early article that a former Bush campaign member wrote on what he thinks she will do, it makes sense including denial, recover, preparation and being asked to run; which I think is key, being asked to run. I also look to the fact she hasn’t rejoined the foundation or not accepted any other positions that have been offered her as an indication of waiting-to-see.

    I’m not saying it’s 100% certain but I do think she is leaving the door open a bit to see where all this goes. And why not? She has every right to feel like she can do it again and I haven’t seen any good arguments saying why she shouldn’t. Honestly, it’s only been months, let her recover and get her spirits up, its not even a year. I would think the real answer will start to form in late ’18, not now.

    Let’s say she does run. Would anyone really hold this Fallon (I thought Nick was her spokesperson?) statement over her head and forbid her from running? Doubt it. There is a reason they keep hammering her, they can’t let her recover.


  4. on July 21, 2017 at 8:57 am | Reply Brassy Rebel

    And if you really are a Hillary supporter, why would you even want to put her through that again? She has absorbed more abuse over the last 25 years than politicians who have been around much longer. She’s Fox’s “Brokeback Mountain”. They just can’t quit her.

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  5. #HillaryClinton WILL run again and GOPS have sensed this! It’s the game that these idiots are playing: when they think that She is weak, they leave her alone but when they feel threatened, they make fake news, they gossip about Her and they try to taint her reputation. It’s the DEATH party!


  6. A real #HillaryClinton supporter doesn’t give up! KEEP FIGHTING!


  7. on July 21, 2017 at 10:13 am | Reply Tom D'Angora

    She hasn’t said it. Brian said it. Don’t put words in her mouth. She has every right to do anything she wants to do and that includes keeping her options open.


  8. Hillary doesn’t have to run again to be a threat. Her supporters have stayed together for a DECADE and are now backbone of the current Resistance movement. Hillary doesn’t even need to tell us what to do or how to do it anymore– we learned that years ago. But if we are indeed missing something she wants us to know/do, a handful of tweets or an op-ed will show us the way.

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  9. on July 25, 2017 at 12:46 pm | Reply Thaddius Novack

    #imstillwithher I hope she does because we all know she was robbed but if she doesn’t then that is okay I totally understand, she was treated so horribly in 2016. I think she is going to wait and see how the investigations turn out and the democratic field of candidates… she is trying to avoid the “likely candidate” syndrome that worked against her before.


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