About Those Pantsuits: Hillary Clinton Boosts Young Designers

If Hillary is your style icon, here is some news about those pantsuits, and it is good news! You, too, can dress Hillary-style!


Hillary Clinton’s New Pantsuit Look Comes from Two Millennial Female Designers

Posted on August 2, 2017

Andrew Toth/Getty

Winning the popular vote but losing the presidency in the Electoral College has hardly seen Hillary Clinton wallowing in sweats. Sure, she went through a phase of walking the backwoods of upstate New York and indulging the selfie requests of fellow hikers. And she’s admitted to finding comfort in play time with her grandchildren and a glass (or two) of chardonnay. But the former first lady, senator and secretary of state is clearly moving on. She’s written a new memoir coming out in the fall, playfully promoted her namesake pumps designed by Katy Perry, and now is giving her iconic lob-and-pantsuit look a fresh twist with the young suit brand Argent, a line designed by two millennial women.

To receive her “Champion of the Century Award” from Planned Parenthood back in May, Clinton selected a suit jacket fittingly created by two young, female designers—and with a pretty budget-friendly price. (Somewhere between the Ann Taylor pieces in Clinton’s closet and the a very pricey look by Giorgio Armani she’s also worn.)

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  1. i was going through older posts and i would like to know if you still have, and could post that long interview hillary did with julia roberts? also, do you have that 2003 interview she did with barbara walters? im been looking forever. thanks i adore your website

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