Hillary Clinton Surprises Bookstore Line with Pizza!

Who else would think to do this? Hillary knew that a line has started last night for a book signing today at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. I know a pack of my Facebook friends were there camping out for the night. What did Hillary do? She sent them pizza!

In her memoir, What Happened, which debuted today, she recounts President Obama advising her during the campaign not to try to be hip. Reminding her that she’s a grandma, he told her to be herself. She’s a pretty hip grandma if you ask me!


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Hillary Clinton is making sure her book readers are well fed.

The former secretary of state had Joe’s Pizza delivered to a group of people lined up outside of a Barnes & Noble in New York City a day before a scheduled signing for book What Happened.

“Already a line for @HillaryClinton book signing (that’s tomorrow) #WhatHappened,” Clinton Staffer Greg Hale tweeted, along with a photo of the shocked members of the line.

Clinton, 69, tweeted back with, “Enjoy! See you all tomorrow!”

One of those to receive a slice, Aurora De Lucia, wrote, “Y’all I’m outside Barnes & Noble Union Sq waiting for @HillaryClinton’s signing 2mrw AND HER STAFF DELIVERED PIZZA “FROM THE SECRETARY.”

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Cannot resist sharing Jennifer McCann’s red carpet outfit today.

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  1. […] was interviewed by Refinery 29, sent pizza to the folks waiting on the bookstore line for her first book signing, and launched What Happened […]


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