Hillary Clinton at The Wing SoHo



Hillary Clinton may not be in The West Wing, but she’s definitely got an honorary lifetime Wing membership, and the latter has free Glossier products. Last night, at the Soho location of The Wing — the luxe, millennial-pink-tinted club for women — co-founder Audrey Gelman and Call Your Girlfriend host Aminatou Sow interviewed the former presidential candidate and “newest member of our coven,” in front of an audience of 400 cheering, kvelling, sometimes teary-eyed Wing women.

“What do you consider to be your legacy?” asked Gelman, wearing an elegant cropped gray pantsuit. “And before you answer, I just want to say, this is part of your legacy.” The audience broke out into exhilarated claps and whoops. “I think that literally every woman in this room who does any small act of courage during the day, like asks for a raise, or demands to live her life on her own terms, is part of your legacy, and I know we all thank you for that. I’m curious for your answer.”

“I don’t want to mess that up!” Clinton replied. “That was pretty great.”

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  1. on April 5, 2018 at 2:34 pm | Reply Brassy Rebel

    After yesterday’s disgraceful performances by Bernie Sanders in Mississippi and Memphis in which he once again dissed the Democratic party and patronized the first African American president, I have concluded that he and Trump are not two seperate dumpster fires but one gigantic, five alarm dumpster fire with one goal–to assure that Trump and Republicans remain in power thru the midterms and beyond 2020.

    This is not about Sanders running for president in 2020. I no longer think that is the end game. It’s a truly peculiar strategy if it is. But it makes perfect sense if Sanders mission is to keep the American left at war with itself. And Trump is once again declaring war on black and brown immigrants to keep his racist base juiced as the midterms approach. And if we had a media in this country that did it’s job, it would be examining exactly what the hell is going on with both of these deplorable people.

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    • I agree completely! It is one huge dumpster fire lit by the Russian trolls in 2015. Fueling continues on all sides, including from certain allegedly pro-Hillary trolls. Not all the trolls were from that one troll farm building. And Facebook neither found nor eliminated all of them by a long shot. The objective is, as you said, division of the Democrats.


      • on April 6, 2018 at 8:53 am | Reply Brassy Rebel

        The only question, I think, is Bernie’s motivation. Are the Russians paying him and his grifter-con artist wife? Do they have “compromat” on them? Something is seriously amiss with them which is why I think a good investigative reporting team is needed. A lot of people yesterday were commenting on how politically tone-deaf Sanders is. I disagree; he knows exactly what he is saying. No politician is so tone-deaf that they repeatedly insult the very communities they would need if they ran for president.

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  2. on April 6, 2018 at 3:03 pm | Reply Brassy Rebel

    And, according to Jonathan Martin of the NYT, Bernie’s disrespect for minorities and anyone other than WWC voters wouldn’t even be noticed if not for those troublesome Hillary “loyalists”. So, once again, it’s really Hillary’s fault. Because of course it is! Rinse, repeat. When are they going to nail her for kidnapping the Lindbergh baby anyway?

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