Statement from President and Secretary Clinton on the Passing of Congressman Ron Dellums

Jul 30
New York, NY

We loved and admired Ron Dellums. He was intense and intelligent, fearless and philosophical. For more than 30 years in public office, he stayed true to himself and to his principles, and served the people of Oakland with honor, integrity, and a deep sense of social justice. He spoke hard truths to power and appealed to America’s conscience in championing those who had for too long been left out and left behind, whether in the East Bay, across the nation, or around the world, including as one of America’s most effective anti-apartheid activists. We will always be grateful for his friendship, his support, and for all the chances we had to laugh with and learn from him over the years.

Former President Bill Clinton follows Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums during a visit to Everett and Jones restaurant in Oakland Wednesday to promote Hillary Clinton’s plan to solve the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Photos by John Han

U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, D-NY, right, and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, left, hold hands at Laney Community College in Oakland, …The Mercury News

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