Hillary Clinton is in India for a Wedding

This is evidently the wedding of the year, and Hillary is there.

Guests have started pouring in for the big fat Indian wedding of this year. Isha Ambani, daughter of Nita and Mukesh Ambani is all set to get married to Anand Piramal, son of Swati and Ajay Piramal on December 12. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has also arrived in Udaipur, whereas John Kerry is also expected to arrive for the celebrations.

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Hillary Clinton, Former US First Lady, Arrives in Udaipur for Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal Pre-Wedding Festivities

Isha-Anand’s Wedding: Hillary Clinton is in Udaipur to Attend The Festivities With Bollywood Celebs

Photo Courtesy: Ambani’s representative

Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal are getting married on December 12 in a lavish wedding ceremony in Udaipur. The pre-wedding festivities of the couple have already begun. While the who’s who of the Hindi film industry has already flown to the city, there’s a special guest that the Ambanis are hosting today. Former US First Lady, Hillary Clinton, has landed in Udaipur to attend the pre-wedding festivities of Isha and Anand.

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8 Responses

  1. Ok. So Rahm Emanuel tells David Axelrod that Trump is a better politician than Hillary because he won. Axelrod tweets it out. Bill Burton signs on too. Someone points out to Burton that HRC faced a lot of headwinds including foreign interference, and Burton asserts, well it was certified and Trump took office. So a flawed election was certified which means Trump is a better politician than Hillary? Burton is really bad at logic.

    If winning an election is a rock solid measure of political talent, Hillary is a better politician than Barack Obama. She received more votes than he did in 2008. It took interference from the outside (Rules and Bylaws Comm. of DNC) to nail down the nomination for Obama. Fact: HRC has gotten the most votes in every election in which she has competed, including the one in which she allegedly lost to Trump.

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  2. It’s a heaping dose of white male privilege for the mayor of Chicago whose approval rating is under 30% and who helped cover up the murder of an African American Chicago citizen by a police officer to be weighing in on who’s a good politician and who isn’t. And for two former Obama staffers to be giving this fool a signal boost.

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  3. Brassy,

    You are absolutely right! Rahm Emanuel has proven to be a total loser as a politician but finds it necessary to undermine Hillary’s political prowess to make himself feel better about how badly he is doing? When he worked in the Clinton white house, he didn’t like Hillary because she would confront him and disagree with him. Obviously, the little man never got over the fact that she didn’t defer to him just to placate his humongous ego.

    We all know that this is how men write history. They give a totally inaccurate account that puts the woman in the worst light but make themselves, no matter what the truth was, into almost saints! I mentioned my concerns here about how George HW Bush was being covered regarding his presidency and that I could hardly recognize him or his presidency for what it really was with all of the effusive coverage and speeches given about him. If he was as great as they say he was, then he would have won a second term!

    I am afraid that the patriarchy will not go down easily when it comes to showing respect for women and viewing them as equals. Only the most insecure man would be willing to say what Emanual, Axlerod and Burton said about Hillary.

    BTW, she won the election. Russian stole it for trump because machines can be hacked into to manipulate the vote. I will never believe that those 70,000 electoral votes spread over 3 states were not a result of such a hack. Of course, if the same outcome had happened to a male candidate who won the popular vote by almost 3 million, they would have not conceded and the media would have supported them. If guys didn’t cheat, lower the standard and give each other passes all the time in order to win, I guarantee men would not hold the lion’s share of power.


    • I find it extraordinary that Emanuel apparently still considers himself a credible judge of political talent, given that he has been so politically inept that he cannot run for re-election as mayor in the heavily Democratic city of Chicago.


  4. Just goes to show you that it’s men who are dilusional, not women. That’s one of the perks of male entitlement. If you don’t like the truth, you make up your own alternative facts.


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