The Clintons: Out and About

The Clintons were Broadway bound Friday night, and the word spread quickly!


It sounds like there’s some serious buyer’s remorse going on with the last Presidential election because people went wild for Hillary Clinton Friday night.

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea hit up “To Kill a Mockingbird” — the hottest ticket on Broadway —

Read more and see video >>>>

9 Responses

  1. Buyer’s remorse? That’s not buyer’s remorse. That’s We Never Bought Trump’s Crap and Still We’re Stuck With Him remorse. Folks with buyer’s remorse would be part of the minority who actually voted for him. Maybe some who stayed home or voted third party too. We Hillary supporters are totally innocent bystanders.

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  2. Hillary gets more standing O’s on Broadway than some of the performers.

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    • People love her in NYC. Look how that crowd gathered outside once word got out that she was inside. You’re right, it certainly would not be buyer’s remorse in that city or in NY state or any of the tri-state area.

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      • We’re the only ones who can honestly say we didn’t fall for the Russian propaganda.

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        • Actually, I am not sure I can make that claim. I have been doing a lot of troll research and am following the Digital Research Lab. In one of their articles I identified some content that I had shared on Facebook. They play every side, so it is extremely easy to pick up some content that appears American but actually originated in Russia’s Internet Research Agency.


  3. #ImWithHER #AlwaysWithHer #HillaryClinton

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  4. Love that beautiful multicolored coat of Hillary’s! And no buyers remorse just the thrill of seeing that decent, brilliant good woman in public. She is the People’s President and always will be.

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