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“Take it from me: You can win by millions of votes and still not be able to beat Donald Trump.

I’m committed to doing absolutely everything I can to help elect Joe and Kamala. Because I know the stakes are too high for the people of this country — and for people across the world.

That’s why I’m teaming up with another former Secretary of State to have a conversation about this election. If you chip in to elect Joe, Kamala, and Democrats down the ballot, we could be sending you a special invitation to join us.

Chip in $25 or anything you can afford to the Biden Victory Fund and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to sit down with me and Secretary Madeleine Albright for a quick virtual chat. If you’ve saved payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately: $25 ➞ $50 ➞ $100 ➞ $250 ➞ $500 ➞ Other ➞ Campaigns are hard-fought and elections are hard-won — and this has certainly been true this year.

But with so much on the line, we can’t give up. We must do everything we can to put a leader in the White House who will represent the best of America and tackle some tough challenges like the COVID pandemic and climate change.

Joe and Kamala would have never gotten this far if it weren’t for grassroots supporters like you. Thank you, Rosemary — I’m proud to stand alongside you in this fight.

Secretary Albright and I really want to meet one of the folks that got us here, and I’m hoping it will be you. Chip in $25 right now to Joe, Kamala, and Democrats across the country, and you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to be one of the grassroots supporters that Secretary Albright and I have the pleasure of meeting on October 20th.

I hope I’ll see you soon!


Hillary Clinton”

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Hillary Clinton Says She Was Right All Along

The biggest factors she blames for her loss—disinformation, Vladimir Putin, and America’s deep political divide—will still be problems even if Trump loses, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee warns.Edward-Isaac Dovere Octob Only one Democrat other than Joe Biden has experience running for president against Donald Trump, and she’s not quite over 2016, or confident that Biden will be able to do what she couldn’t.

Hillary Clinton has been in lockdown like everyone else. It feels like Groundhog Day, she told me Wednesday afternoon. But existential exhaustion looks different for a woman who has spent the past four years thinking about the final month of the 2016 election—and who worries that Vladimir Putin, disinformation, and our deep political divides will still threaten American democracy even if Biden wins.

In many ways, Clinton feels vindicated by how the Trump presidency has played out, and by what Americans have learned about him over the past four years—including the recent revelation that he paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2017. That “was even worse than I thought it was,” she said. But being right is a small solace. She was sitting in her home in New York, speaking with me over Zoom for a conversation you can hear in full on the latest episode of The Ticket. Chappaqua is not Washington, D.C. She’s not in the middle of the reelection campaign she’d like to be running right now. She pointed out more than once that she won the popular vote in 2016, even if she didn’t win the Electoral College, and she mentioned former FBI Director James Comey’s letter in the final week of the race seeming to reopen the investigation into her (and then Comey’s announcement that nothing had come of it). And to those who wish she would just go away? She thinks they feel a bit guilty, she told me: They don’t want to admit that she was right about Trump.

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