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This is about the fabric of who we are. If we do not stop this criminal practice, everything else, education, healthcare, the economy, taxes, none of it has any significance. A lawless, criminal state is allowing human rights abuses. This must stop.

Families Belong Together

Join an emergency mobilization at a local event near you this Tuesday, July 2nd to demand Congress close the camps.

NEW revelations of ABHORRENT and willfully neglectful treatment of infants and children have just been revealed in a court filing.

Sick babies are languishing untreated for days in extreme cold temperatures, with guards refusing parents’ requests to see a doctor and told to “just deal with it.”1

Toddlers are wearing soiled clothes or stripping down because all their clothes, diapers, and baby formula are taken when parents arrive — and no new clothes are provided.2

MoveOn, United We Dream, and the American Friends Service Committee have joined us to organize dozens of groups for an emergency mobilization at noon this Tuesday, July 2nd outside local Congressional offices to demand Congress CLOSE THE CAMPS.


The revelations in the court filing come from interviews conducted by attorneys who accessed the camps.

These are the children’s own words:

  • ‘The day after we arrived here, my baby began vomiting and having diarrhea. I asked to see a doctor and they did not take us. I asked again the next day and the guard said “She doesn’t have the face of a sick baby. She doesn’t need to see a doctor.” My baby daughter has not had medicine since we first arrived. She has a very bad cough, fever and continues to vomit and have diarrhea.’ (Age 16, female).2
  • ‘I started taking care of [Name Redacted] (age 5) in the Ice Box after they separated her from her father. I did not know either of them before that. She was very upset. The workers did nothing to try to comfort her. I tried to comfort her and she has been with me ever since.’ (Age 15, female).2
  • ‘Three days ago my baby soiled his clothes. I had no place to wash the clothes so I could not put them back on my baby because when he went to the bathroom his poop came out of his diaper and all over his clothing. Since then, my baby of only three months has only been wearing a small little jacket made of t-shirt material. I have nothing else for my son to wear’ (Age 17, female).2

We must do EVERYTHING WE CAN TO END THIS ABUSE. Please — join us this Tuesday and let’s close the camps:


See you there,

Jess Morales Rocketto, Chairwoman
Families Belong Together

[ 1 ] Cold, cramped, filthy: Migrants describe border centers – Associated Press

[ 2 ] Motion seeks to end health and safety crisis for detained migrant children – National Center for Youth Law

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Wednesday marked one year since the United States District Court in the Southern District of California ordered ICE and the U.S. government to reunite an asylum-seeking mother and her seven-year-old daughter — which they did, after months of waiting.

Meanwhile, hundreds of families are still waiting to be reunited, and more are being separated and sent to isolated detention centers. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen reports about CBP forcing children to take care of toddlers in holding cells, and DOJ lawyers actually trying to argue that the Trump administration doesn’t have an obligation to provide detained children with items as basic as blankets, toothbrushes, or soap.

Please make a donation to support the organizations working to protect children and families at the border.

Together, we’ve raised more than $700,000 this week that will help get basic resources, legal aid, and advocates to children at the border, among other things — with our help, Families Belong Together has been able to cover the costs of flights for families finally being reunited and secure safe housing for vulnerable immigrants. Thank you for making that possible. It’s critical that we provide a counter-point to the unconscionable things being done to refugee and immigrant families in our names.


Thank you,


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Of course the Clintons marched today with Andrew Cuomo.

Remembering all who did not come home. Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day.

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Ellen was on Hillary’s State Department team that worked with Lavrov’s team to write the New START treaty. Look for Hillary at the 33:50 mark.

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Posted: Wed 6:41 PM, May 08, 2019  | 

Updated: Wed 6:56 PM, May 08, 2019

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at Dartmouth College Wednesday.

Clinton is no stranger to Dartmouth. She made several stops at the Hanover school during both the 2008 and 2016 presidential primaries. But Wednesday’s visit was not a campaign event. Instead, it was a discussion about the world we live in.

Clinton touched on a wide range of topics during the hour-plus question-and-answer lecture. Topics included the Iran nuclear deal, Watergate and the Russia relationship.

Clinton, of course, brings a wealth of knowledge from her time as U.S. secretary of state. She also addressed the Mueller report.

Read more and see video >>>>

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