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Daily, it is as if someone has asked him if he possibly could be a little more repellent and disgusting.

Poll: Trump presidency would embarrass half of Americans

Lisa Hagen

While half of all polled would be embarrassed to have Trump as president, the majority of that sentiment comes from Democrats and independents.

For Republicans, 44 percent would be proud to have Trump in the White House, twice as much as GOP voters who would be embarrassed.

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The “proud” ones do not understand how offensive that word was. He hit a new, nauseating low on the sleaze-o-meter. Revolting!

Ralphy Christmas story soap
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Did Trump not say we should all speak English?

Oy vey! Enough of Trump. (a good bilingual take-down from Dana Milbank)



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Seventeen days ago, and two weeks into the ordeal of what we now know to be nearly 300 young female Nigerian scholars, Al Jazeera America began publicizing the Twitter hashtag campaign #BringBackOurGirls.   I had not seen any other news outlet acknowledge the story at that point.  Plenty of time and money had been spent for weeks on the missing airliner and the sunken ferry, but it seemed at the time that no one was particularly concerned about thugs invading a girls’ dormitory on the eve of final exams and abducting them for doing exactly what they were there to do: studying.

First and foremost, at that time,  the story needed publicity – a higher profile – and the hashtag campaign seemed exactly what was needed so I came here, posted about it, and tweeted the post with the hashtag.  Reactions to that post indicated what I had predicted.  A lot of people did not know about this situation.  I continued posting and tweeting and as the days went by the hashtag campaign did what it was meant to do.  It went viral.  Big names picked it up and the media could no longer ignore the story.

The whole point of the campaign was to raise public awareness, and it worked.  Now it is a story.  Now it gets coverage.  People know.  The global hashtag campaign forced the hand of the Nigerian government which had done nothing to help the girls or their families.  Now on the evening news we see the girls, their faces sad and surrounded by veils.  We see the abductors, cocky and jeering.

The girls are not home yet.  We are not even sure where they are.  We have heard the stories of a few who escaped, and at least one says that she cannot return to school.  Mission accomplished, Boko Haram!  At least one young woman will not be studying Darwin,  or be looking online at powerful telescopic photos near the moment of the Big Bang, or grow up to find ways to build a greener future for her country – the leading oil producing nation on the continent.

The supremely ironic, crazy attack by right-wing media on the hashtag campaign and on Hillary Clinton (I predicted that here) should come as no surprise and is no coincidence.

Rush Limbaugh Claims Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama ‘Sympathize With Boko Haram

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Literacy is Rooted in Love

One of the sweetest, most memorable, experiences for a parent or caretaker is sitting down in a chair, putting your arm around your child, and reading books together. That simple activity of discovering stories with each other, one on one, strengthens your bond and sets your child up for a lifetime of loving books.

Only half of all toddlers – and even fewer babies – are read to regularly by parents or family members, according to the nonprofit literacy group, Reading is Fundamental, which recommends reading at least 30 minutes a day to help prepare a child to learn.

Long before a child learns to read, she is absorbing sounds and patterns of language by listening to you and other caregivers talk. The more you engage her brain by reading with her as part of a regular routine, the better equipped she’ll be for both speaking and reading – and the more she’ll learn to associate books with enjoyment.  That can be a big advantage later in school, when reading is sometimes perceived as more work than fun.

You can lay a good foundation for early literacy by celebrating books and reading in your household. Visit the local library with your preschooler and let them check out new (or favorite!) books. Let your child discover you reading on the couch for relaxation. With an infant who’s just starting to babble, you can point to pictures in a board book, and vary your tone of voice as you narrate a story. And when your child learns to read, you can encourage her to read aloud with you.

Reading with your child will greatly expand vocabulary and actually help with other subjects like math. And a child who has fun exploring books at home as a very young child is likely to go on and enjoy reading once she reaches school, and beyond.


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Mom Jennifer Cooper reads a bedtime story to her two children and says reading together enhances their vocabulary and their math skills. >>


These parents clearly love and miss their daughters.  I am sure they have fond memories of reading to their little girls.  They have worked hard and sacrificed to finance a good education for them,  and now they want their kidnapped daughters back. There needs to be more attention brought to their plight.

Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls: #BringBackOurGirls @BringGirlsBack

We hope these marches in major cities help alert news organizations.

#BringBackOurGirls: Who knows? Who cares? Who will march? Who will report it?

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In a post on Monday, among other news stories about our girl, I included an article about an online video “game” that encourages players to slap Hillary.   In that post, I mentioned the “virtual violence directed at our prime champion of women’s rights and dignity”  and called it physical abuse.  The game implies that it is acceptable to slap a woman for speaking.  It is not.  Ever!

I wondered, at the time, whether the SuperPAC Ready for Hillary would comprehend the underlying message this “game” conveyed and combat it in some way.  Here is part of the email I received from them on the subject.  (Links to contributions have been broken intentionally.)

We’ve seen these so-called “Stop Hillary” super PACs attack Hillary before, but this is a new low. As CNN reported, they released an online game “that allows viewers to virtually slap the former Secretary of State across the face.”

The “Stop Hillary” operatives even began messaging reporters, asking them, “Have you slapped Hillary today?”

This behavior is just plain wrong.

But instead of getting mad, we should get organized. And that’s why I hope you’ll make a contribution today. Remember, there’s no better way for us to respond to this nonsense than to continue building a large grassroots organization encouraging Hillary to run.

Please make a $5 donation and help us send a message that disgusting tactics like these will only strengthen our resolve to make Hillary our next president.

Instead of waging attacks like this “slap Hillary” game, this crowd should help address the challenges facing our country by working with President Obama to create good jobs.

It’s three-and-a-half years before the 2016 election. Hillary hasn’t even said if she’s running (and that’s why we’re encouraging her to run) and yet these “Stop Hillary” groups are attacking her every day. She’s a private citizen working to make sure children have a good start in life and to advance the rights of women and girls around the globe. Even so, these groups are already asking Americans to “slap Hillary” — and MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Times, and more are all reporting on it.

Will you respond by making a $5 contribution today so that everyone knows that Hillary has the most committed grassroots supporters in the country, and attacks like this only makes us work harder?

Certainly everyone who comes here is well aware of her work as secretary of state and as a private citizen since that  is the focus of this blog as opposed to concentrating on rumors, gossip, and what may or may not materialize as a campaign.  I was disappointed that the assessment was simply that the behavior is wrong – no explanation as to why and no mining the depth of the message the “game” conveys – and then onward to the predictable request for funds.

People who want her to run should have a deeper appreciation of the work she has done for women and children beyond the perfunctory nod to her current work.  The struggle to eliminate violence against women and girls and all that encourages it is basic to her endeavors – essential.

In contrast, Emily’s List also emailed me, and here is part of their message.


In less than 24 hours, more than 20,000 people have joined EMILY’s List in demanding that every GOP 2016 candidate pledge to refuse money from The Hillary Project and any other group advocating violence against women. Have you signed on yet? There’s still time to do so.

Add your name right now. Show the GOP just how serious we are about protecting women.

Hmmmmmm… that is more like the response I had hoped to see from Ready for Hillary who purportedly are ready for her.   Evidently they lack depth of passion for what impassions her.

Slapping women for speaking is more than “just plain wrong.”  It is assault,  a crime,  and deserved a much stronger reaction from Ready for Hillary – much stronger than simply pointing out her current activities and asking twice for contributions.

Here is another petition from Ultra Violet since , on this subject,  you cannot have or sign too many.

Slapping women is not a joke.

A Republican Super PAC has put out a new online “game” where they ask their supporters to virtually slap Hillary Clinton across the face.

The Super PAC is known as The Hillary Project and is an anti-Hillary Clinton group that lists Christopher Marston–a Republican campaign consultant and a former member of the Bush administration–as its treasurer.

Violence against women is not a joke.

Our message to the Hillary Project and Christopher Marston:

“Your “Slap Hillary” game is offensive and outrageous and you must take it down and apologize right away. Violence against women kills three women every day–there is nothing funny about it.”

Yes, I am aware that after one signs the Emily’s List petition there is a request for contributions, but it is secondary, and, most importantly, there is a petition!

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Recent Incidents of Violence Against Women in Afghanistan


Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
December 12, 2012

The United States joins the government of Afghanistan in strongly condemning the murder of Najia Sediqi, who was killed in a drive-by shooting Monday morning. As Acting Director of Provincial Women’s Affairs, Najia was one of the many Afghan women who dedicate themselves every single day toward building a brighter future for the people of Afghanistan. The United States will continue to stand side-by-side with women who are carrying on Najia’s fight, the Afghan government and all Afghan people to ensure that the hard-won gains made by women in the recent years are protected and advanced. Senseless violence like this will only threaten the potential for peace.  Our thoughts are with Najia’s family during this difficult time.

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Video Remarks on Opening of the Caribbean IdEA Marketplace


Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 3, 2012

I am delighted to send greetings to all of you in Montego Bay. When I visited Jamaica last June, I announced the Caribbean IdEA Marketplace, a program we like to call CIM. CIM is a business competition that connects local entrepreneurs with members of the Caribbean diaspora—with the ultimate goal of sparking new partnerships that will create jobs and economic opportunities in the region. Today, I’m pleased to announce that the Caribbean IdEA Marketplace is open for business.

We are proud to be partnering with a wide range of governments and organizations in this important initiative, including the Inter-American Development Bank, OPIC, and the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada.

The Caribbean diaspora may live in far-off places, but they can still play a crucial role in their home countries. CIM will help forge the connections that will turn new business ideas into new businesses, creating jobs and boosting trade and investment in the Caribbean.

Visit CaribbeanIdea.org to learn more about the program and to find partners around the world who are looking to build innovative new businesses and energize your economies. With your support – and your ideas – CIM will help us tackle some of the most complicated and pressing challenges of our time. I’m excited to hear about the progress you make. Thank you.

Given the tenor of the political debates lately, this is an especially important issue and statement.

Video Remarks to National Network To End Domestic Violence


Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 3, 2012

I am delighted to be able to send greetings to each of you. This Second World Conference of Women’s Shelters is an exciting opportunity for thousands of grassroots advocates from around the world to connect with one another and share strategies for ending violence against women and girls.

This is an issue that affects women of every income level, in every region of the world. An estimated one in three women will be physically or sexually abused in her lifetime, and one in five will experience rape or attempted rape.

This violence affects women’s health and well-being; it hurts children and families and poses considerable costs to societies – economically and socially.

It is simply unacceptable. This is not only a gender or economic issue, but a matter of human rights and national security. We need to put laws in place to criminalize such acts, and they must be implemented in order to hold people accountable and address impunity.

And we need everyone’s involvement to make this happen. People at all levels of society, in every vocation, and at every age – girls, boys, women, and men – all have a role to play.

I want to thank the National Network to End Domestic Violence for being such a strong partner, and everyone here for continuing to stand up, speak out, and think of new solutions. Like you, we see women as powerful agents of change, and through forums like this one, we are focusing on creative and innovative ways to harness the power of women to be part of the solution to ending gender-based violence.

I hope this dialogue has provided an opportunity to learn about what is working and how to build on successful policies and programs to advance women’s rights around the world. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Violence against women, posted with vodpod

Remarks For The “Highlighting Solutions To Stop Violence” Against Women Policy Dialogue

Press Statement

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
November 5, 2011

Good morning! I’m delighted to send greetings to each of you as you come together to develop new ways to empower women. I also want to thank my good friend, Minister Kevin Rudd, and the Australian Government for hosting this important forum.

Study after study shows that gender equality is crucial to the economic and political stability of countries around the world. When women are able to participate in the political process and enter the labor force, economies grow faster, children are healthier, and there is less corruption. Entire societies flourish. So elevating women is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

Violence against women is one of the biggest obstacles to empowering women. That’s why I am so pleased that the Pacific Women’s Empowerment Initiative, which I announced with Minister Rudd last year, is coming together once again to enlist new partners and develop new ideas in this effort. You are helping to improve policies, initiate new programs, and establish new resources for the empowerment of women and girls in the Pacific region.

I hope this dialogue gives you an opportunity to discuss what works, what doesn’t, and how we can build upon successful policies and programs to advance women’s rights. And I hope your discussions yield concrete results, because this is a crucial issue for the Pacific region and the world. And I can’t wait to hear about the next steps. Thank you.

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