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It has been just another Friday in Trump’s America. During a week supposedly dedicated to jobs for Americans, the Trump organization applied for H2B visas for cooks, housekeepers, and servers.  Presumably there are no Americans whatsoever who qualify for these positions.

On Thursday, the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, said it wanted to hire 15 housekeepers for $10.33 an hour; 20 cooks for $13.34 an hour; and 35 servers for $11.88 an hour. The Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, was asking for six cooks to hire for $13.34 per hour. These requests are published in a database updated by the Department of Labor.

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Social media this week was peppered with photos of Trump goods with “made in” tags from everywhere but here.

Two rogue waves crashed on the National Mall Friday.  Anthony Scaramucci, allegedly a close Trump friend, was named Director of White House Communications. In close succession, Sean Spicer, who has been doing that job while Sarah Huckabee Sanders filled in for him in the press room, abruptly resigned. So there’s that.


Spicey Bails, White House Flails, As Mooch Prevails

Lachlan MarkayAsawin Suebsaeng07.21.17 12:41 PM ET

Well you can just imagine how conveniently all of this drama played into the week’s theme! All agendas on cable news were thrown into chaos as all awaited a live, on camera press briefing, something once routine and, after six months of Trump, a phenomenon. Filling time with screens split between studios and the press room the topic was the new director. If you wonder why I used the word “allegedly” above, it is because, for all the hype about what a “Trump guy” he is, the Daily Beast ran these stories.

President Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, once called his new boss a “hack politician” engaging in “anti-American” rhetoric. In August 2015, then-candidate Trump railed against “hedge-fund guys paying nothing” in taxes. During an appearance on the Fox Business Network that same day, Scaramucci, lamented how “another hack politician,” whose remarks “anti-American and divisive.” Scaramucci additionally quipped: “I’ll tell you who he’s going to be president of—you can tell Donald I said this—the Queens County Bullies Association.”

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Anthony Scaramucci deleted tweets in which he previously criticized Donald Trump hours after accepting his new job as White House communications director on Friday.

Scaramucci also previously expressed support for his boss’s old rivals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama—even donating money to their campaigns.

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Ahhhhh! You knew something here was going to come around to Hillary, didn’t you?  Well that’s not all!

President Trump was 20 words into his recent interview with the New York Times when he raised a topic that he seemingly can’t resist: Hillary Clinton.“Hi fellas, how you doing?” he said to the three Times reporters, two of whom were fellas. Then, asked about his meeting on health care with Republican senators, he continued. “It was good. We are very close. It’s a tough — you know, health care. Look, Hillary Clinton worked eight years in the White House with her husband as president and having majorities and couldn’t get it done. Smart people, tough people — couldn’t get it done.”
In 17 of 19 of his interviews, Clinton came up, on average about 36 percent of the way in. That’s more frequently and earlier than his mentions of Obama, who made it into only 16 interviews, about 43 percent of the way in.

So if you were wondering why Hillary’s name keeps coming up in the news – there you go! Trump cannot stop talking or tweeting about her.

To wrap up “Made in America Week” then, and I hesitate as there are more then two hours to go until midnight EDT on the east coast, Carrier began cutting jobs this week. How’s all that winning going?


Carrier Begins Job Cuts at Indiana Factory Championed by Trump

Brendan Case @bcase4bbg More stories by Brendan Case

July 19, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT

Carrier Corp. is beginning job cuts at the Indianapolis factory that became a rallying cry for President Donald Trump because of the company’s plans to shift work to Mexico.

About 300 employees will leave this week as part of a previously announced plan to relocate production of fan coils, Carrier said in a statement Wednesday. A total of 600 jobs will be eliminated during the next few months, the unit of United Technologies Corp. said.

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Just in case you missed it, this week Andrea Mitchell allowed as to how she might have been a little hard on Hillary. Ya think?

July 21, 2017 11:08 am

NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell said in an interview published Tuesday that she may have been “too aggressive” covering Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election and could not think of any instances during her career when she showed bias in her reporting.

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Have a great weekend, America!













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Yesterday a FOX News story circulated saying that Hillary Clinton had “a mixed mind” about the firing of James Comey. It was based on anonymous sources, of course. Hillary Clinton has issued no public statement on the matter.

Then there is this from Hillary’s close confidante, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

White House Spokeswoman Says Hillary Clinton Would Have Fired James Comey ‘Immediately’

Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday asserted without any corroboration that Hillary Clinton would have fired FBI Director James Comey “immediately” had she won the election last fall. She added, “thank God she didn’t [win].”

Huckabee Sanders, filling in for Sean Spicer at Wednesday’s press briefing, tried to defend President Trump’s decision to abruptly dismiss Comey late Tuesday — a move that caught much of Washington off guard and sparked outrage from Democrats and several key Republicans as well.

“Most of the people that are declaring war today are the very ones that were begging for Director Comey to be fired,” Huckabee Sanders said. “If Hillary Clinton had won the election, which thank God she didn’t, but if she had… she would have fired Comey immediately.”

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Huckabee Sanders’s boss, Sean Spicer, was caught hiding in the bushes outside the White House Tuesday night.

This same White House barred American press from the Oval Office yesterday while letting the Russian cameras in the room believing that the photos would not be released.

Not only were they played, they admitted they were tricked … amazed that the Russians lied to them! Not so good at reading Russian minds, it seems.

Trump with Lester Holt today:

HOLT: Were you angry with James Comey when he went public and said he can’t support your unsubstantiated charges of wiretapping, that your predecessor wiretapped you?

TRUMP: I was surprised he said it but I wasn’t angry. There’s a big thing going on right now which is spying and it’s — you can call it anything you want — the unmasking and the spying and to me that’s the big story right now. That’s a very, very big story.

Hmmmmm… wonder what minute drones the Russians scattered around the West Wing.


Trump Official: We ‘Let the Biggest Perpetrator of Fake News into the Oval Office’

Team Trump is “either in bed with the Russians or too stupid to understand the severity of this mistake,” an official fumed after Kremlin press got exclusive Oval Office access.


Two senior administration officials, one an Obama holdover and the other a Trump appointee, told The Daily Beast that the resulting reliance of U.S. media on a propaganda arm of a foreign government let Russia set the public tone of the meeting and embarrassed the administration amid already contentious discussions with Russian diplomats.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity in order to candidly express their views. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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You can’t make this stuff up. Look who was over Trump’s shoulder as he greeted the first visitors to tour the White House since his installation.  The ultimate photobomb!

Hillary haunts Trump as he surprises first White House tour group

He can’t get her off his back.

President Trump surprised the first group of visitors to tour the White House since his inauguration — but looming over his right shoulder was a portrait of his former nemesis, Hillary Clinton.

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Oh, yes! We are watching!

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This is from the New York Times morning briefing.

Two weeks in, miscues are worrying Mr. Trump’s aides.
The bungled rollout of his executive order barring immigrants from seven Muslim countries, a flurry of other miscues and embarrassments, and low approval ratings have led to Mr. Trump and his top staff rethinking an improvisational approach to governing that mirrors his chaotic presidential campaign.

Time and again Hillary Clinton warned that running a campaign is not the equivalent of governing and that running businesses is not like running a country. The way Trump ran his campaign gave every indication that his “governing” style was going to be fast, loose, and superficial.


Hillary tried to tell us, but you know: Tracy Flick, emails, private server, low energy, criminal, “lock her up,” and worse.

Meanwhile Trump, all along, had a private server just to communicate with Russian parties not yet completely identified, had surrogates talking to Russians with close ties to the Kremlin and to Putin, and even told Russia to hack Hillary’s email.

He has never bothered to inform himself, has eschewed reading and security briefings, and does not, to this day, read documents that are put in front of him for a signature, so he cannot ask questions about them, and concerns himself with whether the women on staff are wearing sufficiently feminine garb  – a twist darkly similar to the fashion police in Iran and other Islamic republics.

Improv is theatre and does entail skills, and there is no doubt that there are times when skilled statesmen and stateswomen must employ them. They are not, however, the go-to in the playbook. No matter how often we may refer to political kabuki, there is never an implication that preparation is not involved. To perform political kabuki, successful parties overprepare as do all good actors, students, teachers, and just about everyone else in a broad variety of responsible positions.

Of course there is theatre in politics. There have also been entertainers who have made the transition to politics relatively smoothly including George Murphy, Ronald Reagan, Fred Thompson, Hulk Hogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Al Franken for example.  But it is a transition involving different skills sets.

Trump team moving on from improv? That involves homework, and homework involves reading. We’ll see how this goes.

P.S. On another note, it is not lost on me that the Times chose the verb to bar rather than to ban. Just saying.


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Like Hillary Clinton, I had the immense privilege of seeing the great Dame Helen Mirren in The Audience on Broadway not long ago.

Helen Mirren pokes fun at the Clintons

Peter Morgan’s tour de force for Mirren speculates upon conversations between HRM Queen Elizabeth II and eight of 12 Prime Ministers who have served under her reign so far.  These regular audiences occurred every Tuesday, were informal, and not minuted.   Thus, all dialogue is of Morgan’s invention (with a Mirren ad lib thrown in here and there).  Dame Helen’s trepidations upon meeting Her Majesty  have, a few times,  centered on whether they “got it right.”  Once after the film The Queen, also penned by Morgan, and again after the stage portrayal.

At an award ceremony not long ago, Prince William welcomed Dame Helen to the stage asking whether he should call her “Granny.”  We can guess that the Crown was not displeased with the opus or the performance.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had regular Tuesday meetings,  published on her daily schedules,  usually at 7:30 a.m.  They were breakfast meetings with VP Joe Biden at his residence.  Whenever Hillary was in town and not traveling, these breakfast meetings took place.  As far as we know, these breakfasts were also private, informal, and not minuted.  If you were around these pages in those days you might remember them.  They were the object of fevered speculation before they became commonplace Tuesday occurrences.

Because this is a Hillary blog , and not an Obama or a Biden blog, it has not been noted here that the POTUS and VP have a similar weekly tradition. They have a regular Monday lunch.   Today was Monday.  They had lunch.

No one but those two people knows what they talked about today or last week or any of the Mondays going back.  To pretend to is to take on the speculative robes of the playwright and spin a tale as Peter Morgan has of the Queen and her PMs.

What is newsworthy about two people who work together having lunch, especially when they do so regularly, is unclear at best.  That it should whip up a frenzy borders on the ridiculous.  But then, the same thing happened when Joe and Hillary had – what???  Had breakfast together  – again – a little more than two years ago.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to Reprise Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club – For Tomorrow Anyway

July 29, 2013

Before everyone goes full-throttle into “what-does-it-all-mean” mode, allow me to remind long-time readers here that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State,  early morning breakfasts at Joe Biden’s residence were a regular feature on her Tuesday schedules from the State Department when she was not traveling.


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Well, make of it what you will.  Maybe you can construct a Tony Award-winning play of all this.  What you really cannot do,  unless you have met some fly that was on the wall or picnic table, is say what Joe Biden and Barack Obama talked about today.  Oh yes, we all know.  Biden met with Elizabeth Warren yesterday (we do not know what that was about either),  and the daily presser was largely devoted to the plummeting markets except when Josh Earnest was pressed to speculate.  He refused to perpetrate fiction.

Take a deep breath.  Take some advice from the Brits.


The Blitz is yet to come, and if you thought Hillary Clinton got into this race thinking it was going to be a cakewalk, you do not know Hillary Clinton.  Long before she finally announced, she thought of every possibility and has promised to earn every vote.   We will not be seeing Hillary Clinton making any mistakes like this,  and it will not be a “coronation.”

It isn’t even the stormy season yet. Keep calm. Keep on.  Keep going.


Panic and frenzy are a distraction and a waste of good energy.




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In the first two chapters, Team of Rivals and Foggy Bottom, Hillary walks us through some of the 2008 primary season and her acceptance of the secretary of state post, with some of the staffing and policy decisions involved, and, finally, through her formal swearing in.

Those who were passionate supporters in 2008, especially PUMAs , are sure to suffer some sad and angry memories reading chapter one.  The nearest emotion I can confer to it is grief.  Many of us went through a process very close to if not exactly the stages of grief.  I am pretty expert in that field having lost both parents and almost all of my aunts and uncles over a period of about seven years from 1995 – 2002.  Grief was not a stranger to me, and that is how I felt about much of what Hillary recounts in chapter one.

Those who were part of the Women’s Liberation Movement felt kicked in the stomach back to the Stone Age.  Where had all that misogyny come from?  Hillary does not directly confront it, but that might be because she, among all of us, was the one who was least surprised.

Chapter one is filled with memories that stick like an arrow in the gut.  She says she ‘lost’ the nomination, but we all knew she had done phenomenally well and had the convention respected  … well,  convention, we might have seen a more traditional (and to us a fairer) nomination process.  Many here were among those who exhorted her to let us have a traditional roll call on the convention floor, but she went in another direction.

She explains her rationale in the book, just as she did at the time.  Anyone who knows anything about her would understand why she did what she did.  Many of us who love her still had a hard time accepting it, but then, those very reasons are part of why we love her.

In Part One she takes us through her suspension speech.


Hillary Clinton Suspends Her Campaign – Tears Flow Copiously

June 8, 2008 by still4hill

She goes on to recount her shift from primary campaign mode to general election mode with the Unity, New Hampshire rally for Obama.

hill in blue

Hillary Clinton’s Unity New Hampshire Speech

Hillary Clinton Shines at the Convention

Many of us disagreed with her appearance on the convention floor to stop the roll call vote.  She acknowledges that and explains her reasons.  There is no mention of earlier votes at the hotels that morning, and perhaps she did not know about those when she walked onto the convention floor.  It is hard to say what she knew and to what degree she was simply following her own reasons.  I, for one, must simply take her at her word on this decision.

This is a chapter that, for diehard Hillary 2008 folks, is so hard to get through.  (If you click through to August 28 on the links above, you see how well I took that roll call vote and how some delegates chimed in.)

Hillary goes on in this section to describe her dilemma at being asked to accept the post of secretary of state.  She recounts her personal deliberations and decision-making process.  Having decided, she moves on to the preparations. They involved heavy briefings and  a good deal of policy formation much of which rested on foundations formed from Senate and White House experience.

She recalls her confirmation hearing in subdued tones except for the preparation and her great team that she praises, but it was a phenomenon.  It lasted nearly as long as three dissertation defenses might,  and she was on task. on topic, and on fire the whole time.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 01.13.09

Known adversary, Chris Matthews,  said he had never seen anybody know so much for so long.  She blew everyone away as we always knew she could and would.


The Hillary Show: The reviews are in

A good deal of the Foggy Bottom chapter (2) treats decisions about staffing.  Hillary explains her decision to recruit special envoys for high-risk regions  – a rationale most of us rational folks understood and thought reasonable – in fact brilliant.  She explains how primary contentions gave way to team goals, and how broken fences were mended.  It reminded me of this.


(Frost read a poem at JFK’s inauguration and my heart broke when the sun and wind were so strong that his papers blew and he had trouble seeing the pages.  I was a kid, and I loved him, so I cried. But that’s beside the point.)

If there were walls, Hillary set them well.  She made her conditions for accepting the job clear, and President Obama complied.   When she arrived at Foggy Bottom she was greeted liked a rock star.

First she was sworn in privately, as she says.

Hillary Clinton Sworn-In Privately as 67th Secretary of State

Her arrival at C Street was jubilant!

Date: 01/22/2009 Description: 67th Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives for her first day at the Department of State greeted by an overflowing lobby of  Department employees in the diplomatic entrance. State Dept Photo

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Arrival at the Department of State

After her arrival there was the ceremonial swearing in, and then she was on her skateboard and off to the far corners of the earth as our top diplomat!

Date: 02/02/2009 Description: Vice President Biden swears in Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Joining Secretary Clinton is her husband, former President Bill Clinton, their daughter Chelsea Clinton, and Secretary Clinton's mother Dorothy Rodham.

Hillary Clinton’s Ceremonial Swearing-In

End of Part One.


Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ Retrospective: Introduction

Access other chapters of this retrospective here >>>>



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Chelsea Clinton With Marlo Thomas 

Posted: 03/13/2014

I was so thrilled to have Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, as our very special 100th Guest on Mondays With Marlo. We discussed everything from her favorite memories of growing up in the White House, to her role in the Clinton Global Initiative University, to the prospect of her following in her parent’s footsteps by one day running for office. Chelsea is such a positive role model for young people everywhere, and I was absolutely charmed by her. Watch our full interview to find out what she had to say!

Read more and see video >>>>

Chelsea Clinton Talks Growing Up in the White House Under “Very Firm” Parents, Says Marriage Is “Incredibly Important

Celebrity News March 17, 2014
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton in 1997 Chelsea Clinton shares in a new interview what it was like to grow up in the White House during her teenage years. Here, a throwback photo of Chelsea and parents Bill and Hillary Clinton back in 1997. Credit: Dirck Halstead/Time Life Pictures/Getty

Growing pains in the White House! Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton opened up in a new interview on Monday, March 17, about calling 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home during her teenage years.

“I was always deeply aware that I was living in history,” Clinton, now 34, told Marlo Thomas in an interview shared by Huffington Post. President Bill Clinton‘s daughter would arrive home from school and walk through the receiving room, which she knew was a special place. “But then I would have dinner with my parents at the kitchen table every night!” she said with a laugh. “There was much about my life that also was normal.”

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Given that the discerning readers here have the intellect, perspective, and judgment to deal with authentic text rather than depend on adulterated, opinionated, cherry-picked interpretations by reporters assigned to stalk follow the Hillary Clinton beat, here are the links from the New York Times to the actual papers rather than to op-eds and  slanted “summaries” of them.

The Clinton Papers Part 1: West Wing

The National Archives made public on Friday afternoon a trove of secret documents detailing the inner workings of Bill Clinton’s White House. Thousands of pages of internal memos and papers shed light into the administration’s approach to foreign policy and domestic politics.

Clinton Papers Part 2: East Wing

The National Archives made public on Friday afternoon a trove of secret documents detailing the inner workings of Bill Clinton’s White House. This collection includes documents related to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s role.



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Hillary, Chelsea, and her husband Marc looked on proudly as President Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Honor upon former President Bill Clinton today.  Other honorees included the late Senator Daniel Inouye, whose widow accepted, former Senator Dick Lugar, Ben Bradlee, Sally Ride, whose life partner accepted for her, Ernie Banks, Loretta Lynn, Gloria Steinem, Oprah Winfrey, and Arturo Sandoval who escaped Cuba aided by Dizzy Gillespie.

Congratulations all around!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Various and sundry have garnered big bucks over the years writing books about Hillary Clinton, and there are,  assuredly,  more in the pipeline, so it is no surprise that the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of campaign gossip are releasing a sequel to Game Change, their autopsy of the 2008 campaign.   In anticipation of  Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s Double Down: Game Change 2012, content leaks are few but explosive.

CNN is busily trumpeting the news that a tiny but mighty group within the White House examined the effect of replacing Joe Biden on the 2012 ticket with Hillary Clinton. What is interesting in their presentation are the key questions:  Did President Obama know?  (Strong probability.)  Did VP Biden know? (Probably not.  Their ticker reads that he dodged a bullet he did not see coming.)

Absent among the questions is whether Hillary knew.  We do not know the answer.   The question, apparently,  is not considered relevant.   That alone is telling.  Hillary Clinton is not a game piece.   Like the rest of us, she is flesh, blood, bone, and brain (a lot more brain than the other 99% and I am not talking financial assets).  Her knowledge of and stance on the switch-off Halperin and Heilmann refer to certainly deserves some discussion.

Anita Finlay reminds us that women are not cardboard cutouts.  That includes Hillary Clinton who is not Betsey McCall or a piece of illegal ivory on a chess board.   Surely one of the people whose life would have been most heavily impacted  merits some consideration by pundits so concerned about whether the two top guys knew about Bill Daley’s focus groups.  (Obama appears to know very little about what goes on in the whirlwind around him – but that is not the point,)


The story CNN and its pundits ignored, emanating from a second book due out soon, is that following the election Obama tried, perhaps more than once, to convince Hillary to remain for another year as Secretary of State and that she declined stating that it was time for her to leave public office.

Make of it what you will.  As stated above, these new publications join a library of gossip surrounding Hillary Clinton who is, after all, a human being whose feelings, opinions, and considerations on these issues that would have hugely impacted her life should be taken into account.

Personal take:

1) Hillary had mapped out a four-year plan of action as Secretary of State.  She had accomplished what she set out to do and never intended to remain with the administration longer than she did.

2)  I am sick of Hillary Clinton being used as a political football.  She is sweet and kind and has her own true concerns and issues that supersede those of this or any administration.  She is addressing those effectively in her current role as private citizen and that is worth watching.

3) Hillary Clinton, after 40 years of public service, deserves the kind of private life most of us consider our due.

4)  What Anita said.

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