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According to information given to a poll worker directly from the Michigan Democratic Party, there will be a write-in option on the ballot tomorrow, however, write-in votes will not be counted.  The other two possibilities on the ballot are Barack Obama, of course, and “uncommitted.”   Those will be counted.  So, as difficult as it may be, you should probably resist the temptation to write Hillary in and vote “uncommitted” if you oppose Obama as the nominee.  That way you can send uncommitted delegates to Charlotte.

On another note, we need to get 1000 Hillary delegates ( or more!)  from each state at Americans Elect for the online convention in June.  You cannot be validated as a registered voter if you register using fake information.  The site is very secure and trustworthy.  I know the questions are very specific, but they are trying to assure that all delegates are eligible to vote.

Here is the link where you can register.  After you do that, you must go through a few more steps to be a validated voter.

Here is Hillary’s page, but to track and support her, you need to start with the link above.


Let’s get those numbers up!



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As they roll in, I continue posting these articles suggesting that our girl take the 2012 plunge.  I am not entertaining the switcheroo articles although some arguments are valid.  Joe Biden has done a wonderful job as VP, and he is not the problem.  The problem is a president without the spine to sweep into office with a grand plan for jobs, to stand up to the GOP (after losing the majority he had in his first two years), or to veto an NDAA bill containing amendments antithetical to the rights of American citizens as stated in the Bill of Rights.

We need a leader with guts – the kind of intestinal fortitude  Hillary Clinton manifested when, in 2009,  she added the U.S. to the nations reviewed for human rights abuses in the annual Human Rights Report.   Obama must have forgotten that little item when he neglected to veto the NDAA.

Clinton backers want her to seek the presidency

Posted Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012

By Anna M. Tinsley

Four years hasn’t been long enough to forget.

Some supporters of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid, including Texans, remain bitter over how the last primary turned out, and they want their candidate back on the ballot this year, one way or another.

Petitions are being circulated to encourage Clinton to resign as secretary of state and run for president; write-in efforts are under way to put her name at the top of the ballot.

This one encourages discussion and provides a lovely slideshow of the SOS at work.

Should Hillary Clinton Run In 2012 Against Obama?

The Current Secretary of State is looking better than ever. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I can’t help but pay attention to her dramatic make-over. I have done some research and it seems that I’m not the only one wondering if Hillary would dare challenge the current President. I highly doubt she would do something like that, even if she and her team want it so badly.


Obama has fallen from grace so quickly that it would not be surprising if someone challenges him for the Democratic nomination in 2012. Many, including former Vice-President Dick Cheney, have been talking about the big ‘mistake’ voters did by choosing Obama over Clinton in 2008. In the last Republican Presidential debate, front-runner Mitt Romney called Obama inexperienced and way ‘over his head.’

Read more and ring in!!!!!!

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Many readers here will recall this scripted moment less than fondly.   I call it scripted because although the party tried its best to hide the truth,  many knew at the time, and many more know now,  that what was being televised was not a true and transparent roll call vote.  It is no secret  by now  among Democrats that the actual vote was taken in hotel rooms that morning and that committed Hillary delegates that we sent to cast votes for her were coerced to vote otherwise before Hillary released them.   What we saw here, deplorable as it was to see a valid candidate and the winner of the popular vote on the convention floor, was theater.

Hillary Clinton was escorted onto the convention floor to rescue the party’s unity and request a unanimous nomination of Barack Obama.  It was a spectacle, for sure, and not the party’s finest moment.

The party seems to have a penchant  for the  theatrical since something appears to be rotten in the state of New Hampshire as this year’s primaries commence.  Curtain up!  A swiftly organized write-in campaign for HRC in the New Hampshire primary was launched in early December and was publicized here, at other Hillary blogs, and in myriad Hillary Facebook groups.  We shared and we tweeted no end to get the word out to New Hampshire voters that on the Dem side there was more than one choice.

Tuesday, the 10th was primary day, and by the next morning we saw these results from C-SPAN.  They were posted here on this blog.

Vote %
Est. % In

New Hampshire

Updated 1:59 p.m. EST, Jan 11, 2012
Table | Map
Total Write-ins

We were informed by the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office that the write-in tallies would be available the next day – today.  You can imagine the shock waves that traveled through the Hillary sites today when that office made these results available.

Presidential Primary Election January 10, 2012 President of the United States – DEMOCRATIC

Suspension of disbelief is possible when the plot is reasonable, but these results are not.  No one voted for HRC?  Democrats wrote in the GOP clown car occupants on the Dem ballot?  No one wrote in  any other Democrats or independents on that ballot?  Smells fishy to me!  So,  many of us had our Hamlet moment today since something indeed is rotten in the state of New Hampshire. The only voters missing are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but I guess it is harder for them to register now that ACORN has bitten the dust. Anyway, Shakespearean productions are almost never accompanied by cartoons.

The only other explanation is that the Hillary Clinton write-ins were inscribed with disappearing ink.  We are undaunted, because for our money, the finest moment of that 2008 convention was this.  Yes, Hillary, we will keep going!

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Not so fast, it seems!  There IS no write in option.  At the Petition Facebook group,  however, there appears to be a way we can battle this totalitarian one-candidate ballot.

I am asking all Hillary supporters to write to the South Carolina Secretary of State demanding suspension of the ‘No Write-in Rule’ under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. We are prepared to seek legal recourse if the Secretary is not responsive. If anyone can help with these legal issues, we’d be grateful.


Thank you for visiting the online office of the South Carolina Secretary of State. We are working hard to revolutionize the way you do business in South Carolina. Please let us know if you have any feedback, questions or concerns.

Let’s all do our part so that our neighbors in South Carolina can write Hillary in should they wish to!


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