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New York NY
New York Hilton
Featured Speaker: League of Conservation Voters

New York NY
Private residence (Sarah & Victor Kovner)
Fundraiser for Mary Landrieu
Cocktails w/ Hillary Rodham Clinton

Washington DC
Georgetown University
Speech: Security, Inclusive Leadership

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Boston MA
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Featured speaker: Massachusetts Conference for Women

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Washington DC
Willard Intercontinental Hotel
Brookings Institution Saban Forum


New York NY
British Counsul General’s Residence
Joint Clinton Foundation/Royal Foundation Conservation Event with the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

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Miami FL
U of Miami &
Estefan home
Future of the Americas & Fundraiser at home of Gloria and Emilio Estefan

New York NY
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Data2X event with Mike Bloomberg and Kathy Calvin of UN Foundation

12-15-14-Z-05 12-15-14-Z-04 12-15-14-Z-02

New York NY
New York Hilton
Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights Gala Honoree (w/ Tony Bennett and Robert DeNiro)

12-16-14-Z-15 12-16-14-Z-13 12-16-14-Z-03 12-16-14-Y-03 12-16-14-Y-02

Alan Gross was finally released from Cuban detention and a relaxation of U.S. – Cuban relations ensued.  This was something Hillary strongly advocated and actively sought for years as Secretary of State.

The Clinton clan was spotted out and about in New York City over the holidays, at one point taking little Charlotte out for a stroll.

For the 19th Time the Gallup poll named Hillary the ‘Most Admired Woman.’

Hillary ended the year on a playful note with an email that delivered a mischievous jab at those who have spent the year ceaselessly speculating about her 2016 intentions while ignoring her groundbreaking efforts at the Clinton Foundation.  The subject line of the email, “Announcement,”  sent a brief shock wave through the Hillary Clinton press corps and prompted a chuckle from those of us who love to watch Hillary play her pursuers.  Good one, Mme. Secretary!



Happy New Year to all!  There is still time to support Hillary’s work and for your contribution to be tripled!  Donate before midnight,  and then let’s all toast her efforts!

Happy New Year, Mme. Secretary, and thank you!


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November began with a last-minute push for Democratic candidates on the eve of mid-term elections.

Campaign event for Alison Lundergan Grimes

11-01-14-Y-01 11-01-14-Z-03 11-01-14-Z-04 11-01-14-Z-08

New Orleans LA
“Moms and Grams for Mary” Landrieu rally

11-01-14-OZ-05 11-01-14-OZ-07 11-01-14-OZ-09 11-01-14-OZ-10 11-01-14-TW-11 11-01-14-Y-01

Campaign stops for Jeanne Shaheen & Maggie Hassan

11-02-14-Y-20 11-02-14-Y-18 11-02-14-Y-17 11-02-14-Y-07 11-02-14-Y-03 11-02-14-Y-02

New York NY
St. Ignatius Loyola
Funeral Mass for Oscar de la Renta

11-03-14-Z-08 11-03-14-Z-13 11-03-14-Z-07 11-03-14-Z-06 11-03-14-Z-03 11-03-14-Z-01 11-03-14-Y-03

Hillary appeared thrilled attending the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards on November 11 seeing Chelsea honored six years after Hillary herself was.


Cindy Leive (l) Chelsea Clinton (c) Hillary Clinton (r)

Cindy Leive (l) Chelsea Clinton (c) Hillary Clinton (r)


Little Rock AR
Clinton Presidential Center
10th Anniversary

Little Rock AR
Clinton Presidential Center
No Ceilings Event: Community-Based Solutions (Live conversation with Hillary and Chelsea)

11-15-14-Y-01 11-15-14-Y-04

New York NY
583 Park Ave.
National Breast Cancer Coalition Honor

Memphis TN
Grand Opening of the Marlo Thomas Center for Global Education & Collaboration at St Jude

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New York NY
Chair: Cookstoves Future Summit

11-21-14-Y-05 11-21-14-Z-19 11-21-14-Z-18 11-21-14-Z-15 11-21-14-Z-13 11-21-14-Z-08 11-21-14-Z-07 11-21-14-Y-01

New York NY
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
NY Historical Society History Makers Gala

11-21-14-Z-26 11-21-14-Z-21 11-21-14-Z-16 11-21-14-Z-24 11-21-14-Z-35 11-21-14-Z-41

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Within days of the birth of her first grandchild Hillary was back campaigning  for Democrats, making speeches,  and collecting honors and awards as well.

New York NY
Stella 34 (Macy’s)
TAPS.org Lifetime Service Award


Coral Gables FL
Books & Books
Book signing

10-02-14-Y-03 10-02-14-Y-04 10-02-14-Y-07 10-02-14-Y-10 10-02-14-Y-09 10-02-14-Y-08

Miami Beach FL
Loew’s Miami Beach Hotel
Keynote at CREW Convention

Miami FL
Miami Biltmore
Fundraiser for Charlie Crist

Ottawa ON
Ottawa Convention Centre
Canada 2020 Special Event Keynote

10-06-14-TW-03 10-06-14-TW-02 10-06-14-TW-01 10-06-14-Y-03 10-06-14-Y-02

Chicago IL
Economic Club of Chicago
Campaign for Pat Quinn

10-08-14-Y-08 10-08-14-Y-09 10-08-14-Y-04 10-08-14-Y-03 10-08-14-Y-01

Chicago IL
Barnes & Noble
Book signing

Chicago IL
McCormick Place
AdvaMed 2014 Keynote Speech at Plenary Session

10-08-14-Y-15 10-08-14-Y-14 10-08-14-Y-13 10-08-14-Y-12 10-08-14-Y-11

Philadelphia PA
National Constitution Center
Campaign rally for Tom Wolfe

10-09-14-Y-03 10-09-14-Y-04 10-09-14-Y-07

San Diego CA
San Diego Convention Center
Speech American Academy of Pediatrics

10-12-14-abc-01 10-12-14-abc-02

Denver CO
The Brown Palace
CO Senate Fundraiser

These were not at the Brown Palace.  They were at Union Station – an unannounced stop.

10-13-14-Y-07 10-13-14-Y-09 10-13-14-Y-10 10-13-14-Y-02 10-13-14-Y-01 10-13-14-Y-04

Las Vegas NV
Bellagio Resort
UNLV Foundation Annual Dinner Keynote Speech

10-13-14-OZ-02 10-13-14-OZ-03 10-13-14-OZ-04 10-13-14-OZ-05 10-13-14-OZ-10 10-13-14-OZ-14 10-13-14-OZ-15 10-13-14-OZ-22

San Francisco CA
Keynote: Dreamforce

10-14-14-Y-07 10-14-14-OZ-16 10-14-14-OZ-14 10-14-14-OZ-15 10-14-14-OZ-13 10-14-14-Y-03 10-14-14-Y-01

Louisville KY
A convention center & Dem HQ
Campaign event for Alison Lundergan Grimes

10-15-14-Z-10 10-15-14-Z-09 10-15-14-Z-08 10-15-14-Z-07 10-15-14-Z-04 10-15-14-Y-12 10-15-14-Y-15

Auburn Hills MI
Oakland University
Campaign event for Gary Peters and Mark Schnauer

10-16-14-DMT-10 10-16-14-DMT-08 10-16-14-DMT-06 10-16-14-DMT-05 10-16-14-Y-06 10-16-14-Y-04

San Francisco CA
Fairmont Hotel
DCCC Fundraiser luncheon w/ Nancy Pelosi

10-20-14-Y-08 10-20-14-Y-07 10-20-14-Y-06 10-20-14-Y-02 10-20-14-Y-03

Brentwood CA
DCCC Fundraiser w/ Jeffrey Katzenberg

Aurora CO
Radisson Denver Southeast
Campaign Event for Mark Udall

10-21-14-Z-13 10-21-14-Z-11 10-21-14-Z-07 10-21-14-Z-05 10-21-14-Z-04 10-21-14-Z-02

New York NY
Women’s Equality Party Rally for Andrew Cuomo

10-23-14-Y-01 10-23-14-Y-03 10-23-14-Y-04 10-23-14-Y-07 10-23-14-OZ-05 10-23-14-OZ-06 10-23-14-OZ-07

St. Paul MN
Macalester College Leonard Center Fieldhouse
Free rally for Mark Dayton

10-23-14-Y-14 10-23-14-Y-13 10-23-14-Y-04 10-23-14-Y-02 10-23-14-Y-03

St. Paul MN
St. Paul River Centre
Fund raiser for Gov. Mark Dayton

Providence RI
Rhode Island College Recreation Center
Campaign for Gina Raimundo

10-24-14-Y-01 10-24-14-Y-05 10-24-14-TW-19 10-24-14-TW-18 10-24-14-TW-16

Boston MA
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Campaign event for Martha Coakley

10-24-14-Y-09 10-24-14-Y-08 10-24-14-Y-07 10-24-14-Y-02 10-24-14-Y-01 10-24-14-TW-21

Scarborough ME
Scarborough HS
Campaign event for Mike Michaud
10-24-14-Y-05 10-24-14-Y-04 10-24-14-Y-03 10-24-14-Y-02

Charlotte NC
Charlotte Convention Center
Campaign event for Kay Hagan

Somers NY
Pinnacle at Heritage Hills country club
Campaign event for Sean Patrick Maloney (running against Nan Hayworth)

10-27-14-Y-02 10-27-14-Y-01

Cedar Rapids IA
Union Hall
Grassroots Campaign event for Bruce Braley

Daverport IA
Rally for Bruce Braley

10-20-14-TW-09 10-20-14-TW-03 10-20-14-TW-02 10-20-14-TW-01 10-20-14-Y-03 10-20-14-Y-06

Washington DC
Georgetown University
Speech: Women’s Economic Participation

College Park MD
Rally for Anthony Brown

10-30-14-12 10-30-14-09 10-30-14-07 10-30-14-06 10-30-14-05 10-30-14-03 10-30-14-01

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Hillary returned to the State Department in early September to  join predecessors Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell as well as her successor, John Kerry, for a ceremonial ground-breaking for  the U.S. Diplomacy Center.

09-03-14-Z-32 09-03-14-Z-28 09-03-14-Z-26 09-03-14-Z-25 09-03-14-Z-23 09-03-14-Z-21 09-03-14-Z-20 09-03-14-Z-19 09-03-14-Z-18 09-03-14-Z-15 09-03-14-Z-12 09-03-14-Z-09 09-03-14-Z-07 09-03-14-Z-06 09-03-14-Z-05 09-03-14-Z-04 09-03-14-Z-02

Las Vegas NV
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Keynote: National Clean Energy Summit 7.0

09-04-14-AP-01 09-04-14-Z-34 09-04-14-Z-33 09-04-14-Z-31 09-04-14-Z-26 09-04-14-Z-25 09-04-14-Z-09

Scholarship Event for Carlos Slim

09-05-14-Y-04 09-05-14-Y-01
She also met with Mexican President Pena Nieto.
09-05-14-Y-08 09-05-14-Y-10

On September 8, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush launched the  Presidential Leadership Scholars Initiative at the Newseum in DC while Hillary looked on proudly.
09-08-14-Y-02 09-08-14-Y-01

Washington DC
Clinton Residence
DSCC Fundraiser

New York NY
Riverside Church
Maya Angelou Memorial

09-12-14-Y-03 09-12-14-Y-04

New York NY
Ford Foundation
‘Women and Girls Rising’ Roosevelt Institute Conference
09-12-14-TW-02 09-12-14-Z-14 09-12-14-Z-10 09-12-14-Z-09 09-12-14-Z-07 09-12-14-Z-02 09-12-14-Z-01 09-12-14-Y-05

Indianola, IA
Harkin Steak Fry
Keynote speech
09-14-14-Y-33 09-14-14-Y-32 09-14-14-Y-30 09-14-14-Y-21 09-14-14-Y-20 09-14-14-Y-11 09-14-14-Y-09 09-14-14-Y-08 09-14-14-Y-06 09-14-14-OZ-15 09-14-14-OZ-07 09-14-14-OZ-03 09-14-14-OZ-02

Washington DC
Omni Shoreham
Legal Services Corporation 40th Anniversary

09-15-14-Z-04 09-15-14-Z-19 09-15-14-Z-06 09-15-14-Z-20

New York NY
United Federation of Teachers’ Manhattan headquarters.
9/11 Health Watch Fundraiser

09-16-14-OZ-12 09-16-14-OZ-11 09-16-14-OZ-09 09-16-14-OZ-08 09-16-14-OZ-03 09-16-14-Y-01

Washington DC
Center for American Progress
Women’s Pay & Economic Equity

09-18-14-Y-04 09-18-14-Y-03 09-18-14-Y-02

Washington DC
DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum

09-19-14-Z-03 09-19-14-Z-05 09-19-14-Z-08 09-19-14-Y-02 09-19-14-Y-03 09-19-14-Y-10

New York, NY
Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
10th Annual Clinton Global Initiative

09-21-14-Y-04 09-21-14-Y-03 09-21-14-Y-0109-22-14-Z-17 09-22-14-Z-12 09-22-14-Z-11 09-22-14-Z-10 09-22-14-Z-06 09-22-14-Z-04 09-22-14-Z-03 09-22-14-Z-02 09-22-14-Z-0109-23-14-Y-05 09-23-14-Y-03 09-23-14-OZ-03 09-23-14-OZ-0209-24-14-Z-50 09-24-14-Z-47 09-24-14-Z-46 09-24-14-Z-44 09-24-14-Y-19 09-24-14-Z-41 09-24-14-Z-42 09-24-14-Z-40 09-24-14-Z-39 09-24-14-Z-38 09-24-14-Z-37


Two days later, Chelsea gave birth to Charlotte.  What a smart and thoughtful baby to wait till Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa finished CGI!

09-27-14-TW-0309-29-14-DM-05 09-29-14-DM-01


New York NY
Fundraiser for NY/NJ Democrats


Hillary did cancel some events the following Monday down in the DC area.  President Clinton subbed for her at one of these events.

Washington DC
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, 2014 Public Policy Conference

Potomac MD
Private home
Fundraiser for Anthony G. Brown

Washington DC
Capitol Hill law firm (unnamed)
Fundraiser for Lou D’Allesandro

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Because we all need a good laugh tonight.  Tomorrow could be brutal, so make sure you implore those around you to vote if they have not already.

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Hillary Clinton stepped into the mid-term arena in early September via fundraisers, one at her D.C. home and another in New York for a list of local candidates.  September 30 events were canceled due to the birth of her first grandchild, Charlotte.  These included fundraisers in D.C.,  one for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown and another for New Hampshire state Senator Lou D’Allesandro.  She was in Maryland on Thursday for Brown.  Today, her final official day on the stump, she visited New Hampshire where D’Allesandro caught up with her and presented her with a baby blanket for Charlotte.

Her rounds began at a rally for Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Governor Maggie Hassan in Nashua.  The three then surprised diners at a popular restaurant, The Puritan Backroom in Manchester, where they had lunch.   Finally they headed to Dover where they stopped at The Farm Bar and Grill.

11-02-14-TW-01 11-02-14-TW-02 11-02-14-TW-03 11-02-14-TW-04 11-02-14-TW-05 11-02-14-TW-06 11-02-14-TW-07 11-02-14-TW-08 11-02-14-TW-09 11-02-14-TW-10 11-02-14-Y-01 11-02-14-Y-02 11-02-14-Y-03 11-02-14-Y-04 11-02-14-Y-05 11-02-14-Y-06 11-02-14-Y-07 11-02-14-Y-08 11-02-14-Y-09 11-02-14-Y-10 11-02-14-Y-11 11-02-14-Y-12 11-02-14-Y-13 11-02-14-Y-14 11-02-14-Y-15 11-02-14-Y-16 11-02-14-Y-17 11-02-14-Y-18 11-02-14-Y-19 11-02-14-Y-20 11-02-14-Y-21 11-02-14-Y-22

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The slogan is, of course, a play on the French pronunciation of the {-eau}+{-x} suffix normally attached to plural nouns and the adjectives that must agree with them in gender and number and is pronounced /o/.

Geaux Vote

Hillary hopped from her Kentucky rally for Alison Lundergan Grimes to NOLA for the event, billed alternately as  “Women with Mary” and “Moms and Grams with Mary.”   A fair share of men also turned out to see the newly-minted “gram.”   Bryan Cranston and Louis CK were spotted outside the venue.  Hillary reunited with her former Senate colleague at a rally at the Sugar Mill in New Orleans and spoke of Landrieu’s post-Katrina advocacy for her constituents. Landrieu hopes to retain her Senate seat and help maintain the Democratic majority in the Senate.

11-01-14-OZ-01 11-01-14-OZ-02 11-01-14-OZ-03 11-01-14-OZ-04 11-01-14-OZ-05 11-01-14-OZ-06 11-01-14-OZ-07 11-01-14-OZ-08 11-01-14-OZ-09 11-01-14-OZ-10 11-01-14-OZ-11 11-01-14-OZ-12 11-01-14-OZ-13 11-01-14-OZ-14 11-01-14-TW-01 11-01-14-TW-02 11-01-14-TW-03 11-01-14-TW-04 11-01-14-TW-05 11-01-14-TW-06 11-01-14-TW-07 11-01-14-TW-08 11-01-14-TW-09 11-01-14-TW-10 11-01-14-TW-11 11-01-14-TW-12 11-01-14-TW-13 11-01-14-TW-14 11-01-14-TW-15 11-01-14-TW-16 11-01-14-TW-17 11-01-14-Y-01 11-01-14-Y-02 11-01-14-Y-03 11-01-14-Y-04 11-01-14-Y-05 11-01-14-Y-06 11-01-14-Y-07 11-01-14-Y-08 11-01-14-Y-09 11-01-14-Y-10

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The Clintons have been energetic supporters of Alison’s campaign.  To put the dot on the ‘i’ Hillary returned to Kentucky today.   Two weeks after her last visit and four days before the mid-term election, Hillary joined Alison and Governor Steve Beshear at the Northern Kentucky University rally in Highland Heights.  Grimes hopes to unseat Mitch McConnell and win an important Senate seat for the Democrats.


11-01-14-Y-06 11-01-14-Y-07 11-01-14-Y-08 11-01-14-Y-09 11-01-14-Y-10

11-01-14-Y-04 11-01-14-Y-05

11-01-14-Y-01 11-01-14-Y-02 11-01-14-Y-03 11-01-14-Z-01 11-01-14-Z-02 11-01-14-Z-03 11-01-14-Z-04 11-01-14-Z-05 11-01-14-Z-06 11-01-14-Z-07 11-01-14-Z-08


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Hillary and Governor Martin O’Malley were in College Park, MD today to boost Anthony Brown to succeed O’Malley and Ken Ulman for Lieutenant Governor.


10-30-14-01 10-30-14-02 10-30-14-03 10-30-14-04 10-30-14-05 10-30-14-06 10-30-14-07 10-30-14-08 10-30-14-09 10-30-14-10 10-30-14-11

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Bruce Braley is in a tight Senate race with Tea Party candidate Joni Ernst.  Hillary returned to Iowa today for a few events to bolster Braley who presented her with an Iowa-themed outfit for her precious little granddaughter, Charlotte.  After getting a selfie with Hillary, Ian Klopfenstein tweeted that he “can probably just die now.”  Don’t do that, Ian!  Knock on those doors, as Hillary asked.



10-20-14-TW-01 10-20-14-TW-02 10-20-14-TW-03 10-20-14-TW-04 10-20-14-TW-05 10-20-14-TW-06 10-20-14-TW-07 10-20-14-TW-08 10-20-14-TW-09 10-20-14-TW-10 10-20-14-TW-11

10-20-14-Y-01 10-20-14-Y-02 10-20-14-Y-03 10-20-14-Y-04 10-20-14-Y-05 10-20-14-Y-06 10-20-14-Y-07 10-20-14-Y-08 10-20-14-Y-09

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