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In August, 1999 I landed in Tel Aviv late on a Sunday afternoon having been sent by my dean and assured that my credit card would be good.  By the time I got to the hotel  it was early evening,  and I discovered that to Israelis, Discover is not a credit card.  I was shocked, almost distrustful of my own ears when the hotel clerk told me to go down to the bank and use my ATM card.  “It’s open.  Go down the block.”  A bank open on a Sunday night?  Shalom!  Welcome to Israel!  In Israel, Saturday is the Sabbath, and Sunday is the equivalent of Monday here – first day of the work week.

If I remember correctly, during daylight savings time, there is a seven-hour difference between Tel Aviv time and EDT.  It is going on 6 p.m. there now.  The moratorium of the settlement freeze expires in about six hours.  I can tell you that Israel is finishing off an active work day.  There are a few possibilities.
1. Cranes are back in place for building to continue.
2. The moratorium expires, and building does not continue.
3. There is a political dust-up in Israel, with Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman inappropriately leading the movement to continue the building.  In my opinion this domestic issue is not his purview unless he is willing to go ahead and admit he is advocating the confiscation of Palestinian land.

If that last happens,  speculation is that Netanyahu loses his majority but joins forces with Tzipi Livni’s Likud party.  I admit, I do not understand much about how these parliamentary democracies work.

Anyway, this lovely Sunday, Bill Clinton is making a whirlwind tour of campaign stops in New England for friends of Hillary.   He will be in Connecticut for Blumenthal, Massachusetts for Barney Frank, Maine for Libby Mitchell.  If you think the turbo-Secretary is kicking back this Sunday, most assuredly, she is not.  She might be home, but she is certainly working the phones.  She met with Mahmoud Abbas on Friday and is doing her best to keep him at the table.  I honestly do think Bibi wants to make this work as well.  But there is no doubt that right in the middle is a pretty little angel of peace, and all of our prayers are with her and with all of them

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