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I switched briefly to that 60 Minutes interview (looking for America’s Funniest Videos because I needed to laugh), heard Donald Trump’s voice, and toggled back to CNN because his voice is beginning to induce migraines the way Mary Hart’s voice purportedly caused the woman in upstate New York to have seizures.

When CNN began playing snippets of the interview, I decided to check Twitter and found #60Minutes trending.  I follow a lot of Hillary people on Twitter, but this is a hashtag. This is not inside the Hillary cathedral of folks-I-follow. This is a cross section of America.  Every single comment is negative.

The gold chairs alone elicited many comments.

Missed it?  Adam Parkhomenko made it easy and efficient for you to catch right up!

America will decide, but if Twitter is any indicator, they are not loving King Donald and Prince Pence.


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The day after claiming the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary was all over the TV networks tonight. She appeared with Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing such topics as party unity, Bill Clinton’s possible role in her administration, and her pick for Veep.

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In the post mortem, Jeffrey Toobin said what someone should have long ago: that there is a word for what happened to Bernie Sanders – he lost and needs to get over it.  Toobin said the party has coddled Sanders long enough, and it is time for him to get in line.  He said Hillary cannot tell Bernie this, but President Obama can and, he supposes, probably will at their meeting tomorrow. He backed up his statement by arguing that Hillary got the most votes, the most delegates, and the most states.  Case closed as far as he is concerned.

Hillary also spent some time last night before her big speech last night with ABC’s David Muir. The segment aired on World News Tonight.

The video and transcript are here >>>>

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Before Hillary left the west coast, she also sat down with Mario Lopez, and that segment aired tonight as well.  It was very short and focused on the history of the moment.

DSCN6638 DSCN6640

Finally, Lester Holt interviewed Hillary for the Nightly News.  She rejected the notion that Bernie Sanders brought any new ideas to the table but praised the passion he inspired.  Lawrence O’Donnell replayed this at 10 EDT on MSNBC.

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Lawrence O’Donnell  ended his hour recalling that other California primary. The 1968 one. I did not cry last night when Hillary claimed the nomination. I knew she was going to do it, and thank God. She is healthy and fine. But 1968….. I woke up early in the morning and the TV was on. I asked my husband – “Why are they talking about JFK?” He said, “They are talking about his brother.”

The cortege went through NJ by train on the way to D.C. People lined the tracks the whole way. It still hurts after all these years. Eight years ago, after suspending her campaign, Hillary Clinton went to the fields of California and began campaigning for the Obama/Biden ticket. She had, long before that, filled the Bobby space in my heart along with his Senate seat. Where she went and what she did after accepting defeat was so much like Bobby as were her visions and plans as laid out in her campaign that year. There is a grace in what she did.  There was a grace in Bobby.

Chip in something if you can and continue to help make history!



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Hillary Clinton joined George Stephanopoulos on This Week this morning, live from California.

‘This Week’ Transcript: Hillary Clinton

By ABC News

THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT FOR ‘THIS WEEK’ ON June 5, 2016 and it will be updated.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Madam Secretary, thank you for joining us.

HILLARY CLINTON: Thank you, George

STEPHANOPOULOS: Your supporters have been pretty fired up in the last couple of days as you’ve been taking it to Donald Trump, and you also step it up using words like demagogue and dictator. Have you concluded that the best way to beat Donald Trump is to be a bit more like him?

CLINTON: No, not at all. I laid out in my speech in San Diego the crux of my concerns and my case against him on foreign policy and national security. And a lot of what he says plays into what I consider to be a very divisive and dangerous view of the world. And I think it’s important that we call it for what it is.

Read more >>>>

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During her Friday visit to a senior housing center in East Harlem, Hillary was interviewed by Dave Evans for a local ABC News Sunday spot on Up Close.

Transcript and video here >>>>


Issue 1. New York took a chance on her and she is committed to the state. They’ve had her back she will have theirs and it won’t be over till till’s over.

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Issue 2. Wall St. Hillary called Bernie’s comments a strange critique and noted that Sanders could not cite an instance where contributions had influenced her. Obama accepted such contributions and was not influenced. As NY Senator she did call them out.  Also cited Sanders’s inability to say how he would accomplish breaking up the banks paired with his failure to understand that she wants to go further after hedge funds, big insurance and mortgage companies.

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Issue 3. Trust. It’s unfair to say she can’t be trusted NY has trusted her twice.  Obama trusted her.  When she has a job she gets good marks, but any time she runs this kind of criticism is in the air and they pile on.  But when she gets the job people see her working hard and getting things done.

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Issue 4. Nastiness in this race:  She is surprised at what the Sanders campaign says and implies.  Surrogate attacks are not just on her but on her supporters.  Says he needs to listen to the people who support him and he has played along with the negativity.  She said that is not what matters.

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Issue 5.  What matters is that they have tried to stay on the issues  to put forth very specific plans.  She wants New Yorkers to know what she will do.  It’s not enough to diagnose the problems.  You  also have to have solutions to the problems  She has not heard plans from Sanders.  She cited the long interviews with NYDN.  They both went an hour with the editorial board. NYDN endorsed her because they were surprised he had no solutions.

DSCN5135 DSCN5137 DSCN5139 DSCN5142 DSCN5143 DSCN5144 DSCN5145

Issue 6. Excited about campaigning in New York. Campaigning hard.

DSCN5150 DSCN5151

Issue 7. Excited to be a grandma.  Happy another baby is coming.




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Hillary stood by her very complex plan to combat ISIS, this morning, emphasizing local stakeholders as the boots on the ground while allowing for an increase in Special Ops advisors and trainers.  Unlike the GOP candidates, Hillary’s plan very much includes plugging the holes in gun laws.  She also spoke strongly about the role social media plays in ISIS recruitment and the need for social media to cooperate in the battle since hearts and minds are being won over via these popular platforms.

Here are a few excerpts.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Why not declare war?

CLINTON: Well, declare war is a very legal term, as you know so well. I think what we want to do is make sure we have every tool at our disposal to, number one, destroy there would-be caliphate in Syria and in Ra — in Iraq.

Number two, do everything we can to dismantle this very effective virtual jihadist network that they are using on the Internet.

And number three, do whatever is necessary to protect us here at home.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What are you concerned about in the declaration of war?

CLINTON: Well, I think that the legal experts say that if we — there are a lot who say that we already have the authority we need to go after ISIS or any international terrorist network, including al Qaeda and anybody else in the AUMF.

I think it is important, though, for the Congress to vote on behalf of the American people and to make sure that we are updating it to take into account the new authorities that that risks.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You put — you’ve also been reluctant to say we’re fighting radical Islam. And I wonder why not.

Isn’t it a mistake not to say it plain, that the violence is being pushed by radical elements in that faith?

CLINTON: Well, that’s a different thing. Radical elements who use a dangerous and distorted view of Islam to promote their jihadist ambitions, I’m fine with that. I say it all the time and I go after Islamic, too.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So what’s the problem with radical Islam?

CLINTON: Well, the problem is that that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion. And that, to me, is, number one, wrong but…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Even though the qualifier radical is there?

CLINTON: No, because, look, that — you know enough about religion, you’ve studied it. And there are radicals, people who believe all kinds of things in every religion in the world.

I don’t want to do that because, number one, it doesn’t do justice to the vast numbers of Muslims in our own country and around the world who are peaceful people.

Number two, it helps to create this clash of civilizations that is actually a recruiting tool for ISIS and other radical jihadists who use this as a way of saying we’re in a war against the West. You must join us. If you are a Muslim, you must join us.

No. If you’re a law-abiding, peace-loving Muslim, you need to be with us against those who are distorting Islam.

Here is the full transcript >>>>

During her extensive appearance she also defended her multi-layered plans for economic growth and middle-class ascendance. Find these here >>>>

Hillary Clinton Fact Sheet: Strengthening Rural America

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Lower Prescription Costs

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Financial Markets

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Caregivers

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Infrastructure Plan

Hillary Clinton Addresses The Economy in New York City

Jeb Bush visited after Hillary in rebuttal, and essentially reiterated her plan to combat ISIS.  He said something about taking power away from Washington and shifting it back to states and middle class America.  That is GOP code for shifting power  to corporations and financial institutions and keeping the money at the top.

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You can access more information at the program’s website >>>>


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We can only guess how debate prep is unfolding in the campaign camps.  CNN says walk throughs will commence shortly.  Topically it is a crap shoot although it is a pretty good guess that Webb, Chafee, and O’Malley will be concentrating on introducing themselves to viewers who have never heard of them.  When it comes to seizing the moment, however, the lady in red has already won the day.  She did it yesterday.

Hillary Clinton arrived in Las Vegas, got in a car, and went straight into town to join a labor rally at Donald Trump’s hotel.  It seems one other candidate heard about this demonstration after Hillary had made a an entrance and a speech and sent a car  for people to wave at.  We do not know if that candidate was actually in the car at the moment.

Back in 2008, when I was promoting Hillary Clinton, one of the things I remember saying frequently was that she is scary smart and that what we need is scary smart. That remains true, and what could possibly be scarier to all comers no matter the party, than this amazing move by Hillary Clinton?  Basically, she can just stand there tonight and smile graciously.  As one commentator put it, she can straighten all their ties.  She won the optics with this.

Hillary Clinton Takes on Trump in Shadow of His Las Vegas Hotel

PHOTO: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton shakes hands during a rally, Oct. 12, 2015, in Las Vegas.

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At the request of many, and even though I expect it to be a very boring two hours, I will be covering the Democrat Debate live on twitter!

. Glad you’ll be watching. It’s going to be “huge.”


Can someone please explain to Ashleigh Banfield that the proper reference is to the last post held?  She is not Senator Clinton.  She is Secretary Clinton.



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9-8-15 – FULL INTERVIEW ABC – Hillary Clinton Apologizes for Private Email Chokes Up During ABC News Interview – As we learned in ABC News’ brief preview of David Muir’s sit-down interview with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner admitted, for the first time, that using a private email server was a “mistake,” saying, “I’m sorry.” Clinton stressed again that the decision to use a personal email address and server was “allowed” by the State Department, but she still believes it was a “mistake” to do so. “What I had done was allowed,” she said. “It was above board, but in retrospect, certainly, as I look back at it now, even though it was allowed, I should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work-related emails. That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility.”

Confronted by a New York Times report that found two of her emails were classified at the time that they were sent or received, Clinton pushed back on that assessment. “The State Department disputes that,” she said. “I understand why different agencies have different views, and I respect that. It does not change the fact that I did not send or receive any information that was marked classified at the time.”

Later in the interview, Muir pressed Clinton to say whether she believes Vice President Joe Biden would make a good president, should he get into the 2016 race. At first, Clinton would only say that she “likes” Biden, but then admitted that he “could be a good president.”

Finally, Muir asked Clinton if, in her “most private of moments,” she ever asks herself, “Why am I doing this again?”

“Yes, of course. because it really is hard,” Clinton replied. She even choked up a bit as she recalled mother’s “terrible childhood.” She said, “I don’t want to just fight for me. I mean, I can have a perfectly fine life not being president. I want to fight for all the people like my mother who need somebody in their corner, and they need a leader who cares about them again.”

Perhaps this is the next step in Clinton’s grand plan to “show more humor and heart” in her campaign.

PHOTO: Hillary Clinton sits down with ABCs David Muir on September 8, 2015 for an exclusive interview.

See more video >>>>




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