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If you are a New Yorker, you know how BIG this is!

The Amsterdam News endorses Hillary Clinton for president

3/31/2016, 10:05 a.m.

We unequivocally endorse Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary for president.

Hillary Clinton Bill Moore photo
We need Hillary.

Our country sits on the precipice. We will either continue to rise up out of the ashes of the Bush presidency or go down in flames. The past seven years have been a struggle, to say the least. President Barack Obama has done a remarkable job trying to right this ship we call America, while having to ride the storm surges of the right wing trying to sink us at every turn. We have come a long way, but there are still so many challenges ahead of us.

As New York heads to the polls in just a few short weeks, we must be clear in our objectives. We must understand our history and who has written it. So now it is our turn to correct some of the misnomers and half truths as we go forward to this pivotal election, which, as many pundits have noted, may be the most consequential in our lifetime.

For the first time, in a very long time, the New York presidential primary will actually count, and count with decisive numbers. And that is why this endorsement may be one of the most important ones of our generation.

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