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I have no intention of buying or reading Amy Chozick’s account of her 10 years following Hillary Clinton. I have my own 10 years archived here. The excerpt in yesterday’s New York Times provides an interesting insight, for what that is worth, to how the campaign was covered in the media.

While it is perhaps laudable that Chozick takes some responsibility for the effect of reportage on the election outcome, she seems to have missed the most important fault. Emphasis below is mine. From the article:

They were never going to let me be president.”


She did a whole riff on making lists. “I have a plan for just about everything,” she said. “You know, maybe this is a woman thing. We make lists, right? I love making lists. And then I love crossing things off!”


And they were The Times and me and all the other journalists who covered those stolen emails.

It was not only eternally and ever the emails or the failure to ascribe importance to the source (Wikileaks) of the leaked DNC and Podesta emails. It was the abdication of the primary duty of a campaign reporter: to inform the public of the plans.

Yes, Hillary did have a plan for just about everything. They were good plans. Unfortunately, like blueprints, plans are not especially sexy or exciting. That those plans got shunted off into dusty corners of office cubicles (Amy’s and others’) is, I would argue, the single most significant failure of reportage in the campaign.

As mea culpas go, meh. More a Greek apologia. Chozick writes, “She went through the motions.” No! She did the homework! You dropped the ball. The ball was those plans.

Hillary Clinton, flanked by Bill Clinton, left, and Tim Kaine, giving her concession speech in Manhattan the day after Election Day in 2016. Credit Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

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The story went viral, so it deserves some attention here. I agree with Gail Collins on this one.

Hillary Clinton after winning the Nevada Democratic caucus vote in 2008. Todd Heisler/The New York Times

I’m sorry, gentle reader. You’ve spent the week listening to terrible news on everything from flu to foreign affairs, and now we’ve got a story about how Hillary Clinton tolerated sexual harassment in her presidential campaign.

There are several ways to handle this, and one is definitely to consider moving to another country. Another is to say that you’re not going to listen to any of this as long as the country is run by a man whose track record on sexual issues is Cro-Magnon. Or to ask what would have happened to Hillary if she had been recorded bragging about how fame gives her the right to grab men by their private parts.

But let’s be tough-minded and think this new controversy through: According to a Times report by Maggie Haberman and Amy Chozick, during the 2008 presidential campaign, a senior Clinton aide named Burns Strider was accused of sexually harassing a woman who had the bad luck to be working in his office. Clinton’s campaign manager recommended he be fired. Instead, the candidate opted for sending him to counseling and docking him several weeks’ pay. The law firm that worked for the campaign said it had set up a process for handling sexual harassment complaints and this was “appropriate action.”

One of the deep, deep ironies of this story is Strider’s job, which was “faith adviser.” Among his duties was sending Clinton scriptural passages every morning.

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Things I take into consideration here: As Gail points out it was a first offense, and he likely would have remained in the Democratic Party system anyway. It was ten years ago when the landscape was very different. Hillary’s 2008 campaign differed from her 2016 campaign. The earlier campaign was not focused as heavily on women’s issues as the later one. In fact, advisors steered her away from the “woman candidate” role then.

Finally, and this is key to my take, no one, least of all Hillary Clinton, has ever said Hillary Clinton was perfect. It was an imperfect decision. She is human and makes mistakes.

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What a weekend it was! Millions on the march on Saturday were largely ignored by Sunday morning TV as the government remained in shut-down mode.

The GOP, which espouses family values and a strong military, stubbornly resisted Claire McCaskill’s efforts to continue military pay and suspend Congressional pay for the duration. Linda Sarsour, a Women’s March organizer, insisted the marches would have occurred even if Hillary Clinton had been elected.  Hillary supporters, of course, would never have turned out.

It was another weekend in the rabbit hole that is Trump’s America.

Amy Chozick’s editorial in last week’s New York Times suggested that Hillary was fading from the political scene.  Refreshingly, Gail Collins does not see things that way at all.

Question: Do you think Donald Trump spends more time thinking about Hillary Clinton than Hillary Clinton spends thinking about Donald Trump?

Sure does seem like it. The other day, Trump was discussing Russia at a news conference with the prime minister of Norway, when he suddenly announced that Clinton “was not for a strong military and Hillary, my opponent, was for windmills, and she was for other types of energy that don’t have the same capacities at this moment certainly.”

Yeah, it didn’t make any sense. But he really can’t seem to get past her. Recently while promoting tax cuts and a congressional candidate in Pennsylvania, Trump veered off to remind the crowd that during the campaign, Clinton had once called his supporters “deplorables.”

“Who would have thought that was going to turn into a landslide?” asked the president, alluding to a contest in which he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million.

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Many of the women who marched Saturday said specifically that they marched because of Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is not going anywhere. The events page at the website for her book continues to forecast additional events in 2018.  Moreover, Donald Trump seems unable to let her go.

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According to these New York Daily News and  New York Times reports, Hillary Clinton will join Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Martin O’Malley, and Chris Matthews as a member of Irish America Magazine’s Hall of Fame.   Hillary will deliver the keynote address at the March 16 event.


Hillary Clinton to join Irish America Hall of Fame as ‘unsung hero’ of peace process

Hillary Clinton may not be a two-time presidential candidate just yet.

But she’s already an “unsung hero” of Ireland’s peace process, according to a group that plans to honor her in New York next month.

Clinton will be inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame because “as First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State,” she worked to keep the peace process “at the top of the U.S. foreign policy agenda,” Irish America co-founder Niall O’Dowd said in a Monday statement.

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Hillary Clinton to Be Inducted Into Irish-American Hall of Fame

Amy Chozick

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be inducted into Irish America magazine’s hall of fame next month, giving her an early opportunity to try to charm a critical voting bloc.

On March 16, Mrs. Clinton will deliver a keynote address to a network of high-profile Irish-Americans who each year honor elected officials and others and give them a chance to address the St. Patrick’s Day-themed luncheon.

Previous inductees include former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and former Gov. Martin O’Malley or Maryland, who last year addressed the crowd in a mix of English and Irish.

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Hillary has a long and tireless record of working for peace on the Emerald Isle which was recognized on her final official visit in December 2012.

Video: Hillary Clinton with Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness

Choice of Hillary Clinton as the Irish American Hall of Fame speaker was easy

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Hillary made a swing through California and Canada the first week of March, was in New York at the U.N. on March 7, was in Montreal yesterday, and back in New York again today.  At most of these stops she had some very strong words for Vladimir Putin and his land grabbing ways.   Yet it appears that this now private citizen cannot spend 10 days out of the public eye without some concern troll inventing a health condition or making a tasteless remark like one I saw yesterday involving the missing airliner.

Beginning her speech to the Association of American Publishers at Manhattan’s McGraw -Hill Conference Center today with a shout-out to WaPo’s In the Loop contest to suggest titles for her upcoming tome,  Hillary offered tongue-in-cheek guidelines for would-be authors one of which was “quit your day job,” a recommendation she quickly revised.

When Clinton wrote Living History, her 2003 title about her life up until that point, she was a U.S. senator and was overwhelmed by the amount of work necessary for doing her day job and writing a book in the evenings.

This time around, her departure from the State Department would provide her with the peace and quiet necessary to write a book:

“I was leaving the State Department, stepping off that high wire of American diplomacy. There’d be no more interview requests, no more frantic media speculation about my plans — just peace and quiet. So I thought, let’s write another book. It has not worked out exactly that way,” she said, referring to the constant media speculation that she is planning on running for president in 2016.

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Absolutely, Hillary!   It has not worked out exactly that way.  At all!

I combed Twitter for twitpics. The only one was this one from Amy Chozick of the New York Times.  Being the only one, and especially high resolution for a twitpic, it went semi-viral.


We know that copies Lisa Rogak’s fine collection of Hillary quotes was being raffled off and hope the lucky winners are pleased with their prizes.


Meanwhile, in D.C. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was receiving the Hillary Rodham Clinton Award for Advancing Women in Peace and Security at Georgetown University.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen gestures while speaking after receiving the Hillary Rodham Clinton Award for Advancing Women in Peace and Security at Georgetown University in Washington, March 19, 2014. REUTERS/Larry Downing

The buzz around Cipriani in New York is that political heavy hitters will attend an AJC dinner this evening in Hillary’s honor but that one big name will be missing.

Pols planning to attend AJC dinner for @hillaryclinton tonight at Cipriani: Schumer, Schneiderman, Rangel, Maloney + more. No @deBlasioNYC.

Best compliments, Mme. Secretary, for yet another well-earned honor!

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When it comes to Hillary Clinton, apparently absence makes the heart grow curiouser and curiouser and the brain softer and softer.  The media’s blonde obsession with her,  that generated Politico’s  “shadow campaign” and “hit list” over the first two weeks of the year and Time Magazine’s dominatrix image in a recent cover story, progresses unmitigated by Hillary’s lack of presence anywhere.  Behind curtains and closed doors, she continues attracting media attention.

I predicted here almost two weeks ago that we were likely, in 2014, to see a plethora of these toxic mushrooms springing up on a regular basis – weekly seemed reasonable.

When the temperatures are just right overnight, you can wake up one morning after a dense dew or rain and see a plethora of mushrooms, some quite healthy and large, where the day before there were none.  If the first two weeks of 2014 are any indication, we are likely to see a literary metaphor of this phenomenon around Hillary Clinton.


What the meme will be next week or the week after  is anyone’s guess save those who are planning it right now, but it appears that for the better part of 2014 there will be rains and ensuing mushrooms that feed on the moisture because there are some who cannot be satisfied with watching Hillary doing her splendid work in the here and now and seek somehow to part the cloak of invisibility she has drawn around her plans for the future.

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Cli

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This week it is the New York Times Magazine ringing in with Amy Chozick’s self-congratulatory marathon event of meals, snacks, and drinks with various individuals associated with the Clintons and cleared to speak with her by Philippe Reines, one of the few who is named and actually pops his head into one of the many graphics of the labeled orbits revolving around Hillary.   The cover for the feature article, creepy and insulting, is a photoshopped, disembodied Hillary face floating among galactic clouds in a Kubrickesque way implying that removing her iconic hairstyle of the moment obliterates her power in a Samson-like way.  It does nothing, however,  to allay the media’s blonde obsession with Hillary although one thing might.

The article itself is a long trek from one restaurant to another which will bore Hillary supporters who know all the characters and the parts they have played.  There is one sole newsworthy item, and that is the names of Philippe Reines’s cats.  To save you the effort of locating that single tidbit, they are Ousay and Qusay, named after Saddam Hussein’s sons because, Philippe relates, they are brothers and as kittens they were terrorists.  Cat parents like me can applaud the truth and his creativity in cat-naming (no small challenge).  Other than that, no news – as predicted –  because Hillary is not making any, and they do want their sales, subscriptions, and traffic nevertheless.

The only thing that is new is the level of bizarre, tabloid weirdness of that cover which I will not show on this page.  Perhaps we will not continue to see these toxic mushrooms springing up regularly after all.  In their attempt to justify the HR decision of assigning one reporter to cover the beat of one private citizen running for nothing but grandmother right now,  the New York Times has jumped the shark to the possible detriment of future attempts at big media Hillary stories about nothing and the chagrin of the reporters assigned to that beat.  Nothing more to see there, folks.

(Once again, not linking to any of this. Either you have already seen it or you will have to search for yourself. Not giving them the traffic.)

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Well, if the New York Times was wondering whether moving Amy Chozick to cover the Clintons was a good move, apparently it was a stroke of genius!

One thing we have known over all of our years here following the Clintons in the summer is that there is no such thing as a “whole month of August in the Hamptons.”  That is either a dream (on their part) or a myth (to us).  It has never happened.  Hillary got fewer than 10 days there last year.

Chozick along with her cohort, Jim Rutenberg, have an update to share about this month’s vacation on the island to be enjoyed, we hope, by our favorite couple.

Hillary still has a few appearances to make on Monday – in Las Vegas to speak at the NACDS New Total Store Expo Breakfast and San Francisco to receive the ABA Medal., but after that, she should be free as a seagull … for a little while, anyway.   Congratulations,  Mme. Secretary!


Clintons Find a New Place to Vacation in the Hamptons

Earlier this summer, Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton were reported to be planning a month long vacation in East Hampton. But if it seemed like a peculiarly long stretch of downtime for such well-known workaholics, that is because it was.

Both have spent the first part of August at work traveling — Mr. Clinton in Africa, Mrs. Clinton in California and elsewhere. And, contrary to earlier reports, they will not be staying the month at the East Hampton home of the developer Elie Hirschfeld that they have rented the past two summers but, rather, at an estate near the ocean in Sagaponack, some five miles to the west.

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Take A Tour Of The Hamptons Mansion The Clintons Are Renting This Summer

Megan Willett 


The New York Times is reporting that Bill and Hillary Clinton will be enjoying their Hamptons downtime in a different mansion than the one they usually rent this month.For the past two years, the Clintons have stayed at the East Hampton home of real estate developer Elie Hirschfeld.

This year, however, they’re renting the $200,000-a-month Sagaponack mansion of Republican donor Michael Saperstein, according to The Daily Mail.

Read more and take a tour of the house >>>>

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