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What else would you call a body as anachronistic and outdated as the Electoral College? Reading through comment threads today clarified for me the divide in our nation. The Jedi mind-trick in defending the existence of the Electoral College involves somehow rationalizing the ascendancy and predominance of the minority. The problem, really, is not so much that there is an Electoral College.  It is more a problem of proportion and ratio.  There is nothing proportional in the allocation of electoral votes.

Those arguing in favor of the College as it stands have told me, more times than I cared to hear, that the College prevents, in various arguments, the east and west coasts, or New York and California, or New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles from dominating presidential elections.

We have heard all the arguments about the Founders and their wisdom in establishing this body and yada, yada, yada. This is the 21st century.  We are a diverse, well-educated, connected populace. When twice in a generation such a glaring discrepancy turns up between the popular and the electoral vote, it is time to make changes.  Here is what Senator Barbara Boxer wants to do about it and how you can get on board.

After signing on, contact your own senators and ask them to  support Senator Boxer’s initiative.



For the second time in our lifetime, the winner of the popular vote lost the presidency.

Hillary Clinton will likely end up with ‎two million votes more than Donald Trump. She already leads by more than a million votes.

The presidency is the only office in our nation where you can get more votes and still lose. The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system — and it’s time we abolish it for good.

Yesterday, I introduced legislation in the Senate to eliminate the Electoral College so the winner of presidential elections is determined by the outcome of the popular vote.

Will you stand with me — and our democracy — and add your name in support of my legislation to amend the Constitution of the United States to abolish the Electoral College?

Every American should have the guarantee that their vote will count. Even President-elect Donald Trump agrees. In 2012, he tweeted, “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.”

The Electoral College just doesn’t reflect our modern society, and it needs to be changed immediately. Every American should be guaranteed that their vote counts. One person, one vote!

Now more than ever, we must all come together and end this outdated system.

Will you add your name today in support of my legislation to abolish the Electoral College?

Thank you for standing with me in this fight.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator



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The Republicans were like,”Let’s blow off these votes and get on to the important thing – the Cavs.”  For shame! As soon as the vote was over and recorded Rob Portman got up and started talking NBA finals.

Oh! And CNN has decided that Trump firing Lewandowski is the only newsworthy story of the day – nothing about the Senate votes. Good grief!

This came a few minutes ago.

It is heartbreaking.

We just voted on two commonsense gun reforms overwhelmingly supported by the American people.

Like clockwork, according to an article on GunSafeReview.net, Republican Senators voted in lockstep with the NRA — and against action to save thousands of American lives from gun violence.

Enough. This painful cycle of violence, shock, heartbreak, and prayers — only to be followed by inaction — is unacceptable.

But I’m not giving up — and I know you won’t either.

We’re going to continue fighting for gun reform.

And we’re going to do everything in our power to take back the Senate — and replace Republicans who side with the NRA with Democrats who demand action on gun reform!

Please add your name now to say you won’t back down, not now, not ever. I need you and our PAC for a Change community to stay in this fight. Are you in?

I’M IN »

Thank you for not backing down on gun reform — no matter how much the NRA tries to stop us.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

And this.

Like clockwork, another American community is torn apart by a horrendous mass shooting made possible by easy access to tactical-style weapons.

Like clockwork, Congress convenes to honor the victims with a moment of silence.

And like clockwork, this Congress does nothing to prevent the next tragedy.The hateful attack in Orlando is antithetical to American values. We stand for love, tolerance and unity — not hatred, violence and division. After countless mass shootings, including in Roseburg, and now Orlando, I have said our thoughts and prayers are not enough. It’s time to act.

Last week, I took part in a Democratic filibuster in the U.S. Senate for gun safety reform.  We took over the Senate floor because the Republican majority refused to act. Republican leaders seem to care more about their NRA rating than keeping Americans safe, and that is unacceptable.

Because of our filibuster Republicans agreed to have a vote on commonsense gun safety laws proposed by Senate Democrats.

But, tonight, like clockwork, Senate Republicans refused to stand up to the NRA and failed to vote to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

I want you to know that although Senate Republicans refuse to act, I refuse to be complicit. I refuse to let these mass shootings continue to take place like clockwork.

Thanks for standing with me,

Ron Wyden


Last week, I joined Senator Chris Murphy and fellow Democrats on the floor of the Senate for a historic 15-hour filibuster to demand action on commonsense gun reforms.

Our request was simple. We asked Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans to schedule a vote on two bills — one that prevents terrorists from purchasing guns and one that expands background checks. And after 15 hours, Senate Republicans finally caved and scheduled a vote for ton‌ight.

The vote just ended, and it pains me to say that toni‌ght, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans voted against these two commonsense gun reform measures and blocked them from passing. I’m appalled that Senate Republicans chose once again to side with the NRA. I’m appalled that they chose to do so right now, in the wake of the worst shooting in U.S. History.

Today, I’m launching an emergency petition to hold Republican Senators accountable for voting against these commonsense gun safety measures (and I need you to join me): Click here to sign my emergency petition denouncing Senate Republicans who voted against gun reforms.

It’s clear that we need immense public pressure to get Senate Republicans to budge on this issue. So with this petition, we’re calling out every Republican senator who voted “NO” toni‌ght.

Please add your name to my petition calling them out.


Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senator

Enough. -H

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Woman power was at the fore as Senator Boxer introduced Hillary Clinton at an Oakland rally today.


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phone calls

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“Girls can do anything.”

In the entire history of the United States, only 44 women have held the title of U.S. senator.

Ten current members of the Senate girls’ club came together to talk about why they’re supporting one of their own.

Read and see more! >>>>



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Still —

Carly Fiorina owes an apology to Planned Parenthood and the millions of women and men it serves.

She should apologize for maliciously describing a video that doesn’t exist and, when confronted with that lie, doubling down on it.

She should apologize for her despicable lies on Sunday that Planned Parenthood is “aborting fetuses alive to harvest their brains.”

She should apologize for using her position as the only woman in the GOP field to actually lead, instead of stop, the war on women.

But you and I know Carly Fiorina won’t apologize. Just like she never apologized to the 30,000 HP workers she fired while shipping their jobs overseas and taking a huge payout for herself.

Well, I know the best way for us to send Fiorina a message. We can do everything in our power to elect women who will stand with Planned Parenthood and fight back against the GOP’s war on women.

Will you send a message to Fiorina and other Republicans waging the war on women by contributing $10 or more to PAC for a Change today?

The House GOP already has three — yes, three — committees investigating Planned Parenthood, and Cecile Richards, the organization’s president, is even testifying today.

None of these committees has found a shred of evidence that Planned Parenthood is doing anything other than providing cancer screenings, contraceptives, and other critical health care for the women and men that rely upon it every day.

So, are they closing down their bogus investigation? No. Instead, they have just announced that they are going to create a new fourth committee to investigate Planned Parenthood.

soEnough. It is time to end this war on Planned Parenthood and women across America.

It is time to make clear that this is 2015, not 1915.

Contribute $10 or more to PAC for a Change today to stop the war on women and help elect progressive women across the country.

If we stand together, we can fight back — and win.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

The irony would be sublime if it were not so disgusting to see the only woman on that GOP stage standing on an anti-female platform.


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Hillary had a good week.  The GOP debate drew the light away from their email/server/Benghazi tripod which Fiorina brought up in one statement, but we flushed her here.

It broadened the field of topics and gave Hillary stuff to attack.  It also gave us stuff to attack,  and I am on Fiorina’s case.   They keep saying Fiorina is winning these debates.  She is their anti-Hillary.  And she is nothing!  A failure. But she plays a witch very well.  They tried airhead and bubbly with Palin.  Now they have gone stark, ominous, and acidic with her.

Break Out the Trump Wig! Carly Fiorina Will Visit The Tonight Show Monday

Hillary, of course, can demolish her and with a bright smile. She was so on her game the day after the debate that I can tell.  It’s not just that this is the kind of thing that goes on in campaigns; this is her tonic.  This is what puts the gleam in her eye and the bounce in her step.  This is what she drinks in the morning that makes her shine all day. All that sh*t that they said was her shot in the arm.  She gets it from that.


The roar you hear comes from the lady in the eye of the tiger. It’s still going to be a long haul, but something changed this week.  We crossed some river,  She got a boost from 11 booster rockets next to that AF-One.  How is that for irony?  But of course it isn’t.  It’s just what happens in campaigns.


She knows that.  She got her fix, and she is using it for all it is worth. Good for her!  Meanwhile Carly had better watch her mouth.  I am.

So why oh why oh why-o are Hillary Dems attacking Bernie Sanders like he is the demon come flesh and dwelling among us?  There is not a single anti-Bernie statement, posting, or video of any kind from the campaign.  That is because right now all the artillery is aimed at the outrageous Republican postures.

Barbara Boxer outlined the opposition agenda perfectly in this email.

Still —

I didn’t think it was possible, but Wednesday night’s three-hour GOP debate made me even more ready for Hillary.

Donald Trump might be the most quotable, but the entire field is using the same old GOP playbook of divide, attack, and take us back:

✔ Defund Planned Parenthood

✔ Deny climate change

✔ Deport hardworking immigrants

✔ Rip up the Iran nuclear deal, and set the stage for another war

✔ Cast doubt on lifesaving vaccines

✔ And, of course, their top priority: maliciously and falsely attack Hillary Clinton

Chris Christie even put it this way, promising, “I will prosecute her.”


We must stand with Hillary — immediately. Will you take a stand and pledge to support Hillary?

I just added my name. Will you pledge yours in support of Hillary’s campaign?

Each and every single day until Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016, I’m going to be there, standing up for Hillary and defending her from the 24/7 Republican attacks.

Will you join me in supporting Hillary today?

Add your name: Stand with Hillary and pledge to defend her against Republican attacks!

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

There you have it. That is the opposition. If you strongly feel or think otherwise, you are not part of the team.  Stop identifying yourself as such.  You are a stray.  We all love cats.  It is a huge waste of time and energy trying to herd them.  If you are not with the program, quit the pretense.  If you have anti-Bernie ducks to line up, leave them that way until after October 13.  Then you will know which ones Hillary is taking aim at.  Until they debate, we will not know points of contention.

Hillary had a great week.  Consolidate behind her and her team against the GOP.  Keep the internecine salvos till next month when it becomes clearer which ones to launch.  Don’t waste the ammo, the energy, or the time right now by shooting in the wrong direction.

Hillary knows whom she is aiming at.  Join her in the trenches.





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I saw it first here first.

As attacked Iran tonight she failed to mention that while she was CEO she sold them computer parts, which was against the law.

Attacking Iran is one thing, and what Barbara Boxer exposes is hypocrisy and underhandedness on Fiorina’s part, not to mention a very cavalier attitude toward the law.  Fine behavior from any GOP candidate since they are all aboard for trashing the nuclear agreement and reinstating sanctions unilaterally.  Well, why not?  If the sanctions are neither respected nor complied with anyway, that will show Iran!

What Senator Boxer did not say in that tweet was that Carly Fiorina viciously attacked Hillary Clinton several times in the course of that debate as well.  Robin Abcarian has some info to share on how Fiorina managed exactly what Senator Boxer said she did.


Hey, GOP: Using Carly Fiorina to attack Hillary Clinton could backfire

This is the issue Abcarian did not address so I will.

First of all,  no one listens to Bibi more or better than Hillary Clinton.  This marathon meeting was iconic of their relationship. which is professional.  Hillary does not call him her friend.

Hillary Clinton’s Mid-East Charm Offensive: Remarks Before Her Meeting With Netanyahu

November 11, 2010


David Axelrod was kind enough to tweet this.


., former Senior Advisor to President Obama, on Hillary’s greatest accomplishments.

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You can revisit that whirlwind of air miles and events below.

2nd Annual Hillary Rodham Clinton Year in Review: Installment IX September 2010

December 27, 2010 by still4hill | Edit

September is always a super-busy month because the UN General Assembly meets in New York toward the end of the month at the same time that the Clinton Global Initiative is held.  This year it was even busier than usual since it began with the enormous Mid-East Peace Initiative.

Read more >>>>

Then there were these, posted many times before on these pages.

>Russia.  Hillary Clinton and Sergei Lavrov worked exceedingly well together and achieved the very crucial New START treaty.  This was immense,  a great victory for both diplomats and both countries.  Their relationship remained solid throughout her tenure.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a

>For the first time in its history she completely overhauled the State Department , USAID, and interagency cooperation with her Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR).

>For the first time in history she called all of the chiefs of mission together at the State Department for annual conferences.

>She instituted an Office of Global Women’s Issues.

>In June 2009 she  provided benefits to domestic partners of foreign service diplomats for the first time.

>She brought previously neglected countries back to the table with numerous memoranda of understanding and countless business initiatives.

>She kept the alliance between Afghanistan and Pakistan stable despite enormous challenges.

>She reopened the vital supply route from Pakistan into Afghanistan.

>She ensured U.S. access to the vital Manas airstip in Kyrgystan.

>She Salvaged the Turkey-Armenia accords which  she was supposed to simply witness when they suddenly nearly fell apart.

>She brought issues like human trafficking as well as violence against women and LGBT communities to the international table.

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is greeted by human trafficking victims Van Sina and Somana at the Siem Reap AFESIP rehabilitation and vocational training center

These are simply a few things that come to mind at the moment, and I probably have left out some important events.  Nonetheless, I believe these accomplishments stand well in the face of Fiorina’s implication that Hillary did nothing but fly a lot.  Fiorina is wrong and way off-base.  Hillary Clinton has left an indelible mark on the State Department and has brought its operations into the 21st century with her integration of social networking into our outreach to the world.  She was a tremendously effective Secretary of State and a hero to many, our own troops at war among them.  We can be appreciative of her selfless service and proud of the job she has done. (Edited to address Carly Fiorina’s comments rather that Jennifer Rubin’s –  to whom parts of this were initially addressed.)


For the record, since Fiorina brought it up as if it were her original idea, Hillary was way ahead of her trying to get a No Fly Zone over Syria.  Way ahead!

In Turkey Hillary Clinton Talks No Fly Zones Over Syria

August 11, 2012

These were reposted here only two weeks ago, but what the heck!  Here are her other efforts on Syria and the Syrian people.  She foresaw the current humanitarian crisis brewing long before anyone else besides the Syrians themselves.

Hillary Clinton: Hardly Silent on Syria … but Who Listene, d?

September 3, 2013

Fiorina oft-repeated her mantra about challenging the status quo which Hillary has been doing all of her life.  A good leader also makes certain she knows the facts before she speaks.  If she lives in a glass house, she throws no stones.  If she calls someone a liar, she does not validate her point with lies.  I will not even bother with Senator Boxer’s and Robin Abcarian’s exposures of Fiorina’s crime.  She directly interfered with this country’s foreign policy.  It was treacherous of her to deal with Iran when sanctions were in place.   Meanwhile, contrary to right-wing gossip, Hillary Clinton is facing no criminal allegations and has done nothing wrong.

As secretary of state she accomplished a great deal.  It was all good, too.


. on Hillary’s greatest accomplishments, from Iranian sanctions to women’s rights around the world.

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