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Let me catch my breath.  What the “hey” is going on?  I cannot figure out whether people are stupid, crazy, or just uninformed.

First, the interwebs are inundated with a picture I will not post here from Wednesday’s event when Hillary Ciinton,  a laureate herself in October 2010,  celebrated this year’s winners of the McGovern Award, David Novak and Christina Aguilera (who apparently did not consult with Reese Witherspoon about wardrobe recommendations when participating in State Department events).   The  picture and stories misrepresent what actually happened at that moment in that crowded little space behind the table bearing the (huge) awards and beside the podium.  In the video from  Wednesday, it is clear that Hillary is merely trying to move and was oogling no one and nothing, spectacularly exhibited cleavage notwithstanding.

Second, as if there were nothing else going on in the world, someone makes a meme of Hillary and Big Bird with a reference to a safe house (also not shared here since it would be counter-productive to the purpose of this post).  Yes, we all enjoy the Hillary memes, Hillary included, and everyone loves Big Bird.  We do want him and the Sesame Street residents, whom Mme. Secretary loves,  to be safe from Mitt Romney and his big budget cleaver, but the buzz word here should set off bells and whistles.  Perhaps this is not the most appropriate time to posit jokes about safe houses.  Think of the implications.

On October 10, next Wednesday,  Mme. Secretary is due on Capitol Hill to testify before Darryl Issa’s House Oversight Committee on security in Libya in general and in Benghazi in particular in the months and weeks prior to the attack on our consulate there culminating with the murders of  Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others at a safe house in Benghazi.

Get it? 

(I am sure Mme. Secretary saw the humor in both of these items, but in her videos today she appeared less bubbly than usual.  Prepping for Issa is taxing and the strain shows.   He and his Tea Party cronies are going after her.  We should keep that in mind going forward.  That “vast right-wing conspiracy”  exists, and they are going after our girl.)

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