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It has been quite a week!  The YUUUGEST collective Democratic gasp escaped when the Republican front-runner said women should be punished for seeking abortions. More shockingly (if possible), he went on to assert that the male partner should not be held accountable.

Hillary Clinton fired back.

The worst lesson we learned from this segment is that Trump must have cut school the day they taught separation of powers.  The guy running for CEO of the executive branch of the most important and powerful government on the planet has no idea who legislates or exactly what the judicial branch does.  Listen to him here.

In a damage control effort, the campaign threw water on a grease fire.

His spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said Trump meant that abortion laws won’t change until he’s president. “Then he will change the law through his judicial appointments and allow the states to protect the unborn,” she said.

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If ever there was a moment for Democrats to assess the gravity of the 2016 election, now is the time.

Not only is the White House at stake, and the Supreme Court (as Hillary has eloquently asserted), but we need to break up the legislative gridlock.  The best way to do that is to elect Hillary Clinton our nominee.  She has the better chance of bringing down-ticket Dems into Congress on her coattails. She is also the only one committed to raising funds for down-ticket Dems as Bernie Sanders told Rachel Maddow this week that he has not decided to do so.  He said “We’ll see.”

(On a side note, has anybody noticed the similarities between Bernie’s rhetoric and Trump’s?  While “I don’t know” and “We don’t know” dominate Trump’s verbiage to the point that his supporter who punched and then threatened to kill a protester parroted those words,  there is also a heavy dose of “We’ll see” and “We have to see” in there.  Bernie uses the same dodges.)

We need all three branches working together.  We have an advantage among Democrats since Hillary has a strong history of working across the aisle and of getting things done, and her endorsements by Super Delegates speak for themselves.

On Hillary’s side of the fence, the campaign came home to New York , and the Sanders camp, out of the box, demanded a New York debate and then pretended Hillary didn’t want to debate him there.

So much for that one.

When you have a singularly qualified, experienced, and prepared candidate running a campaign filled with policy speeches, you would expect the media to notice the positions the candidate is taking on the issues and the rationale behind each position.

Since Hillary so overwhelms the media with her flowing stream of policies (two major policy speeches¹ this week while the others simply stump), they appear to have chosen to focus exclusively upon the briefest and least representative moments in her day and amplify them.

 ¹ Major policy speeches this week: the SCOTUS speech and yesterday’s “Make it in America” speech at Syracuse University.

Hillary’s loyal neighbors in Chappaqua take exception to this unfortunate habit.

How Some Coverage of Hillary Clinton Lacks Basic Respect

By Bobbi M. Bittker
Photos by Grace Bennett

I realized there was a problem when my husband said, ‘how was your rally? I heard on the news Bernie supporters interrupted it.’ What? That’s what was reported?! Read on…

Commentary on yesterday’s Hillary rally at SUNY Purchase from someone who was actually there:

Why am I reading myriad articles reporting on the 40 minute speech with headlines, ‘Hillary Clinton rally interrupted by 20 Bernie supporters’ as if this is THE story? It’s not even A story.

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In Madison WI after delivering her SCOTUS speech, we saw Hillary do a little shopping. (Oh yeah!  The other Hillary scandal this week was that while home in NY she stopped off at Bergdorf’s for a really nice cut by master hair designer,  John Barrettwhom she has visited in the past.)

When this photo was taken, Hillary had a clear rationale and plan for the necklace.  She knew where she was going and why she needed this piece.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton purchases a necklace in a store in Madison, Wis., Monday, March 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton purchases a necklace in a store in Madison, Wis., Monday, March 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Syracuse fans, down to the tiniest, appreciated the team spirit.

Photographer Barbara Kinney offers this awesome behind-the-scenes glimpse at Hillary’s week.

A behind-the-scenes look at March on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton

The busiest month of the Democratic primary (so far), in photos

Historian, blogger, friend of Hillary and pal of her late mom Dorothy, Carl Anthony offered this gem to begin April.  Here’s a little teaser.

Hollywood For Trump Committee Announced Today

In seeking a response to the news, the national media caught up with the leading Democratic presidential candidate in New York, where she is spending three hours delivering speeches on foreign trade, gender equality protection, ensuring voting rights, climate change regulations, the prime lending rate, education investment, and encapsulation her eleven straight hours of congressional testimony of four months ago in ten minutes, an appearance which led Trump to characterize her as “lacking stamina.”

In her statement about the Hollywood for Trump Committee announcement, Hillary Clinton simply remarked, “Another cultural watershed.”

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So!  It has been quite a week as we gear up for Wisconsin, Wyoming, and the big one in New York.

Here’s a little of what’s ahead: Hillary will appear Tuesday April 5th at 11am on The View, and at 8pm that night, when the Wisconsin projections get suspenseful and your nerves can’t take it, she will join Black Girls Rock on BET.

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance Friday at the taping of Black Entertainment Television’s “Black Girls Rock” show in Newark, New Jersey.

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March went out like a lion this time.  Happy April to all!



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