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There are amazing groups at the border and beyond doing critical work to defend the rights of immigrant and refugee children. If you can, please chip in to support a few of them today. 

Some of the toughest and most rewarding conversations I’ve had over the last several years have been with children who had immigrated to the United States with their parents. They’ve told me about the harrowing journeys they had undertaken, the sacrifices their families had made, and their hopes and fears about their lives here. Over and over again, I’ve been struck by their bravery and their vulnerability.

I have thought of these children as this administration has instituted cruel and divisive policies meant to make finding refuge in the United States more difficult than ever before, and I’ve been heartbroken and horrified to read the news of children at the border being detained in appalling conditions. While it’s hard to process that our country is committing such abuses — and against children — in our name, it’s important that we not stop at outrage or heartbreak.

Last summer, we asked you to contribute to groups doing work to reunify and protect families at the border — and together, we raised more than $1.5 million to provide affected families with supplies, legal aid, travel funds, and more. That work continues, and is just as critical, one year later. Today, I’m asking you to make a contribution that will be split across 11 organizations working toward immediate justice for immigrant families:

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