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Hillary held a book signing in Chappaqua on Saturday.  It was sold out almost as soon as it was announced, but Linda Lee and Jill Melody got tickets. They had a wonderful day and had a chance to chat with Hillary. Here are a few photos they shared.

These are some of the dancers in the video Hillary tweeted.

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Hillary brought her marathon book tour to a close this afternoon at the Chappaqua Library in the town she calls home.  Friends and neighbors showed up early for wristbands and filed in to have a few words with her and receive their signed copies of Hard Choices.  Originally, phones and cameras were not going to be allowed, but at the last minute they were permitted, so my friend Rumana Alvi was able to get these pictures.  Thank you, Rumana!


06-29-14-R-01   06-29-14-R-03 06-29-14-R-04 06-29-14-R-05


At her Aspen Ideas event tomorrow,  she will be signing some books, but this is being billed primarily as a speaking event.  It will be live on Facebook.





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