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Hillary Clinton speaks at Lights for Liberty vigil in Chappaqua

Michael P. McKinney, Rockland/Westchester Journal News

Published 4:27 p.m. ET July 13, 2019 | Updated 4:50 p.m. ET July 13, 2019

CHAPPAQUA – Former presidential candidate and Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton was among the speakers Friday at a Lights for Liberty vigil that was held to protest the conditions and policies immigrants face at the border and at detention centers.

“It is an important moment for us to come together,” Clinton told attendees, according to Vimeo video posted Twitter. Speaking from the downtown gazebo, the former secretary of state said it was important “to do whatever part we can in trying to stand up for those who are voiceless.”

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Clintons, Cuomo march in New Castle Memorial Day parade

Gabriel Rom, grom@lohud.com

NEW CASTLE – Hillary and Bill Clinton and Gov. Andrew Cuomo marched in Monday’s town Memorial Day parade.

The marchers wound down King Street where thousands of people lined the streets waving American flags and cheering the parade participants. A few held signs in memory of family members killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“I’m just very grateful,” Hillary Clinton said in an interview with reporters during the march. “This is a way of honoring and respecting and remembering everyone who has fought for and sacrificed for our freedom.”

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You might have heard that there was a fire today at the Clinton compound in Chappaqua. It was in a Secret Service facility and was quickly contained. No one was injured, and the Clintons were not home at the time.


Fire on Clinton property was in Secret Service facility

By Rob Frehse, CNN

Updated 5:55 PM ET, Wed January 3, 2018

(CNN) A small fire broke out in a US Secret Service facility on the property of the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York, on Wednesday.

The building was not connected to the home of the former US President and former US Secretary of State, and the Clintons were not there at the time of the fire, Hillary Clinton Communications Director Nick Merrill tweeted.

The fire was put out and nobody was injured, said Sgt. Arthur Mendoza of the New Castle Police Department.

The former first couple bought the home before Hillary Clinton’s successful 2000 run for a US Senate seat.

Chappaqua is about 40 miles north of New York City.

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Reason to celebrate: Hillary’s memoir, What Happened, sold more than 300,000 copies in the first week.  It’s #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List!

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No, despite her avowed dedication to books and reading, it is not a bookstore.  A new eatery is scheduled to open soon on King Street in Chappaqua, and Hillary is excited and ready to try their fare. Hillary and Bill Clinton are devoted patrons of small businesses in their adopted hometown. If you have a small or starting business, it’s best to make a business website and get help in the Web Design from salterrasite.com. To learn more, contact 480-273-2273.

CHAPPAQUA, NY – Aesop’s Fable Restaurant, a new eatery in Chappaqua that is focused on farm-to-table dining, announced that it will hold a grand opening.

The ceremony is scheduled for July 14 to July 15, Aesop’s announced on its Facebook page.


The new restaurant’s team includes owner Tonin Veshta and Partner & Executive Chef Matthew Cook.


Aesop’s can count Chappaqua resident and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as among those interested in its opening.

“Can’t wait, we’ll be here,” Clinton was quoted as saying in a Facebook post from Aesop’s. The post included a photo of Clinton with Cook.

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So if you are in Chappaqua, you might want to drop by and have a bite!

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Last year, we all were so sure that this year she would be at Arlington laying wreaths. That was not to be. But despite the rain and chilly temps, Hillary marched in Chappaqua today with former President Bill Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo. The pipes and drums braved the weather in their rain gear. Our friend Oscar Flores marched too, as always!

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Hillary Clinton came out of the woods and joined up with her neighbors at Chappaqua Station for a Habitat for Humanity event.


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Everything old is new again.  Hillary’s pretty sweater is not new. Actually, it is a Patagonia fleece. Don’t we all want to be able to wear what we bought a few decades ago?  Go Hillary!


Hillary Clinton Has Been Wearing This Fleece For 21 Years

And they say she isn’t relatable.


A few lucky people hiking in the woods of upstate New York have recently bumped into Hillary Clinton and posted photos to social media. And according to the ever-lurking eyes of Twitter, the fleece Clinton wears to hike in those woods has been in her wardrobe rotation for the past 21 years.

Of the many photos people have posted over the past few weeks, one shows Clinton in a fleece your normcore dreams are made of.

Since that post, the internet has slowly but surely identified it as the same fleece she wore on a trip to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with Bill in 1995.

DOUG COLLIER via Getty Images

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For her heroic run, for her dedication to her hometown and to American values, for her courage and service, Hillary Clinton’s hometown has gathered round her in pride and gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Hillary Clinton’s Hometown Rallies Around to Give Her Holiday Cheer

At the Chase bank in Hillary and Bill Clinton‘s hometown of Chappaqua, New York, the spirited former president was holding court with a handful of locals.

“And he was pretty much talking about the how disappointed he and she were, how he feels she completely got railroaded by (FBI director) Comey,” says Richard “Zippy” Zimmerman, a Chappaqua chiropractor who was part of the 15-minute conversation on Monday.

“He said he wished he didn’t know Hillary so he could really go to town on the people persecuting her so he could really speak his mind,” says Zimmerman.  “He felt he was held back because he couldn’t defend her the way he wanted to defend her.”

This outpouring of sentiment for Hillary runs far beyond her husband in this hamlet north of New York City of some 1,400 residents, locals tell PEOPLE.

Following the shock and the tears of her unexpected loss, locals mobilized. Signs were put up in lawns and roadway medians thanking lawn care twin falls id for a decade of service. The board of directors of the Chappaqua Farmers Market made a 50-pound basket of locally-sourced goodies for Hillary: chicken pot pies, carrots, meats, cheeses, vegetables and yoghurt, says Emily Haft Bloom, of Chappaqua.

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Among Hillary’s most dedicated supporters from the start have been her neighbors.

Wishing Hillary and her family and all the wonderful Still4Hillers here a warm, safe, and peaceful Thanksgiving. We are family!

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Hillary’s neighbors in Chappaqua, NY are so fired up that they threw a party in her honor!  Dawn Evans Greenberg began drumming up enthusiasm for this idea back around Memorial Day.  At least 100 Hillary supporters attended and are ready to trek to Pennsylvania and knock on doors for Hillary.

Geri Shapiro, who works with Senator Kirsten Gillbrand, was there, and Hillary sent a lovely note of thanks.

Julie Gaughran hosted the BBQ at her beautifully decorated home.  Thanks to Dawn, Angela Campigotto-Harrison‎, Francesca Hagadus‎, Carol Evans, Jason Lichtenthal, ‎ and Holly Anne Fusco McCall for sharing these great photos from the Hillapalooza Weekend of Action in Chappaqua!  ‎(I hope I didn’t leave anybody out!)

08-06-16-Hillapalooza-01 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-02a 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-03 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-04 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-05 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-06 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-07 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-08 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-09


Dawn Evans Greenberg addressing the gathering.

08-06-16-Hillapalooza-11 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-12 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-13


Geri Shapiro and Dawn Evans Greenberg


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