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Hillary was out and about in Chappaqua doing last minute Thanksgiving shopping today. She was greeted by signs of support and friendly neighbors, and she tweeted her holiday greetings to all.

Dear Hillary,

Thank you for all you have done!  We all hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving!


Apparently the mystery has been solved. According to this in the New York Daily News,  the signs were the project of a six-year old named Liam who cried when Hillary lost and wanted to see lots of signs to cheer her up.


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Hillary’s followers have been concerned of, course, as to her whereabouts and safety given the storm hammering both the Hamptons and Chappaqua.  Well, her loving hubby accommodated all of us with a statement to the NY Post.

Good buy, Hamptons

Fashion sale makes waves as VIPs seek refuge


Last Updated: 3:33 AM, August 28, 2011

“We’re staying,” Bill Clinton told The Post. “Hillary and I have been watching for the last few days, and we’re just doing what we’re supposed to do. I’m more worried about the people in the low-lying areas that could get flooding.”

We are thankful to know that they are fine and hope everyone in the path of Irene made it through safely andwithout too much inconvenience.  Continue to follow instructions from authorities in your area.  There is water out there, and fallen trees and poles.  Take care!

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