‘Traffic Problems’


Donald Trump Hearts Chris Christie, Buys Himself a Share of Bridgegate

It turns out that Jersey’s dirty business doesn’t stay in Jersey.

Tuesday, a federal judge in New Jersey was deciding to release the names of the unindicted Bridgegate co-conspirators—the people who knew about the plot to close the access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, but weren’t charged. The decision came after 13 media outlets requested the information be unsealed.

“Although privacy for third parties is indeed important,” U.S. District Judge Susan D. Wigenton wrote in her statement, “this court is satisfied that the privacy interests of uncharged third parties as insufficiently compelling to outweigh the public’s right of access.”

Judge Wigenton specifically said “individuals thus far identified as being involved in the lane closings have been public employees and/or elected and appointed officials.”


As part of her decision, Judge Wigenton cited a 2005 case called U.S. v Kushner, but I like to think of it as Christie v Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law’s-Dad.

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