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Just as Super PAC officially enters the language via lexicographers at Merriam-Webster,  Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed reports the formation of yet another Super PAC for Hillary 2016.

Chris Cillizza announced the inclusion of Super PAC in the online unabridged version of the Merriam-Webster in today’s Washington Post.

‘Super PAC’ is now an official part of the English language

It’s official: ‘Super PAC’ is now in the dictionary. The Merriam-Webster online unabridged edition, to be precise.

Here’s the entry (and thanks to the Center for Public Integrity for flagging):

Super PAC, noun: a type of political action committee that is legally permitted to raise and spend larger amounts of money than the amounts allowed for a conventional PAC; specifically: an independent PAC that can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and organizations (such as corporations and labor unions) and spend unlimited amounts in support of a candidate but that cannot directly contribute money to or work directly in concert with the candidate it is supporting.

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Meanwhile, over at Buzzfeed, Ruby Cramer introduced HillaryPAC.  If you need a scorecard to keep up, Ruby simplifies the complicated topography.

Yet Another Clinton Group Materializes

Add HillaryPAC to the still growing list of groups dedicated to Hillary Clinton’s possible campaign.

The PAC’s founder has ties to the infamous “D.C. Madam” case.

posted on March 18, 2014 at 1:53pm EDT

BuzzFeed Staff

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

There’s “Ready for Hillary,” “Hillary For The Win,” “Time for Hillary,” and the “Hillary Clinton Super PAC” — there’s even “Just Say No to Hillary,” “Defeat Hillary,” “Stop Hillary,” and the ominously titled “Hillary Project.”

Now, another political action committee, “HillaryPAC,” joins the nine existing groups dedicated exclusively to electing, or defeating, a presidential candidate who hasn’t announced her campaign, who may not even decide to run after all.

HillaryPAC, the latest pro-Hillary Clinton effort, launched on Tuesday morning with a new website and web video. Sam Deskin, the group’s founder, said HillaryPAC won’t be too different from the other outfits backing a Clinton run — particularly Ready for Hillary, the largest of the five, which focuses on building an early and extensive list of people across the country who would support and volunteer for Clinton in 2016.

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Where to begin with this? It is no news to Hillary Clinton loyalists that voices urging her to run in 2016 are wildly diverse. They range from realistic (if she feels up to it after resting and refueling) to quasi-psychic (we know her and she will do this for her party and her country). There are the longtime supporters who never left her side, the new converts, and the ones who flipped from her to Obama and now that his second term is set in stone have flopped back to her (seeing no other clear winner for the Dems on the horizon). There are the young who brush aside any notion that someone who has served so doggedly as Secretary of State for four years might actually want to enter her 70s doing the things she has sacrificed over 40 years in public service because, after all, she’s Hillary Clinton the super human, and there are some seniors who want to see a woman, and not just any woman, but specifically HRC occupy the Oval Office before they leave this earth. All of these demographics overlap in a variety of ways. Then there are the media pundits.

Lately, the talking heads in some quarters have been beating that Hillary 2016 drum with some degree of self-assuredness. Analysis of Republican strategy plays out against a backdrop of the GOP playbook to beat the unbeatable Hillary Clinton as if her candidacy were certain. Several who treated her 2008 primary run with great disdain now tout her as the flavor of the day. The latest among these is Chris Cillizza whom you might remember for his stint with Dana Milbank as WaPo’s “Mouthpiece Theatre” hosts which ended abruptly after their review of micro-brews.  The video is embedded here.

Dana Milbank Suggests Hillary Clinton Should Drink “Mad Bitch Beer”

As many of you know, the Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank used to do respectable journalism, back when I was six years old or something. But lately, he’s basically been reduced to whispering off-camera expletives to Huffington Post National Editor Nico Pitney and performing in inane videos with Chris Cillizza, called “Mouthpiece Theatre.” These videos are basically leaden, universally idiotic, and barely worth mentioning. But that all changed today, when Milbank told a joke about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that was, on its own merits, newsworthy.

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Post’s Video ‘Theater’ Ends Its Run

By Howard Kurtz,August 06, 2009

The Washington Post has brought down the curtain on “Mouthpiece Theater.”

Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli killed the satirical video series Wednesday after harsh criticism of a joke about Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, which prompted him to pull the latest episode from the paper’s Web site Friday night. The Post staffers who appeared in the videos, Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza, agreed with the decision and apologized in separate interviews.

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I missed it, but when he filled in for Chuck Todd on The Daily Rundown this morning, he said he could not get enough of our girl, an indication of how fickle and fluid the field really is.  Wordpess does not appear to be accepting the code for the video.  You can find it embedded here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So who will be the next to fall in line, albeit for the moment, behind the Hillary 2016 fife and drum corps? Dick Morris? He needs a new job. Bill O’Reilly? Sean Hannity? Will Keith Olbermann surface somewhere to bear the Hillary colors?

We all do well to remember President Bill Clinton’s words to House Dems last week: “In politics, nothing is permanent.” Nothing, perhaps, except those who have stuck with Hillary through thick and thin and will be fine if she decides she wants nothing more than to write and take her grandchildren to some places she once visited as Secretary of State once upon a time.

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