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For one thing, Joe Johns, her health is not a “major campaign issue,” although we will agree that she tends to plow forth no matter what, as you said.  The diagnosis is cause, perhaps,  for tweaking the schedule, but it is not a “major issue.”  Hillary will follow doctor’s orders, and the campaign will roll on.

Hillary, amidst a packed day on Friday, sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo for an interview that played throughout the day of 9/11 on CNN.  Great! It was a touching and sincere interview. She was impressive.

Now that Hillary’s diagnosis of pneumonia has been made public, these are the images CNN chooses to accompany the “story” of her interview and her appearance at the 9/11 ceremonies at the World Trade Center yesterday.

dscn8291 dscn8292 dscn8293 dscn8294

So I need to ask WTH????  (Fifth-graders – the H stands for “heck.” Grandma S4H says that is an OK word.)  Why not these pictures before she had a fainting incident yesterday and why now?

She was a Senator from New York serving her constituents when these photos were taken.  OH! And where is Donald Trump in the September 12, 2001 pics?  Nowhere!

But now that this diagnosis is out there all over the interwebs, let’s make these photos available so we can make it look like Hillary got sick long ago while serving as a Senator.  There is implication in the choice to use these photos now.

Shame on you, John Berman and Christine Romans. Juxtaposing these pictures with the pneumonia story creates a false narrative.

As an educator, I am well aware of Gardner’s multiple intelligences.  It is a theory, but I will concede that for some, perhaps for many, a visual image creates more impact than the spoken or written word.

That being the case, why would a news organization pair photos of a candidate looking distressed and wearing a mask with a story about her having been found to be battling a respiratory infection?

Oh wait!  I know!  I get it!  You want to attach a deeper meaning!

Somehow, going to Ground Zero (on more than one occasion) is now connected, visually, to the diagnosis which appeared, coincidentally, on 9/11.

Serving her constituents made her too sick to serve.  I get it.  So please stop!

She developed a case of pneumonia that is being treated.  She has a minor incident of feeling faint.  It can happen to the strongest among us.

Hillary went many hours more than General Petraeus when she testified last year before the Benghazi committee without fainting.

Stop trying to make Hillary Clinton look sicker and weaker than she is. Media malpractice.  Very disappointing. While we’re at it, lose the snide, John Berman. It comes off like a know-it-all ninth-grader at a debate contest.  Unbecoming.

Hillary has seasonal allergies.  See this from last year when there were 17 Republicans and she blamed her cough on Republican histamines. Many have allergies. Nothing exclusionary about that.

I agree with this >>>>.  Recently a friend asked if I could believe that she gets coughing fits in church. Well, yes. I can. When did a cough ever keep me out of church, school, eventually out of work?  Never!  That is how you keep your grades and your job. You go in sick.  A cough got me my only A- in a doctoral program. The halls at Columbia might as well have been the Alps for the echoes generated. It was not the actual cough that did it.  It was the fatigue.  My inability to clear that highest bar that particular “bronchitis semester.”  My research was sub-par  –  my par.   I did work full-time and teach part-time throughout.  Never missed a day.  Could not afford to.  I kept my jobs.  Coughs happen. So do bronchitis and pneumonia.

Hillary did, wisely, cancel a trip west.  We can help her make up for the fundraisers by kicking in a few extra contributions.  Let’s do this!

Get well, Hillary!  We love you and need you.  We have the wheel for now!


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Hillary Clinton focused her comments squarely on gun regulations when she  spoke by phone to Chris Cuomo this morning.  She called for statesmanship not partisanship in the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando.

Cuomo pressed her on Trump’s charge that she refuses radical Islamist as a term. She said that she has not rejected the term but will not demonize a religion citing risk in alienating American Muslim community.

“We cannot demonize, demagogue, and declare war on an entire religion…Hate is not the answer to hate.” —Hillary

Hillary turned the conversation to the bigger issue of gun regulations.  Florida does not regulate assault weapons or high-capacity magazines.  Hillary has called for common sense gun reform many times in the course of her campaign.  She called for reinstatement of the  assault weapons ban.

Asked about the right to bear arms, she responded that there are common sense steps that can be taken and pointed to 23 shootings this year by toddlers.

Cuomo asked her to respond to Trump’s messages.  She called his rhetoric dangerous. We have to prevent radicalization. But we also have to be aware that people who are not radicalized also use guns to hurt people. She wants to protect people from ISIS but also from others who inflict injury and death outside of jihadist motivations.


Donald Trump called in later and repeatedly said “we are letting in too many Syrian refugees.”  The shooter was of Afghan descent and, like Trump, was born in New York. He said, ” We are taking in too many people like this guy.”




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The day after claiming the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary was all over the TV networks tonight. She appeared with Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing such topics as party unity, Bill Clinton’s possible role in her administration, and her pick for Veep.

CkdQ8K_VEAAXVUj DSCN6643 DSCN6646 DSCN6647 DSCN6650 DSCN6583 DSCN6589 DSCN6590 DSCN6593 DSCN6595 DSCN6598 DSCN6601 DSCN6605 DSCN6607 DSCN6609

In the post mortem, Jeffrey Toobin said what someone should have long ago: that there is a word for what happened to Bernie Sanders – he lost and needs to get over it.  Toobin said the party has coddled Sanders long enough, and it is time for him to get in line.  He said Hillary cannot tell Bernie this, but President Obama can and, he supposes, probably will at their meeting tomorrow. He backed up his statement by arguing that Hillary got the most votes, the most delegates, and the most states.  Case closed as far as he is concerned.

Hillary also spent some time last night before her big speech last night with ABC’s David Muir. The segment aired on World News Tonight.

The video and transcript are here >>>>

DSCN6612 DSCN6613 DSCN6614 DSCN6615 DSCN6616 DSCN6617 DSCN6618 DSCN6619 DSCN6620 DSCN6621 DSCN6622 DSCN6623 DSCN6624 DSCN6625 DSCN6626 DSCN6627 DSCN6628 DSCN6629 DSCN6630 DSCN6636

Before Hillary left the west coast, she also sat down with Mario Lopez, and that segment aired tonight as well.  It was very short and focused on the history of the moment.

DSCN6638 DSCN6640

Finally, Lester Holt interviewed Hillary for the Nightly News.  She rejected the notion that Bernie Sanders brought any new ideas to the table but praised the passion he inspired.  Lawrence O’Donnell replayed this at 10 EDT on MSNBC.

DSCN6655 DSCN6659 DSCN6663 DSCN6667 DSCN6671 DSCN6679

Lawrence O’Donnell  ended his hour recalling that other California primary. The 1968 one. I did not cry last night when Hillary claimed the nomination. I knew she was going to do it, and thank God. She is healthy and fine. But 1968….. I woke up early in the morning and the TV was on. I asked my husband – “Why are they talking about JFK?” He said, “They are talking about his brother.”

The cortege went through NJ by train on the way to D.C. People lined the tracks the whole way. It still hurts after all these years. Eight years ago, after suspending her campaign, Hillary Clinton went to the fields of California and began campaigning for the Obama/Biden ticket. She had, long before that, filled the Bobby space in my heart along with his Senate seat. Where she went and what she did after accepting defeat was so much like Bobby as were her visions and plans as laid out in her campaign that year. There is a grace in what she did.  There was a grace in Bobby.

Chip in something if you can and continue to help make history!



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Keep fighting for a more equal America


By Hillary Clinton

Fri June 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton: We need to continue to fight discrimination at all levels of government
We must ensure America remains on the right side of history, she says

“Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. The opinions expressed in this commentary are hers.”

(CNN)As we enter Pride Month, and reflect on what has transpired in the last year, it’s clear that America took some big steps forward in our ongoing fight for equality.
Marriage equality is the law of the land. The federal government and U.S. military’s nondiscrimination policies now cover sexual orientation. Adoption by same-sex couples is finally legal in every state.

And in communities across the country, high schools are celebrating same-sex prom kings and queens. Transgender people have been living with greater openness and joy. There’s no denying that our country is moving forward.
Now we need to make sure America remains on the right side of history. We’re already seeing efforts to reverse the gains we’ve made in statehouses and courthouses across the country. Not to mention, there’s an election going on — and it would be all too easy for our next president to roll back much of the progress we have made.
Enter Donald Trump, who has pledged to do just that.

Read more and see video >>>>




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Hillary spoke live on CNN this afternoon with Chris Cuomo.

Welcoming Cuomo to her hometown, Park Ridge Illinois, Hillary first addressed the EgyptAir crash, apparently a terrorist attack, and reinforced her three-pronged approach to fighting terrorism.

DSCN5792 DSCN5793

Asked whether things are better or worse than when Obama took office, she cited progress but emphasized that it is important with the immigrant waves, to get European countries on board with security measures that are stronger.

Re: Donald Trump – Hillary said he says harmful things   e.g. barring Muslims. She said his approach is provocative, wrong-headed (e.g. praising the head of North Korea, criticizing our ally, letting other countries have nuclear weapons, pulling out of NATO), and potentially dangerous.

She said we have been effective in killing the head of ISIS and cutting off funding to them, but the entire world is listening to what Trump says.  She said that his statements disqualify him.  The statements are not off the cuff.  It is a pattern.

DSCN5794 DSCN5795

Asked about the Nevada convention incident, Hillary said she was very disturbed by what she saw, but she has confidence that the party will unify based on the intensity in 2008. She said both she and Bernie Sanders are following the same rules.  Hillary said she was closer to Obama’s numbers by this point in 2008, and 40% of her supporters said they would not support Obama.  She said the differences between her and Sanders are minimal compared to their differences with Trump.

DSCN5796 DSCN5797


Should she reach out to Sanders?  She said she has done that many times, and he must do his part.  In 2008 she did her part and so did Barack Obama.  She pointed to the Unity NH trip.

She takes Sanders at his word that he will fight against Trump. She said she will not get into naming a VP pick and said Trump will bring them together.

DSCN5798 DSCN5799 DSCN5800


She said again that she is not running against Trump but for the issues she is advocating.  Trump can say what he wants but Hillary thinks people want to know what the candidates will do.

Despite the fact that Trump is getting votes, Hillary pointed out that she is getting more votes.  She said she is not worried about what Trump says about her.  She is used to it.  She will go after what he says about other people (e.g. making fun of a disabled person). She does not feel compelled to defend her honor or her husband’s.

DSCN5801 DSCN5802 DSCN5803


On the path forward: The party will unify.  There will be discussion.  She will do her part to bring Sanders supporters in and then they will campaign against Trump with a strong compelling case to the American people.

Hillary feels optimistic about the country.  She said the next president must:

1. Provide positive results;

2. Protect America;

3. Unify the country.   Hillary believes she can do all three.

DSCN5804 DSCN5805

What does she think her mom would tell her to do facing Trump in this election? She said her mom taught her always to get back up and dust yourself off when you are facing a bully. Her mom taught her resilience and the power of love and caring. If you are putting yourself in the public arena, everything is increased. Hillary feels she is the recipient of so much from her family and country. She said we are great.  If we work together we can stay great.

It was a good interview. Pivot completed as far as I can see.

DSCN5806 DSCN5807


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In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory last night, Hillary sat down at home in Chappaqua with Anderson Cooper.

DSCN5674 DSCN5675 DSCN5679

Hillary said Trump’s victory was clear for a long time.  She said she has seen the presidency from two different perspectives and knows what it takes.  She took on Trump’s stances:

1. It is OK for other countries to have nukes;

2. Wages are too high;

3. Women should be punished for abortions.

Hillary portrayed Trump as a loose cannon who has said many things, e.g. Climate change is a hoax, and said  “Loose cannons tend to misfire.”


DSCN5676 DSCN5683 DSCN5684

Hillary said she is ready and has been in the arena for 25 years.  She is not running against Trump. She is running for president on the issues she has campaigned.

Hillary said Republicans did not raise issues because they agreed with him.  They were trapped and could not run on issues.  She can. She said that if he wants to argue against peace and prosperity she will argue 22 million jobs created since 2009 and will take that on.

DSCN5681 DSCN5685 DSCN5686

Asked about Trump’s use of the media, Hillary said that grand statements and accusations are one thing, but when you are running for president you have to tell people what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.  It is not enough to call in and get a media platform.

Asked about Trump’s attacks on her trade agreement history, Hillary said, “I am against bad trade agreements and have voted against them”

Hillary said  it is time to get serious. Being a loose cannon does not exempt him from the hard questions.

Cooper brought up Trump the counter-puncher.  Hillary said he is the one who chose that path and is running the negative, aggressive, bullying campaign.

DSCN5687 DSCN5688 DSCN5689

Hillary is going to keep being specific.  Anyone who has listened to Trump knows who he is.

Re: Trump putting coal miners back in the mines, Hillary cited her $30 billion plan for coal country.

Is Hillary ready for the kind of fight Trump will mount? Arguably a National Enquirer tabloid fight?  ” If he wants to go back to the 1990s let him.”

She said he GOP did not know how to run against him and now invites Republicans and Independents to get off the blue and red teams and  onto the American team.

DSCN5691 DSCN5692 DSCN5693

Hillary said she has confidence, is optimistic, and has been consistent.  She will do all she to  can to even the odds for those who have with the deck stacked against them.

She is not calling herself the presumptive nominee.  She has been in Bernie’s shoes but could not close the gap in 08. The gap now is far wider than the 08 gap.  She is counting on Bernie to help defeat Trump.

As for a Veep choice, she will be looking for someone who is ready to be POTUS at a moment’s notice. She will find  a good partner but also a good POTUS.  DSCN5694 DSCN5695



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Speaking exclusively with Jake Tapper at The Lead, Hillary said she doesn’t consider herself the presumptive nominee but thinks the nomination is in sight.   She emphasized several times that she is going to work together with Bernie Sanders.  She said her connection with her supporters is strong and his with his supporters is also strong.  She is confident that they will bring everyone together.  The intra-party divide is familiar and will play itself out. Everyone is invested in the campaigns. She praised Sanders for bringing people in but said eventually reality has to take over.

Re: Trump taking Sanders supporters: “We are going to be reaching out to them as well.”  She pointed out the issues Trump and Sanders disagree on like the environment, equal pay, getting money out of politics and reminded Tapper that Citizens United was against her.

Hillary said she found Trump’s foreign policy disturbing and lacked specifics on how things would be done.

Attacks from Trump are silly, she said.  Attacks on her are not so important.  She is more concerned about his attacks on groups like women, for example.

Has she learned anything from watching Republicans deal with him?  Hillary said she has a lot of experience dealing with attacks from men. He can continue on his “insult fest.”

As for his attacks on her trade policy history hurting her with blue-collar voters, Hillary pointed out that she won Ohio and his attacks on trade deals will not get in her way.  Hillary has a track record on standing up against China and on the side of working people.  She said we don’t do enough for people who are hurt by trade deals.  On the other hand, she cited a plant in Indiana where they are making Mercedes Benz cars for export to China.

She said the voters will have to determine if Trump is qualified.  She is going to lay out her own qualifications.  It never crossed her mind that she would face Trump in an election.

After the interview re-aired on Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN released the full video.

DSCN5638 DSCN5640 DSCN5641 DSCN5642 DSCN5644 DSCN5645DSCN5639

In the aftermath to this interview, Nina Turner said, speaking “as a historian,” that Hillary Clinton should beg off using “off the reservation.” In Living History Hillary stated of her grandmother who raised her:  “Della Murray, was one of nine children from a family of French-Canadian, Scottish and Native American ancestry.”



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