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Not only was this deed good for the hospital staff, it was a nice boost for Mr. Nick’s.

Bill and Hillary Clinton sent over 400 pizzas to New York hospital workers on front lines against coronavirus

Doctors and nurses on the front lines of the battle against coronavirus are facing unprecedented challenges. Some hospitals, especially in New York, are overwhelmed with patients, and hospital staffs are working tirelessly — sometimes without the proper protective equipment. On Thursday, one hospital in the area received a meaningful thank-you gesture from some famous New York residents.

“Amazing !!! I am an ER doctor at Dobbs Ferry NY and just received pizza from the Clintons,” tweeted Dr. Angela Cirilli, who works at St. John’s Riverside Hospital and Dobbs Ferry Emergency Medicine in Westchester County.

“Thank you !!!! We NEED LEADERS LIKE YOU in this tough time. So much gratitude I didn’t know how else to reach you to say thank you – Angela cirilli, MD,” her tweet continued.

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Onward Together!

In these uncertain times, I wanted to reach out and let you know that I’m thinking of you.

We are a long way from knowing how this health crisis will play out or what long-term effects it will have. But we do know that we should be focused on two things:

  1. Preventing the spread of this virus as much as possible.
  2. Support hospitals, doctors, nurses, and state and local officials so they can take care of the seriously ill.
The experts have all told us that there are many, many people walking around with the virus by now. Many of them will not get sick, or will only get mildly sick; others will have a more acute experience. Millions of American workers do not have the luxury of staying home; it is absolutely critical that those of us who can do so. You’re not just protecting yourself by working from home, minimizing travel, and washing your hands. You’re protecting people in your community who may have a greater risk of complications from COVID-19 than you do.
You and I know that this crisis is real. Call your loved ones and ask that they stay home if they can, or, if they can’t, that they take other precautions to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. The CDC is regularly updating their guidelines, and many national news sources have made their COVID-19 coverage available for free.
And while we’re at home, one way that we can support our communities is to continue to call on our representatives to further expand paid sick leave and paid family leave, as well as unemployment insurance and Medicaid funds. Millions of nurses, caregivers, and food service workers in America don’t have access to any paid sick leave. It’s morally wrong and, as the coronavirus crisis makes clear, it puts us all at risk.
As for us, Bill and I are at home, following the guidelines set by the governor and the CDC — and taking the opportunity to catch up on some reading. I’ve particularly enjoyed The Dutch House by the wonderful Ann Patchett.
If you or someone you know is concerned about food or housing security in the coming weeks, or if you’re looking for somewhere to make a donation, the following organizations are offering support during this crisis: Feeding America, No Kid Hungry, World Central Kitchen, God’s Love We Deliver, Direct Relief, and the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
Keep an eye out in the coming days for an update on how Onward Together partners are responding to the crisis, and what you can do to fight for our shared values from home. In the meantime, know that we’re thinking of you and your loved ones.
Stay safe and healthy,


I am adding this because really it is art of what is above. Everyone should be able to vote without fear of putting themselves in jeopardy.


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