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Until this moment, almost everything here has involved the GOP opposition, and we have been careful not to get into internecine battles with those on the Dem side sans a checkered flag from the campaign.  Jennifer Palmieri’s statement opens the door to questions and issues the Sanders team needs to address.  Thank you, Jennifer!




Four Questions Bernie Sanders Needs to Answer

We’re glad that the Sanders campaign and DNC reached an agreement last night and that the Sanders campaign has agreed to an independent audit of the data breach.

This saga – and having our campaign’s hard work violated by the Sanders’ campaign – has been disturbing to our campaign and the volunteers who worked hard to build a strong organization.  But it has also been a distraction from the issues that the American people care about. We think those issues should be the focus of the debate tonight: issues like raising wages, access to healthcare, and keeping America safe. However, given news that Senator Sanders and his team apparently want to make this topic the centerpiece of their debate strategy, here are some questions that should be on the table.

1: Why’d your campaign say you didn’t store anything?

The Sanders campaign was able to access (and save) 24 different lists of proprietary Clinton campaign information, as seen in their NGPVAN activity logs. Here, for example, is a Sanders staffer searching for and saving a list of voters that the Clinton campaign identified as persuadable in Iowa.

Capture (1)

Let’s be clear about how the VAN system works: when you look at the log, “saving” means an attempt to store the data to your own account–and there are reports that there were preliminary attempts to export the data into excel sheets. They knew what they were doing. Which brings me to my next point.

2: Why’d your campaign claim it was an accident?

In an interview with Bloomberg yesterday, Tad Devine claimed this was all a “mistake.” A mistake?

NGPVAN’s audit found that Sanders staffers conducted 25 targeted searches of Clinton campaign data, just like the example above. Let me reiterate what this being a “mistake” would mean. Take a look at this pull out from the audit activity logs.


For this to be a “mistake,” the Sanders campaign would have had to  accidentally…

  • Searched for the voters we’ve identified as being unlikely to support Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina primary
  • Saved that list into their own account folder
  • Searched for the voters we’ve identified as supporters who are very likely to turn out to vote in the South Carolina primary
  • Saved that list into their own account folder
  • Searched for the voters we’ve identified as supporters who are unlikely to turn out to vote in the South Carolina primary

This is just a sample. They pulled 21 more lists. That seems hardly accidental to me.

3: Why did the Sanders campaign claim that only one staffer was involved in accessing Clinton campaign data?

Contrary to their claims, there were four staffers involved. In fact, from the audit logs provided by NGPVAN, the staffer they fired wasn’t even the person involved in accessing the most data.

4. Why did your campaign claim that the “one staffer” was junior level?

In initial reports, the Sanders campaign claimed that the “single staffer” involved in accessing Clinton campaign data was at the junior level. Tad Devine even went so far as to say that he’d never met the guy.

Josh Uretsky, the staffer who was fired, was the campaign’s most senior data strategist.

From his Linkedin page: Capture (2)

Our data director is involved in our strategic, day-to-day decision making. That’s a pretty broad interpretation of junior.

In conclusion…

To most voters, this will all seem pretty arcane. They care about raising wages for their family. They care about security for their family. They care about who’s going to keep them safe. They certainly don’t spend much time thinking about campaign data theft.

With that said, if Senator Sanders intends to make his campaign’s theft of our data a rallying point, he should have to answer these questions. His campaign took advantage of a security flaw to access and retain proprietary Clinton campaign information. We don’t know if they still have it. Those are all facts. No amount of misdirection changes those facts.

We look forward to tonight’s debate.

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What I love about Hillary Clinton is that her mind is lightning-fast and her heart is pillow-soft.  It is not a common combination. Aside from her mind being quick, her intellect is superior to about 99% of the population, so when she is thinking fast, you can also be assured that she is thinking better, more thoroughly, more logically than just about anybody.  Add her compassionate nature to that, and you have the rarest of leaders.  This is why I work my heart out for Hillary – because she knows her gifts and uses them to work her heart out for all of us.

The past few days have been a roller coaster ride on the DNC Express.  There has been a lot of emotion and not much cool reason.  Social media has been highly reactive and mainstream media heavily exploitative of the firestorm.  Everyone has felt impelled to ring in. Everyone, that is, except the principals, and everyone, it appears, has advice for them.

I tend to bristle when people give Hillary Clinton advice.  The reason I support Hillary and not Joe Blow in some Facebook group or on Twitter is because Hillary is the person whose positions and reactions are the ones I agree with and like.  She requires no unsolicited advice from armchair campaign coaches.

Given all of this front-loaded baggage of mine, I like most of Tomasky’s opinion on the situation except for his impulse to advise Hillary since she knows exactly what to do.  She probably will do what he says, not because he said it, but because it is the most sensible path.  If he had phrased it as a prediction and used “might” instead of “should” I would be 100% in agreement here.  In that I agree with about 75%, but for a few modals, it is worth a share here.

12.19.15 10:18 AM ET

What Bernie and Hillary Should Say Tonight

Sanders needs to put away his sanctimonious violin and Clinton should be magnanimous in the face of a huge double standard.

So it looks like Datagate calmed down overnight. In case you haven’t heard, the Democratic National Committee is restoring the Sanders campaign’s access to DNC voter-data files,  and in return the Sanders people have agreed to an outside audit to determine whether any of the Clinton campaign’s confidential information was stolen. The Clinton camp issued a statement expressing its satisfaction with the deal.So that’s that? Maybe so. Still, there are some points worth taking away here.


Point one: The Sanders movement really has seething contempt for the Democratic Party, and the feeling’s pretty mutual. Which stands to reason—Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat! … The Sanders people have long suspected that the DNC really wants Hillary Clinton to win. And of course they are absolutely correct: The DNC really does want Clinton to win.¹


Point two: … the Sanders team went way overboard with the self-pity. What the DNC proposed was no “death sentence.” The Sanders people, no doubt playing on their supporters’ inherent contempt for and distrust of the DNC, went around Friday kinda-sorta letting confusion grow around the notion that the DNC was banning them from using data for weeks. That was never going to be the case.


… the larger point is this. If this Bloomberg piece is correct, the Sanders campaign stole data: “According to an audit obtained by Bloomberg, Sanders staffers exploited a temporary glitch in the DNC’s voter database on Wednesday to save lists created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” Save lists? That’s stealing.


Point three: If this situation were reversed, and four Clinton campaign staffers had made 24 “intrusion attempts” into confidential Sanders voter files, the media would make this into a massive scandal. I mean one that could well be fatal to her campaign.²


Point four: Clinton should realize that although she has a very legitimate beef here, she can’t really win this one publicly.³

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¹ That would be because she actually is a Democrat.

² That cannot be emphasized too strongly.

³ Here is where we come to the “shoulds” and Hillary does not need advice on this.  She knows what she should and will do.

While Hillary really needs no advice on this (I can visualize her right now, smiling and gliding off to a more substantive topic), Bernie would do well to read and consider compliance. Hillary and her team were not the ones with their hands in the cookie jar.

‘Tis the season, and maybe even the day in some houses.  Mommy baked 26 sugar cookies for your class and your teacher to have at the party on Monday. If she has to carry in a tin of 23, you and your two thieving buddies are going to be the ones without. Just sayin’.



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