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During her Friday visit to a senior housing center in East Harlem, Hillary was interviewed by Dave Evans for a local ABC News Sunday spot on Up Close.

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Issue 1. New York took a chance on her and she is committed to the state. They’ve had her back she will have theirs and it won’t be over till till’s over.

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Issue 2. Wall St. Hillary called Bernie’s comments a strange critique and noted that Sanders could not cite an instance where contributions had influenced her. Obama accepted such contributions and was not influenced. As NY Senator she did call them out.  Also cited Sanders’s inability to say how he would accomplish breaking up the banks paired with his failure to understand that she wants to go further after hedge funds, big insurance and mortgage companies.

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Issue 3. Trust. It’s unfair to say she can’t be trusted NY has trusted her twice.  Obama trusted her.  When she has a job she gets good marks, but any time she runs this kind of criticism is in the air and they pile on.  But when she gets the job people see her working hard and getting things done.

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Issue 4. Nastiness in this race:  She is surprised at what the Sanders campaign says and implies.  Surrogate attacks are not just on her but on her supporters.  Says he needs to listen to the people who support him and he has played along with the negativity.  She said that is not what matters.

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Issue 5.  What matters is that they have tried to stay on the issues  to put forth very specific plans.  She wants New Yorkers to know what she will do.  It’s not enough to diagnose the problems.  You  also have to have solutions to the problems  She has not heard plans from Sanders.  She cited the long interviews with NYDN.  They both went an hour with the editorial board. NYDN endorsed her because they were surprised he had no solutions.

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Issue 6. Excited about campaigning in New York. Campaigning hard.

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Issue 7. Excited to be a grandma.  Happy another baby is coming.




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