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There is no doubt that Hillary’s campaign has had an enormous impact on girls and young women across the country.  Girls in a summer writing program in her hometown have shared their thoughts on her potential role as POTUS.  Their essays appear in the local magazine, Inside Chappaqua/New Castle/Millwood.  Many thanks to founder and editor-in-chief, Grace Bennett, for sharing this!

“If Our Neighbor Becomes President” Girls from the Chappaqua Summer Writing Program Weigh In!

Editor’s Note: For our cover story, we asked Keri Walsh, Ph.D., director of the Chappaqua Summer Writing Program for Girls, to ask her participants in a summer workshop inside the Greeley House to ponder the Election, and specifically for their thoughts on the impact of the possibility of their neighbor Hillary Clinton becoming a first Woman President. Most of the girls and their families preferred a first name only attached to their submissions. Special thanks to contributing editor Beth Besen in Chappaqua for editing assistance, too. Here’s what the girls wrote and shared!

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