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A better way to educate black young men

Hillary Rodham Clinton, David C. Banks

A better way to educate black young men
David Banks is president of the Eagle Academy Foundation, which operates schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem and Newark, N.J. (Richard Harbus for New York Daily News)

Brenton James, a young New Yorker, received his bachelor’s degree in economics, philosophy and politics from the University of Pennsylvania earlier this month. Like his fellow graduates, Brenton applied his keen intellect and studied hard to earn his diploma.

But unlike most of his U Penn classmates, Brenton’s early indicators hadn’t pointed to an Ivy League education. An African-American raised by a proud, single mom in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, Brenton faced the fears, challenges and low expectations that young men of color commonly confront.

We know that children need love from their parents, the support of their teachers and nurturing from a community that believes in them. But the challenges faced by young men of color require a special level of response. All too often, black boys grow up without their fathers, leaving a void that impacts their transition to manhood. They are left to face a hostile society, frequently feared, even in their classrooms as little boys where they are suspended three times more often than their classmates. As they get older, they have to wonder, “Can I meet a friend at Starbucks and avoid arrest? Can I rent an Airbnb apartment without the neighbors reporting that it’s being robbed?”

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Read more about Hillary’s long history with the Eadle Academy here >>>>





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When news outlets pair the name Hillary Clinton with the word fundraiser in their headers, the implication is that the funds are being raised for her and for her campaign, but that is not necessarily the true story. George Clooney recently mentioned that Hillary’s campaign should have made more noise about the fundraisers he and Amal organized.  Those funds were not for Hillary for America but for the Hillary Victory Fund which helps finance downballot Democrats.

This morning, Hillary attended a fundraiser once again- the annual fundraiser at the Eagle Academy which Hillary helped start. You may remember this story earlier this month about Hillary’s role in supporting an academy in New York City.

Hillary does events like this quietly, without fanfare.  George Clooney is right.  She does not toot her horn about many efforts she supports and for which she raises funds. So we will!

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As senator, Hillary supported many initiatives that were struggling and small and needed a helping hand.  This is one of those stories.  Here is a special message and video from Hillary for America.

From: Erin Stevens, Hillary for New York

Subject: WATCH: Hillary’s connection to Eagle Academy

Friend —

Here in New York, we know better than anyone how hard Hillary fights for our families — and how she delivers results. After all, we saw that first hand when she was our senator!

I hear a lot of stories from New Yorkers about how Hillary helped our communities when she was our senator. But one of my favorites is about how she helped an exceptional public school called Eagle Academy get off the ground. Take a minute to watch this video from the families, students, and educators at Eagle Academy, then share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter:

While other politicians might just talk about a problem, Hillary digs in, learns about the problems facing a community, and makes things happen to fix them.

That’s the kind of president she’ll be, and that’s why we’re working so hard to help her win the New York primary on Tuesday.

Let’s make sure everyone knows this powerful story of who Hillary is — watch and share this video today.



Erin Stevens

New York Political Director

Hillary for America

You can read more about how Hillary helped get this special academy off the ground here >>>>



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