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Hillary held a book signing in East Hampton yesterday.

Hillary Cllinton in the Hampton’s photo by ElizaBeth Taylor

Hillary Cllinton in the Hampton’s photo by ElizaBeth Taylor

Here is a nice article about the event.


The Hamptons Welcomes Hillary Clinton Home For The Summer


… and, oh my goodness! This from my newsfeed.

Gotta say I love and missed this jacket (sorry for the watermark).  Haven’t seen it since the fitting at Vera Wang’s right before Chelsea’s wedding.

08-16-14-G-01Hillary Clinton arrives at soon_to_married daughter Chelsea_s apartment in New Yorkarticle-1298221-0A974684000005DC-237_224x423

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Here’s a little blurb, from the N.Y. Post, about the Clintons on vacation and celebrating Bill Clinton’s 66th birthday.   It just seems nobody is capable of looking at a calendar!  They only arrived Friday.   How that amounts to the whole month of August beats me!  Anyway, it’s good to see both of them taking some time off, especially Hillary who recently while on her last trip did not know what day it was.

Hamptons Clinton-style

Last Updated: 12:22 AM, August 21, 2012

Posted: 12:07 AM, August 21, 2012

Bill and Hillary Clinton lived it up like the locals in the Hamptons this weekend. On Friday, the former president and current secretary of state were spotted at Brooke and Daniel Neidich’s annual summer bash at their Wainscott compound, which also served double duty as the birthday party for their son John Neidich, who is a co-owner of hip NoHo restaurant Acme. Sources told us everyone let their hair down except Hillary, who wore her hair back in a scrunchie.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

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This is a pretty reliable source, and it was correct last year.

The Clintons rent in East Hampton

Bill and Hillary return to Elie Hirschfeld’s house for the second year in a row

August 10, 2012 12:00PM
By Katherine Clarke

The presidential race is heating up, but Bill and Hillary Clinton are taking some time out to relax in the Hamptons.

The political power couple has rented an East Hampton house owned by real estate mogul Elie Hirschfeld and will be staying there for the whole month of August, The Real Deal has learned.

The Clintons rented the house, at 211 Lily Pond Lane, for a week last year during Hurricane Irene. Their longer stay this year will include the former president’s 66th birthday on August 19th. The vacation precedes the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, where Bill Clinton is slated to give a speech on September 3rd.


Hirschfeld previously told The Real Deal that the former president reorganized his library by subject matter during his last stay; perhaps he’ll clean out his garage this time.

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LOL!  The library comment.  Mr. President,  it’s a vacation!  You’re supposed to rest!  Have fun!  Take your beautiful wife out for dinner and dancing!

We had heard that the speech was scheduled for September 5, but maybe it has been moved.  At any rate, with almost half of the month of August elapsed, we hope Mme. Secretary went straight to her summer rental upon return from her extensive farewell tour of Africa over the past two weeks.  She always manages to look so fresh and beautiful no matter how grueling the schedule,  and she appeared to have had a lot of fun in some of the countries she visited,  but still, she needs a break since very little of her travel time consists of partying and relaxing.  Most of her travel hours on the ground are spent in difficult diplomatic negotiations, some in very dangerous places.  We are joyful that she is safely home and wish her fair weather and a lovely vacation with her family and friends.

We also wish President Clinton a very happy 66th birthday and the best of luck with his speech.  We wish he were nominating the Secretary of State,  however.

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Hillary’s followers have been concerned of, course, as to her whereabouts and safety given the storm hammering both the Hamptons and Chappaqua.  Well, her loving hubby accommodated all of us with a statement to the NY Post.

Good buy, Hamptons

Fashion sale makes waves as VIPs seek refuge


Last Updated: 3:33 AM, August 28, 2011

“We’re staying,” Bill Clinton told The Post. “Hillary and I have been watching for the last few days, and we’re just doing what we’re supposed to do. I’m more worried about the people in the low-lying areas that could get flooding.”

We are thankful to know that they are fine and hope everyone in the path of Irene made it through safely andwithout too much inconvenience.  Continue to follow instructions from authorities in your area.  There is water out there, and fallen trees and poles.  Take care!

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As today’s public schedule announced, there will not be another public schedule posted by the State Department until September 1. Even the press corps has taken off on vacation as Victoria Nuland noted at today’s press briefing.

The Secretary herself visited jewelry and pearl stores like dest PearlsOnly.com, following a celebration of her husband’s birthday tomorrow, will be headed for some very well-deserved R’n’R in East Hampton. Before people start jumping all over my favorite altruistic couple who richly deserve some time to rest out of the public eye, the amount paid for the rental is not being disclosed, and I find it admirable that they choose to spend whatever the bucks in their own state and not offshore.  Here is some information on the property and the rental agreement along with a tour of the house.

We wish them fair weather and a lovely little vacation.    They are not really taking that much time.

Things around here will obviously reflect the public absence of our beloved Secretary of State, but there will be posts.  Experience has taught me that Hillary people suffer withdrawal symptoms when she is out of the public eye for too long, so I have sequestered the very beautiful photos from today and shall ration them over the duration of her absence.

For starters,  The “Run, Hillary, Run” articles continue to proliferate, so there will probably be round ups of those.  In fact, there will be one tonight, but I will end this post with a teaser from today and post the round up separately.  She looked absolutely smashing in her ruffles and pearls.  Beautiful hair!  Just exquisite!




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