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Back at the end of January, when Ed Koch passed away,  I went to the Clinton Foundation website multiple times in search of a press statement and found none.  By the next week,  WJC was speaking at the funeral,  and I searched no further.  Visiting there again today, suddenly there was this.  Better late than never.  I thought you would like to see the Clinton’s joint statement on the passing of their friend.

Statement by President and Secretary Clinton on the Passing of Mayor Ed Koch

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our friend, Ed Koch. He was a man whose convictions ran deep.  You knew where Ed stood on any topic, and whether or not you agreed with him or what he said, you couldn’t help but like him.

His personality was enormous, big enough for the city he called home for nearly his entire life. Ed stood up for the underprivileged and underrepresented in every corner of every borough because he knew that struggle firsthand. He fought for those without a voice because he knew the plight of the voiceless. He used all the tools at his disposal to pull New York out of one of its darkest times.

The son of Polish immigrants is now forever in the city he loved so much. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and all those who benefited from his life and service.


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This is the first Monday in a long time that we cannot look forward to some news about our girl.   We really do not even know where she is – whether she remains in DC or has made her way home to NY.   Her good friend, Mayor Ed Koch passed away the same day she said good-bye at the State Department.   President Clinton was in Japan when President Obama asked him to represent him at the funeral.

Walking to the lectern, he carried a blue folder.  He explained to the crowd in the temple that those papers were not his speech but were every letter Ed Koch had written to him.  He began his eulogy as he ended it, talking about the friendship between Ed and Hillary.  Koch supported Hillary in her Senate campaigns and met with her regularly when she served in the Senate.  The last letter came during the holiday season when Hillary was recovering from a series of health issues and Koch himself was in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure.  Koch asked about Hillary and Bill Clinton told him, “She misses you.”



Bill Clinton recalls Ed Koch as a mayor—and a pen pal


NEW YORK—Former President Bill Clinton offered a funny and moving eulogy to former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, praising him as someone who truly understood and tried to help “real people.”

Speaking at Koch’s funeral on Monday morning, Clinton praised Koch as someone who “had a big brain but an even bigger heart. … I don’t think I’ve known anyone in our line of work who understood the impact of what government was like on real people. He could imagine what life was like for people.”

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I deliberated long and hard about posting these, and they are not the only examples bouncing around on the web.  In the end, they are Hillary news, so I suppose they merit some attention.

The first one, by Maureen Dowd, appeared days ago.  I first saw it in the New York Times.   This particular publication came from The Seattle Times.  Alluding to remarks HRC delivered last week at the Women in the World Summit,  Dowd postulates thus.

Originally published Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 3:30 PM

A riled Hillary is a formidable foe

The attempt by Republican men to wrestle American women back into chastity belts has not only breathed life into President Obama, writes Maureen Dowd, it has roused and riled Hillary Rodham Clinton — not a wise thing to do.

By Maureen Dowd

Syndicated columnist

Hillary Clinton has fought for women’s rights around the world. But who would have dreamed that she would have to fight for them at home?

“Why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me,” she told an adoring crowd at the Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center on Saturday. “But they all seem to. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in or what religion they claim. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress. They want to control how we act. They even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and bodies.

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The war on women in this country is genuine. We need our women leaders, and I am sure most American women see Hillary Clinton as the most powerful and vocal of these, particularly on women’s issues, but Hillary cannot do it alone.  She needs her army behind her.  Women need to recognize the level of threat to their personal freedom, get mad, and get active.

Men, even those on our side of the aisle,  do not share the sense of urgency Dowd telegraphs.  They put forth her name but… not now.

From The Gothamist.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Pundit Put Likelihood At 99.4%

Secretary Clinton at the 2012 Global Chiefs of Mission Conference yesterday (AP)

Will the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits come back in four years? Game Change authors John Heilemann and Mark “Obama is a dick” Halperin were on Morning Joe this morning predicting that Secretary of State is interested in running for President again.

Heilemann, who covers politics for New York magazine said the chances were “99.4. I think very high,” while Halperin, an editor at Time, said, “A little lower. I think that if Joe Biden wins re-election and runs, she’s much less likely to run.”

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Then there is Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York, who sometimes pals around with Republicans.  As Politico reports.

Ed Koch pushes Clinton on 2016 run


3/15/12 5:21 PM EDT

(AP Photo)

Former New York City mayor and Hillary Clinton booster Ed Koch wants to see a Clinton 2016 run, and he made his feelings clear to the Secretary of State at Wednesday’s state dinner, according to the New York Times:

Mr. Koch also said he spoke with the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and encouraged her to run for president in 2016.

“I said, ‘Everybody’s running you for president again — count me in!’” he said. “And there were other people there who applauded.”

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I have been addressing the issue of the war on women primarily at The Department of Homegirl Security , which is a defense blog,  and not in the context of Hillary making another presidential run.  But in this  particular post,  Falling Short,  I did state a position similar to what Dowd said.  Women leaders, acting as surrogates for Obama on this issue inspire far more confidence in me than he who prefers to lead from behind.  Dowd’s questions mirror my own thinking.  She ends her op-ed thus:

Women who assumed that electing Obama would lift all minority boats are beginning to think: Maybe he’s not enough.

If the desire of all these conservative male leaders to yoke women is this close to the surface, if they are perversely driven to debase women even though it could lead to their own political demise, then women may require more than Obama.

If women are so vulnerable, they may need one of their own.

Is she inevitable?

It is possible that she is, but generals do not win wars without troops.  She needs her army.  I know you are all still here.  We have been together for almost five years now and never left her side.  Join Americans Elect.  Be a delegate for Hillary because, no, Obama will not be or do enough and we cannot afford to lose this war.

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