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Ellen was on Hillary’s State Department team that worked with Lavrov’s team to write the New START treaty. Look for Hillary at the 33:50 mark.

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If you have been around here long enough, you will remember former California Rep Ellen Tauscher’s service as an undersecretary in Hillary’s State Department. She was a key figure in the development of the New START, and an early endorser of Ready for Hillary.


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Dear Still,

Wow! Since Ready for Hillary officially launched last week we have seen an outpouring of support that is really just stunning.

We put together a video that compiles some of the things we’ve done so far, and I wanted to make sure you were the first to see it. Remember — this wouldn’t have happened without the amazing early support YOU are showing for Hillary.

Mother Jones recently ran a piece with the headline, “The Ready for Hillary Super-PAC is the Real Deal.” And you better believe it. We’ve gained the support of prominent political figures including James Carville, former Congresswoman and Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher, long-time Clinton supporter Harold Ickes, and just yesterday President Clinton’s former Press Secretary, Dee Dee Myers, offered her support on Twitter! Oh — and we are adding a new Facebook fan every 14 seconds!

There is a clear interest in beginning to build a state-by-state, neighbor-to-neighbor network, like President Obama did, to support Hillary right now so we are ready should she run for President in 2016. We are just beginning what will be a long journey; however, we should take a moment to celebrate what you accomplished this week.

Take a minute and watch this video showing the highlights of the past week! Make sure you pass this along to your friends. This movement depends on growing support one person at a time.

And to cap off this amazing week, we have now reached over 1,000 grassroots donors. This is a tremendous accomplishment that blew me away — and we’re just getting started.

Thank you again for stepping up to the plate as we build a campaign that will help Hillary should she run.


Allida Black
Ready for Hillary Chair

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