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Hillary personally delivered a copy of her memoir, Hard Choices, to French President François Hollande at the Élysée Palace in Paris today.

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Many here will remember that when Libya was boiling over in March, 2011, Mme. Secretary visited Paris twice in a week (with trips in between to Cairo and Tunis). On March 19, her second visit,  she greeted then-President Sarkozy triumphal in having convinced President Obama to cooperate in establishing a no-fly zone over Libya:  Hillary Clinton à Paris : Chapitre Deux.

Reminiscent of those scenes in the courtyard of the Elysée Palace, was her greeting there today from new French President François Hollande and  Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius while yet another Arab nation faces crisis.   She is in Paris participating in a meeting of Foreign Ministers at the Friends of the Syrian People initiative.

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When Secretary Clinton meets with President Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace, for some reason they appear to break into a choreography. You will remember their balletic version of Cinderella in late January of last year. He partnered her beautifully, and she was so graceful.

At today’s meeting they seemed to be executing a ballroom number.  There is a lot of grim news in the world, and certainly their business with each other today is very serious, but this greeting made me smile.  And, no, despite what she said, I do not think she will go on Dancing With The Stars, but if she did, I know she would win!

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