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This was the challenge from Medium.

If you could summarize 2017 in a single word, what would it be? We asked 40 of the world’s most original thinkers in politics, culture, tech, and business to answer that question — and to help you process this turbulent year with a depth and nuance that are more necessary than ever.

Here is how Hillary Clinton addressed that challenge.

Plenty of words come to mind when I think about 2017. And if you want to know my unfiltered thoughts on “emails,” “fake news,” “sexism,” or “Russia,” I’ve written about each of those topics at length in my book. (As well as “bully,” “demagogue,” and “creep”!) But when I step back and reflect on the last twelve months — the people I’ve met, the stories I’ve heard, the activism and organizing I’ve been proud to support — there’s no shortage of uplifting, encouraging words that capture the spirit of this year. It’s difficult to pick just one.

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